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  1. Any news on these? I sent an email on 2/7/2007 but I haven't received any response.
  2. Could someone please explain to me what Geodetic azimuth is? I am trying to find a buried reference marker and I'm not sure what direction it is with regards to magnetic North. This is the info from the data sheet: AND LOCATED FROM THE STATION AS FOLLOWS-- REFERENCE MARK NO.1, 33.13 FEET, IN GEODETIC AZIMUTH 62 DEG 33 MIN 44 SEC.
  3. I tried to retrieve the activation codes and received an error. The Initial Point Geocoin is not one of the listed geocoins.
  4. Please double my initial request for 1 and I'd like them in antique copper. Thanks
  5. Has anyone else not received these coins? I received an email today saying the mail is slow, but I can't believe there is anyone else who hasn't received these coins yet.
  6. Is anyone else still waiting for this microcoin? I ordered 2 that were to have shipped June 3, and I haven't received them yet.
  7. Received my Summer set today along with the beautiful bonus coin. Another great job Canoeman. Many thanks. Golfin'Fool
  8. Any news on the progress of this fix? My icons are still messed up.
  9. I haven't received a refund yet either.
  10. What is the latest update on these? I paid for the first set back on March 18 and haven't heard anything since then.
  11. Are any more of these going to be available anywhere other than on E___ ?
  12. I also received an empty envelope with one end slit open today. Email sent.
  13. I thought these coins were shipping the end of January? Any new update?
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