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  1. Your logging methodology seems legit and practical. I think what some have a problem with is when a team of 20 or 50 unrelated individuals join a team account and members of said team find and log caches under team name and then other members of the team log a find under their own geonic for a smiley when they were not even present when the signer for the team made the find. This does occur and in my opinion lacks the integrity the activity began with. But like most other things in this country, as the volume of participants in an activity increase the purity and adherence to its standard will drop.
  2. What you describe above seems OK, if all the participants were actually at the cache site when log was signed. I actually know of members on Teams that were not even in the same state when a log was signed by a Team group. I've seen profiles where some team members average 120 caches a day over the year, yet have loges signed by different teams hundreds of miles apart. These people are seriously mentally ill, needing that much attention and recognition for an activity that they never accomplished. Screw Them.
  3. Elli, these coins are in my possession. I let someone discover them a few years ago and some how they got virtually logged and then ended up in graveyard.
  4. I too was able to move to Uknown status, but still not able to move to my inventory or grab. If this us a bug, how is it reported and corrected?
  5. Thanks Keystone. Give this one a try. [tracking number removed by moderator]
  6. I am not able to change status to "location unknown" on Trackable page.
  7. Thanks for the reply Keystone. I have tried several methods and am not able to put these back in my inventory.
  8. What the heck is a "Dead Coin Cache"? Does it have a GC code? B. Not sure the purpose other than to place, bury, lost trackble. Mine were placed in there by some evil Jerk. GCHGX5
  9. Some time ago someone placed several of my valued coins in a Dead Coin Cache. How do I retrieve these back to my inventory? They seem to be locked.
  10. The problem here is TPTB are marketers, not avid Geocachers.
  11. All above is good info, however I am having trouble dl'ing an uploaded GPX file back to iPhone as indicated on saved GPX page? Anyone help?
  12. Thanks Larry, I'll give that a try. A PQ of 1000 caches could be tedious to select 100 faves out of. Are you listening Ground Speak?
  13. Has any one seen a method to create a PQ of "Favorite" attribute caches? I've searched through the site and have not seen this function. Perhaps I have missed it. Anyone?
  14. I enjoy and gladly pay for the benefits of a Premium Membership. I was dismayed today to learn that there is a group of cachers that have determined a method to evade the PM benefit of creating PM only caches and they say that this is supported by Jeremy and GS. I thought that my 35.00 was supposed to grant access to my cache hides as I desired. Wonder how they would feel if I just started providing PQs to standard members.
  15. Thanks for the tips. I'll give them a try. Funny you mention iPod app. All my date issues have been logged with iPhone.
  16. There are two types of MyFinds PQ. There is the the PQ that some think is a MyFinds PQ but really isn't. It is a regular PQ that is set up for just the caches you found. This one is limited to 1,000 caches, 500 mile radius and will not include archived caches. As you can see it is not a very good MyFinds PQ. Then there is the real MyFinds PQ. You get this by clicking the button labeled "Add to Queue" This one will have all your finds, archived or not, no distance limits and no limit on number of caches. This is a pretty good MyFinds PQ. Which one are you using? I am using the latter, "Add to Queue". I've been running this for years, but just recently it has been acting up. My major irritation is the query not grabbing all my find dates, as exampled in above note. BTW, Love me some Suquamish, WA. Get up there a few times a year.
  17. When running My Finds Query, I am lacking dl of caches that I have logged and can see logged in my profile pages. The total dl'ed never matches up with my stat bar in my profile. I have elevation finds not showing up as high point. I have caches missing from my D/T grid, and what the heck is Total Finds vs Unique Finds anyway. I am really lost. Has something change on web site. These issues have just started occurring in the last several months. Using FSG. I do not think this is problem. Caches on profile page are not making it to GSAK? Someone out there has a solution, Thanks, BCF One more thing, I have finds logged by date, however they do not show up in my monthly grid for that date, e.g., I have finds for 10/12 and 11/12, but they do not show in My Finds PQ. Whats up with that? I have a cache logged everyday since July 01 2010, yet My Finds PQ has 6 days missing?
  18. Same twitter question. Thanks for the update. Would be nice if GS would post a note about broken system on Twitter account set-up page. Perhaps explain and acknowledge they are aware of situation. Maybe even provide status of correction updates. May seem a lot to ask, but I do pay for use of GC.com and all of it's services.Just asking for a bit of proactive thinking and action.
  19. It appears the Paperless Caching topic has disappeared so I pose this question here. Has anyone experienced trouble downloading from GSAK, latest version to a Delorme PN-30. I have been having continual issues for some time. Generally the results are different, but this latest error is baffling. I and seeing on my PN-30 that 990 caches have been downloaded as indicated by the final message from GSAK, but what is appearing on my PN-30 is actually a screen list of just one cache listed repeatedly and will coordinates shown as N256 00.000 W256 00.000. I'm really baffled here. I am however able to dl to my PN-30 from another users laptop. It almost appears like there are dl setup issues with my GSAK. Any ideas. Thanks
  20. Since a fieldnotes file already existed in the PN's internal memory, switching to CR didn't initially help because he was just adding more notes to an already corrupted file that GC wouldn't take. Until that file with the mising cache IDs is cleared, no method would work. Even using the "send to" function in GSAK won't work if you don't have the "%code" tag listed in the waypoints name line. [/quot Pax42 and Embra are correct, the problem was with the %code vs %smart in the Waypoint Name field. I have corrected this and now have the GC code appearing in the description page, where as before it did not. I am now able to upload Field Notes via GC.com page and dl PQs via GSAK, however there is still a bug in the GSAK "Send to GPS". After each db is sent, my GSAK freezes and I must three finger salute to restart GSAK to load another db. Although CR was a neat little tool, I prefer to use GSAK for its powerful macro and db utilities. Thanks to all that responded to my crisis and provided timely assistance. BigCarbonFootprint
  21. Holy Carp, that was it "E". I changed the setting in GSAK to %code and caches were sent to PN. I then marked one as found and synced through CR. It uploaded Field Note to GC.com. My only with is that I would be able to view cache name in list instead of GC code. Oh well, I'll work with this till I get a work around. thanks for your timely insight. Been through two sets of batteries today just working this out. BCF
  22. I am unable to delete the filed notes on the PN, unless you can explain manual method. When connecting to CR and attempting to sync new PQs, I get message that Field Notes can not be uploaded, yet I next get a message asking if I want to view Field Notes on GC.com. They do not load to GC.com. When you say cache ID, you mean the 6 digit code starting with GC****?
  23. You may have just stated my problem. When I view a cache description page on the PN, I do not see the GC cache code anywhere. Could this be why my FNs do not upload. I checked your link regarding Clyde's work, but I am kinda dense in that macro area. I do use several macros with GSAK, but understanding the way they are created is beyond me. Download the macro, install it, run it. You don't have to understand what it's doing. It does what needs to be done. CR allows you to reorder/hide/show various fields in the cache info. Make sure that the GC code is one of the fields shown, reload the PQ, and see what happens. But I suspect you'll have the same results - I'm pretty sure the code is there regardless, even if it's not shown. On the SD card - no (but you can be ultra-safe and remove the SD card before doing the reset). On the device - possibly, depending on what level of reset you do. http://delormepn40.wikispaces.com/Hard+Reset+and+Boot READ THIS PAGE CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY Yes, the firmware is available from delorme.com, in the Support area. Direct links available from the wiki. http://delormepn40.wikispaces.com/Firmware+Versions Well, went out and grabbed a hand full this afternoon and tried to upload FN thru CR and thru GC.com website. Neither method worked. I was however able to view the field notes on the device, unlike on previous attempts. I guess my next action will be to try to update/reload the firmware. If this does not work, there must be something wrong with my PN 30.
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