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  1. Got mine yesterday... they are very nice coins!
  2. Got a couple of SeventhSon Gears today - these are really well done!!
  3. Thanks Rusty! It's nice to be included in that very cool card. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Look forward to all the new coins and caches in 2006.
  4. Very nice... 1 LE and 2 Regular please.
  5. Someone asked me today and I can't remember... How about the geocaching.com-trackable MIGO coins? Where do we find those activation codes? This topic should definitely be pinned.... please.
  6. 4 Canine Cachers v2 3 North Carolina 2 Pewter GOWT 1 FlyinV Bronze ... Monday's aren't always bad!!
  7. Ok, you can have moose... but we reserve the hound group. Hounds....okay. I get DOGS! -- (the nice-smelling ones anyhow) Off topic... psst, LFD, I sent you an e-mail yesterday... let me know if you didn't get it.
  8. I know that I'm on a coin-spending freeze until the holiday shopping is over... unless I see something shiny that I must have. Now, where's that GAA coin when I need it??!!?
  9. Ok, you can have moose... but we reserve the hound group.
  10. Well that coin is different. The Mystery Christmas coin is also featured on the caching place. I guess it *could* be anybody at this point. But I know Moun10bike's Christmas coin is something else altogether. Ok I was just wondering since the Moun10Bike had not artwork tied to it yet. You can check Moun10bike's profile for a picture of the ornament... they're trackable, just like his coins. Very cool
  11. After 2 days with no coins, did some early morning Christmas shopping and came home to find a few gifts for me: San Diego x3 Screws x2 and a Geo-Bone
  12. Very nice looking coin. Please put us down for one of each metal. Edited to place pre-order
  13. I don't think anyone sees your coin negatively as a result of his auction. If anything, it gives us a little hope that some of these highly sought after coins are still circulating in caches . Unfortunately, the person who found this one doesn't appreciate the true value, only $$. But, that's no reflection on the coin... Heck, I'd still take one!!
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