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  1. The Maryland Geocaching Society has their own plate with the state: Doesn't get much better than that
  2. With the host I suggested, $4-5/month is plenty space and bandwidth for you to start out. If you start with the $4 plan you can up it. Those have worked quite well for us.
  3. For the Maryland and Northern Virginia club websites, as well as my own personal website, I've used Total Choice Hosting. Very good track record of uptime, their support is quick (for those times you need it) and pricing is very reasonable.
  4. Obey park hours. Why should geocaching be exempt from the rules of the parks we use?
  5. You can also ask your reviewer, who would know the information in order to be able to review your cache properly.
  6. The forums you mentioned are available to Premium Members only. Not the website forum, you just have to be logged in to the forums to see that one.
  7. To clarify, the owner of the cache goes to that site and fills out the information, not the person that is to take over the caches.
  8. With the SDK coming out next month, hopefully someone will write an interesting app for viewing GPX files.
  9. Completely. :D People need to be responsible. Obey park hours (even if the cache has 24/7 attribute), don't trample the flowers, etc. True Story: Geocaching has nearly been banned in areas because of selfish cachers not following the rules or doing what they want rather than what they should be doing. In that situation, it would have taken less time for the gurk(s) to ask permission like they were supposed to rather than hide caches and lie about it. The acts of a few do effect the rest of us locally. With the right situation it would reach farther than that.
  10. The most fun I've had events is when I spent time to make it a point to talk to everyone that attended. I may have missed a couple, but it sure was a lot of fun trying. Just don't try it at GeoWoodstock!
  11. You'll find that you end up having a lot more fun with an attitude like that
  12. I find continually logging a "found it" on a cache without completing the requirements to be aggressive and taking the fun out of it for the owner of that cache! Since there is no logbook to sign on the earthcache, the requirements must be met otherwise it's not a find. It's the responsibility of the cache owner to delete bogus finds, whether someone didn't sign the logbook or didn't complete the requirements to log the cache.
  13. You're describing a decent scenario for a virtual cache, but this is an earthcache, which has an educational component in it (which is a requirement for it to be listed as an earthcache). If you're just driving down the road and snap a picture, sure it's probably a visit to a virtual cache, but as an earthcache it falls short of a find, so the log deserves to be deleted.
  14. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=182064
  15. If the virtual caches are stupid because you don't have to leave your home to log them, what does that make the act of logging them? The point of geocaching is to get you out of your home! Is it really geocaching if you sat in your chair and logged a bunch of locations you never visited? Nein. Doesn't that depend on what your game is? No. If they're playing their version of geocaching from logcacheswithoutgettingoutofyourchair.com that's one thing, but if they're using geocaching.com for these listings, they should go by the rules on the website, not ones they made up to further inflate a statistic. From the main page: "Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site" (emphasis added by me). How is what they are doing considered geocaching when the GPS isn't even turned on to "find" the caches*? *the folks that actually find caches without using GPS aren't lumped in with this statement. Some restrictions apply. See store for details.
  16. Is the "feel" of the cache changing? Is it a small container at the roots of a tree but now going to a large, camo'd container suspended by a rope of some sort a few feet away? If you're just replacing a container (even changing in size), I'd probably keep it the same. Anything changing the feel of the cache itself I'd probably go with a new one, but I'd need more info on what you're thinking before giving a better answer.
  17. If you use a shovel to hide it, that's buried (according to the site guidelines, and regardless of what your definition is). Read the guidelines carefully before you make up your own rules.
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