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  1. Dropped off several ORIGINAL (as in printed by Yrium himself) Yrium cards in Searching for Bobby Fischer (GCNJK6). Best of Luck! --TT--
  2. I'll be coming to town this weekend and I realise I''m just not into the Yrium cards as much as some others are. So...I'll be releasing some Vintage Yrium cards that I have. Yes....these suckers are the original ones that Yrium himself printed before he passed away. The one's I'll be passing along are the Yrium's Pals series (Kind of like the Honus Wagner T206 of Yrium cards) Including: Zcat, Whistlestick, Mark71mark, Gromit, Iron Chef, Jeremy, Splashman &Splashette, Gumby and Pokey, sotrk, Bikedog, and some others. Keep an eye out to complete a hard to complete collection. --TT--
  3. Love it Ahh....yes....I believe this trick has been immortalised as .
  4. PHOTO CAPTION: Look here, Harmon! You see....TT and his puzzles...well they got San Diego privileges. Anytime. Anywhere. You hear me? If you got a problem with that, you're gonna deal with me. Jack. And I promise...it won't be pretty.
  5. I heard the Magic words: Puzzle Bomb. Tick....Tick...Tick...Tick... Don't worry LLOT, I've got ya covered on the grumpy old man-dang-you-meddling-kids-get-off-of-my-lawn thing when it comes to puzzles. Back in my day....if you wanted to drop a puzzle bomb, you thought of some original ideas. And then you went out and placed five of those ideas. And then you waited until your friends spent 15 hours and 20 miles in MTRP to clean out a 12 mile zone around their house. And you published those caches...one at a time...while you sat a bar in PB cackling like a madman enjoying your beer thinking all the time, "I'm glad it's not me getting my car towed by parking illegally at the red spot on the 52". And then when your friend got their car back after you dropped them off at the impound lot, you casually let it slip that another new puzzle went live five minutes ago. Repeat ad nausem. That's the way it was and WE LIKED IT! Back in my day.....we didn't have Phone-a-Friends. If you wanted to solve that puzzle you had to use your noggin'....and then when you solved it you misled your friends when they came pleading for coordinates. And then you mocked them by doin' a little FTF dance in front of them. That's the way it was and WE LIKED IT! Back in my day....we didn't have all these fancy coordinate checkers! If you thought you had the numbers and you went out and looked where you thought it was. And if you couldn't find it, you swallowed your pride and a bottle of Pepto and posted that well-earned DNF. And then you went to your bedroom and cried yourself to sleep on your little pillow, "Oh Woe! I've got a blue frownie on my front page. Oh Boo-Hoo! Parsa and TT are too tough! Waaaaaaahhh!" The next morning you woke up and picked up a 2x4 to hit yourself in the head for motivation to try again. That's the way it was and WE LIKED IT! Back in my day....we didn't place nanocaches....... That's the way it was and we LIKED IT! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds like all y'all have gone soft and squishy. Especially LLOT's and his morals apparently. I'll be back April-ish for some more fun for you all. Till then, may my Puzzle Minions keep you on your toes! --TT--
  6. Lookie! Lookie! Two years layoff from caching and guess who come out of hibernation swinging away and throwing down the gauntlet?!?? Ooooo...Mr Kott-ah! Mr. Kott-ah!!! --TT--
  7. Ahem . . . umm . . . where do you work? Yes...where do you work....Oh wait....big rock on left hand. Pity. --TT--
  8. Actually....more of a designated flier. --TT--
  11. And that's where Evan is going to school in the fall. Maybe he doesn't need to go to college after all... Hey man....I went to Berkeley...where do you think I learned all those crazy puzzle ideas, man..... BTW...funny report. Don't knock Crepes-a-Go-Go, though. That place is awesome good!!! I recommend it to Evan! That and Fat Slice Pizza. But seriously, fret not Tom. It's the townie residents of the city of Berkeley that are all the hippie types doing this stuff. The majority of the students are just about as pathetically apathetic politically-speaking as the rest of us. They just have too much classwork to worry about these things. Evan won't have time to pick his nose much less figure out how to get in on Protesting 1A given his engineering curriculum. --TT-- Cal '96 P.S. $tanfurd Sucks. Go Bears!
  12. Yes....but can anyone else say the retrieved it using their 6-ft pole???? --TT--
  13. Some of my favs: Catch Mike Chosco (GCJ2WY) Cerebral Codex (GCVJXQ) El Tour de Tucson: Mile 028 (GC15MGT) Five Star New York (GCHTK1) Fear (GCKQE6) the dragonfly scroll (GC7F3A) Bad Poetry (GCYE51) Giggles (GCHB6V) Just Another Number (GCMN48) Ten Things My Mother Once Told Me (GCTT45) Puma Projection (GCGQN5) So Cool....Even Shatner Pimped It! (GCPTYB) Behead Me Again (GCW171) Speaking of the last one, any cache by "The Rat" is guaranteed to be fun. Here's also a good bookmark list of cool puzzles in AZ: Arizona's Unique and Interesting Puzzle Caches --TucsonThompsen--
  14. Actually I can verify a couple of things about this one, for those of you who, like Paul Harvey want the "rest of the story". 1) No. The cache page was not altered by the owner. It was as listed and not edited after publication. How do I know? Well. I got the notification and downloaded the .GPX file to my GSAK within 1 minute of publication. 2) Technically speaking this cache did not absolutely require one to go into the restaurant. Because the owner was so massively "clever" he put the puzzle coords in DD.ddddd format where you needed only to figure out the first three numbers. Because of the two mile restriction, it pretty much limited the first two answers to being the same as the listed coords. The third answer could be determined from looking though the establishment's window. I actually went up there and found the cache and posted my log (which was later deleted by the owner). I don't seem to have a copy of my log available, but I did note that it was possible to do this one if you were shrewd enough without having to go into the restaurant. The owner deleted my find saying I was encouraging others to "cheat" by telling them you didn't HAVE to go into Pizzeria Bianco. But I believe in transparency in this matter. So here for public dissemination is the correspondence regarding the nature of the cache goes, between myself (TucsonThompsen) and Neil Singh (aka neilends). (I really like the end emails wherein I'm criticised for simply being a Tucsonan). ----------------------------------------------------------- From: Geocaching (noreply@geocaching.com) Sent: Fri 3/28/08 7:35 AM Reply-to: neilends To: TucsonThompsen Just posted on my log: ==The guidelines that you yourself quote state that if certain factors are present then, "the cache is presumed to be commercial." "Presumed" means the burden is on me to prove that the cache is not commercial, and I can meet that burden because I'm not affilliated with the restaurant. Are you also going to insist that all Disney caches be archived? I'll monitor GC30B0 to make sure you are being consistent. == --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: "TucsonThompsen" Sent 3/28/2008 8:25:30 AM To: Neil Singh Subject: RE: [GEO] neilends contacting TucsonThompsen from Geocaching.com Neil, This is not a new policy that GC.com has about commercialization. It's been in place for over two years now. Some older caches were grandfathered in that were in commercial locales (i.e. Disneyland, Legoland, Sea World, etc..) but many others were archived. There is precedent in Arizona for immediate archival of these caches of similar ilk. Please see cache GC1889N. Same principle and it was archived, so please do not feel I unfairly singled out your cache. Also, please be aware that as a fairly new cacher, you may not be totally familiar with what is allowed and what is not. I encourage you to re-read the guidelines thoroughly before placing your next cache. Our admin approver is Roadrunner and he is out of Las Vegas. Consequently, he does not thoroughly review things in my opinion as well as he should, and so it often falls to us more local cachers such as AZcachemeister to make sure new things are above board and follow all the guidelines. Again, I request that you archive this cache or eliminate the commercial element to it to make it fall within the guidelines. --Jeffrey Thompsen-- TucsonThompsen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Neil Singh Sent: Fri 3/28/08 9:28 AM To: TucsonThompsen Jeff, I exchanged multiple emails with RoadRunner about this cache. He looked at it carefully, asked me questions about the commercial aspect, and then had people above him at geocaching.com review it. Only then did he approve it. Your assumption that he did not thoroughly review this particular submission is an incorrect one. I also conceived of this cache while sitting at Pizzeria Bianco with a fellow cacher who IS what you would consider an experienced cacher, and we discussed the idea for this cache together. I'm not going to apologize for loving the restaurant. The other complainant about this cache also claims he reached his conclusion upon reading only the first line of the description, which makes it obvious that all of this hub-bub stems from a suspicion that I'm trying to market the restaurant. Believe me, I'd take an ownership stake in the place if I could. But alas, I don't. I note that you're calling me a "new cacher" because, I guess, of my number of finds. I guess you didn't check to see how long I actually have been a cacher in terms of chronology. My work schedule doesn't allow me to cache more frequently but I have geocached longer than many cachers who have more finds than me, and I've done it in 7 countries (that includes Fiji, where I couldn't find one unfortunately). Neil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: "TucsonThompsen" Sent 3/28/2008 3:18:54 PM To: "Neil Singh" Cc: michael@Groundspeak.com Subject: Pizzeria Bianco Puzzle Cache (GC1AF32) and its commercial nature. Neil, I am not criticising you for you patronage of the pizza establishment. In fact, it looks good enough that I may try eating there tomorrow night. Regardless, the fact is simply that you are, by dint of placing waypoints in the restaurant, forcing geocachers to be patrons at the restaurant. You simply are parsing the argument that because YOU don't specifically own the restaurant that you are not commercializing the cache and thus it is not a commercial cache. I find that argument wholly specious and incorrect. Nonetheless it does seem that this is placed with the intent of drawing people to the restaurant, through geocaching, which is a directly counter to the GC.com policies. If the owners of the establishment were to grant permission directly for the cache (or portions thereof) to be located on/in their premises (preferably outside the building whereby no one would be forced to be a restaurant patron) then that would suffice the rules. That is of course with the caveat that no one be forced to purchase or otherwise support the business. The intention of avoiding commercial caches is to specifically have no third-party business profit from Groundspeak and geocaching.com without a licensed agreement. I have cc:d this e-mail to Michael LaPaglia, one of the Community Relations Specialists for Groundspeak.com in the hopes that he will look into more detail why this cache was specifically published in comparison to another explicitly commercial cache in Metro Phoenix (Table for Two...TDW (GC1889N)) which was published then retracted. I do not see one reason why this cache does not fall into the "commercial" category which is specifically forbidden. Michael, could you please provide feedback as to why this cache is legal per the GC.com guidelines. Kind Regards, Jeffrey Thompsen --TucsonThompsen-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Neil Singh Sent: Fri 3/28/08 4:02 PM To: jeffrey thompsen Cc: michael@Groundspeak.com I haven't had a chance to review the other cache you speak of. If it was as explicitly commercial as you suggest, perhaps the cache owner had some profit-related motivation behind putting it there. As the geocaching.com reviewer made clear from emails between us, I have no such motivation because I have nothing to do with the restaurant other than my eating there. If a cache related to a really cool restaurant that one of its customers happens to like is "illegal", then every cache on earth related to any restaurant, art gallery, sports team, resort, theme park, museum and tourist attraction should also be illegal. The Phoenix Suns cache (requiring people to buy tickets to the game to retrieve it) and the Disney cache (requiring tickets to enter the theme park) should be banned, by your logic. I simply don't see the distinction you are trying to make, mainly because there isn't one. I don't understand what the quibble is with my attempt to challenge people to put up with a 3-4 hour wait to eat at a famous restaurant that I think every food-lover on earth should try. The point is to have fun. Eating at Bianco is fun. This cache will be fun. If you don't think so, just don't attempt it. I think out of staters visiting our town will love it. Neil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: "Jeffrey Thompsen" Sent 3/28/2008 4:43:46 PM To: "Neil Singh" Cc: michael@Groundspeak.com Subject: RE: Pizzeria Bianco Puzzle Cache (GC1AF32) and its commercial nature. Neil, Please review the precedent cache that I referred to. There also was a cache published in Benson, AZ that required you to go into an ice cream store. It was called "Chocolate Sprinkles" but it was retracted soon after listing. I don't have that GC number handy for your consideration. Your "challenge" as it were, while interesting, is hardly the intent of geocaching.com. One could take this precedent you are attempting to establish and take it to the next logical extreme, say me placing a cache in my safe deposit box at the bank with a time-lock on it allowing you access only between 1:00 PM and 1:01 PM. You have to figure out how to get it. See the conundrum here? Or say I put it in the ladies' restroom thereby eliminating and disenfranchising half of the population. At least in the case of the bathroom, you don't have to patronize anything and pay. While you may have no ulterior motive other than introducing a fine restaurant to the masses, the unintended consequence is that you have made a cache that is not attainable per the current rules of the site. Admin overlooked this for their own reasons which those of us concerned are attempting to discern. If you wanted to show off this pizza place, why not just put a puzzle (or regular) out that requires you to get info without disturbing the patrons or otherwise interfering with the business? The conclusion I draw is that you wanted to force people to go into the restaurant to achieve the same effect. But this is indirect solicitation. No other word for it. And as you said, your intention is to make people eat at a restaurant that "every food-lover on earth should try." How is that not forced patronage? You are correct. Every cache that is INSIDE a commercial that requires a fee for entering said establishment should be archived. The point is that no one should be "forced" to pay a third-party business any required fee for the privilege of geocaching. Since the new policies went into effect, no new commercial establishments have had caches associated (and here's the key) WITHIN the store that requires patronage. I refer you to a cache in Yuma called "The Indian" (GCFB93) for a case history in AZ from 2005 of a commercial cache that precipitated the policy change. The precedent of no more tolerance for commercial caches is long-established going back to 2005. As you are no doubt aware, the cache inside USAirways Arena pre-dates that time frame and thus was grandfathered into the system. Our AZ reviewer Roadrunner, often makes the mistake of publishing things that later on had to be retracted. And this why I referred this case to the higher-ups above Roadrunner. Obviously you disagree with me, AZcachemeister, and all the others who find this take on caching distasteful and at the very least elitist. I'm certain as well, that you will not mind if I see this disagreement through to its conclusion via the proper channels with Admin. But I intend to continue to seek this cache's archival. --Jeffrey Thompsen-- TucsonThompsen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Neil Singh Sent: Fri 3/28/08 5:16 PM To: jeffrey thompsen Cc: michael@Groundspeak.com "Elitist"? It is obvious to me, Jeff, that you take this matter personally and you have made it personal to you. That was actually obvious to me from your first email to me in which you condescendingly referred to my status as a "new" cacher, even though I am not. Facts and logic have nothing to do with this issue. You just don't like my having put the cache there, and you don't like the reviewer, RoadRunner. Neil ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jeffrey Thompsen Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 09:29:38 To:Neil Singh Subject: RE: [GEO] neilends contacting TucsonThompsen from Geocaching.com OK....any reason you deleted my log from your cache? You do realize that I found the purple flashlight container. Just curious here. Barring that, I will re-post my log. --Jeffrey Thompsen-- TucsonThompsen ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Neil Singh Sent: Mon 3/31/08 9:38 AM Reply-to: To: Jeffrey Thompsen (jeffrey_thompsen@hotmail.com) Yes. You encouraged people to cheat. Remove that language and I won't re-delete. I will edit the cache puzzle to make it more difficult for cachers to cheat in future. Thanks, Neil ----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: "Jeffrey Thompsen" Sent 3/31/2008 9:42:19 AM To: Neil Singh Subject: RE: [GEO] neilends contacting TucsonThompsen from Geocaching.com Is it cheating to look through the window? Or is it cheating to call the restaurant and have the wait staff do the dirty work fo you? Both I did. --Jeff-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Neil Singh Sent: Mon 3/31/08 10:16 AM To: Jeffrey Thompsen I could care less what you did. If you remove the language encouraging people to cheat, I won't re-delete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Neil Singh Sent: Mon 3/31/08 10:38 AM To: Jeffrey Thompsen Whoops, the site just pulled my cache. I have better things to do than throw a hissyfit about it like you. Too bad you're too much of a loser to have tried the place out, but you do live in Tucson so your behavior makes sense. ----- neil ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jeffrey Thompsen Sent: Mon 3/31/08 2:21 PM To: Neil Singh Neil, Well...I'm sorry you feel the need to go on personal attacks to justify your sentiments. I never attacked you but only expressed my concerns over a cache that clearly violated the Groundspeak terms of service. Obviously, I was not the only one who expressed concern. But you chose to go after me on a personal level. So be it. Frankly, I am happy that Groundspeak retracted this listing for the obvious reasons that it is correcting a wrong which never should have occured in the first place. I am certain that if you chose to re-do the cache in a way that did not require people to spend money at a third party business to get the final coords, then the cache would be allowed. Perhaps you could think of a way to come up with offsets that put the final at the business on the outside. Truly, if your aim is to expose people to the restaurant, then placing a cache outside of it is about as good as you can expect. But you should not expect in future to have GC.com serve as what is tantamount to free advertising for the pizza place. --Jeffrey Thompsen-- TucsonThompsen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Neil Singh Sent: Mon 3/31/08 2:40 PM To: Jeffrey Thompsen The personal attacks in your emails to me and about me speak for themselves, Jeff. I don't feel see a point to arguing about it with you of all people. It's funny that you should pretend to be offended. I can't "advertise" for a restaurant I have no commercial interest in. If I really wanted to fight this I would but I have better things to do. Again, if I lived in Tucson I guess I'd be bitter and spend all my time attacking people's caches out of boredom too. Cheers, Neil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyways....I am curious how TPTB decide commercialization and I do wish for tighter enforcement of the current guidelines here in AZ. It certainly seems we are getting to be the Wild West again where there is no law, when it comes to cache placement. --TT-- [edited to remove e-mail addresses.]
  15. I have not exhausted all brain power yet. So my vote is no hints yet. But then again I'm only a virtual finder. I may not count here. As Woodrow Wilson once said, "I not only use all the brains I have, but all that I can borrow." --TT--
  16. Well...that would be one in NJ that took 3 and a half months to solve. And 4 before a find. But they're soft out there in SwampCentral. Whaddya expect? But SD-wise....I think it was a couple of weeks or there about that one of mine sat before a solution was found. I think that was Bobby Fischer. Someone can double check me on that. I don't drop hints due to pressure (as I'm sure the local old skool puzzle crowd attests to) which seems to be the reason my puzzles have become phone-tree/drop-a-hint finds for the most part . But I used to (and still do) have a rule that if you ever found me on the trail, you could ask me anything about my puzzles except for "What are the numbers to the final?". I think its fair to answer e-mails and nudge people away from bad thinking but it's always the puzzle placer's prerogative. So I have no issues with PolarBear's rules on this series. Extended period of time I think is certainly well longer than a couple of weeks. I'd probably go a couple of months at least. Besides...it makes you figure out your solving limits and forces us all to learn new things. I know I already have on this series, including how to mathematically permute a Rubik's Cube. 10 down. 10 to go before I buy that plane ticket! --TT--
  17. I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with Ron on this. Keep yer mouth shut, PolarBear. This is what puzzling is all about. Finding the sanity from the insanity....finding the true path amongst a maze. (Why do I sound like Kane from Kung Fu? Guess I've been looking at #7 for too long.) Anyways....stick to your guns and give us hints, only when all 20 have been solved. Nice to have some old skool puzzles in SD again! --TT--
  18. Ahhhh good memories for me. Yes....Ladder for seesies. 6-ft. pole for real men! --TT--
  19. How do explain these data about my finds? Easy. Isn't science a wonderful thingamajig? --TT--
  20. And let's all give a round of applause to the Cow Spots for reaching # 2000 today in 113°F heat! That's dedication! </trolling for congrats> --TT--
  21. Wow, that's great! Since I'm in Encinitas, I will look for it! How did you come up with 12:30? Well...it's a guesstimate. Landing is at 12:49 and so I figure that by being outdoors about 20 minutes prior to touchdown you guarantee yourself the opportunity of seeing/hearing it. It probably will be a little after 12:30 when it goes overhead, but get out a little early just to be sure. The shuttle won't go sub-sonic until about 5 minutes before touchdown somewhere over Palmdale. RocketMan would probably be able to give you an exact time and location when it crosses the coast. I'm just going on the fact that it'll be going maybe Mach 2 and be about 10-15 minutes from touchdown when it hits the coast. It is currently 45 minutes from landing, and about 12 minutes before it enters the atmosphere (~ 80 miles in altitude) --TT--
  22. Achtung all you space buffs out there. There's a distinct possibility for San Diego to see the space shuttle on its landing approach today. If the weather in Florida remains crappy for the next few hours, and the winds in the high desert in California remain OK, then NASA is going to land Atlantis at Edwards AFB. The Edwards landing opportunity is at 12:49 Pm PDT, with the deorbit-burn occurring at 11:43 AM PDT. This should mean that the shuttle will pass right over the coast of California at about Encinitas about 12:30ish or so. Here's the landing ground track for orbit #219: I've always wanted to see a launch or landing, but never have. You may not see very much other than a fast moving plane-looking thing but the double sonic boom you'll hear from the shuttle is still pretty neat. Just some fun for this lunchtime if you care. You can monitor NASA landing updates here: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/...nding-blog.html UPDATE: 11:08 AM -- Mission controllers have waived off landing in Florida for today, and given the go for landing at Edwards in the next 90 minutes. Keep those ears open for the double boom, San Diego! --TT--
  23. Heh...I always KNEW living in NJ was like living in Russia. Cold, miserable, fraught with unsmiling faces and laden with mobsters. Thanks for confirming it! I like living in Thailand now. --ThailandThompsen--
  24. Just a little sample of some high-temperature caching I did this weekend. Granted that was surface temperature, but I could still feel it through the shoes. Air temps were about 110°F (that's 43°C in case Boggis still reads this thread) with 15% humidity. A day before, this snapshot was taken: The ground temps were so high, the LEDs started to all blackout. 160.7°F ( in case it's not too clear.) It a weird sensation to actually feel one's brain starting to cook in a box canyon, I must admit. --TT--
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