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  1. When you go to a cache page by someone with an apostrophe in their name and click on the Hidden or Found by this user, it doesn't work, it puts in a backslash where the apostrophe should be. Like these ones: Rockin the Birthday Cache or Montane Meadow
  2. graylling is correct! WTG! A special coin will be on it's way to you today. I have your address here somewhere. Whoo-hoo!! Thanks!
  3. Probably not quite sticking to the theme, OK, it did take some navigation skills to get up there. and it's always nice to see pictures from tops of mountains... The cache: Gun Sight Hill
  4. Here it is, two Feeps on top of Fortress Mountain in Alberta. That's Mt. Assiniboine in the distance. Here's the cache: Fortress
  5. The Fun Group Maryland Geocoin, "Solomons" - 11-16-2005 (fairly recent) - 10069 Miles j2d2's Red-Handed Left Pinky - November 26, 2005 - 9542.1 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #3 - 1/12/06 - 7781.2 miles! Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Caching Around the World Geocoin - 01/21/06 - 7219.5 miles j2d2's Compass Rose Geocoin - November 7, 2005 - 4939.4 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #2 - 1/12/06 - 4789.9 miles AG's Traveling BikeDog Geocoin #2 - 4/7/2006 - 4612 miles Kealia's Maryland Coin - 2/19/06 - 2,666 miles Twins Geocoin - 05' USA Geocoin - 5/23/05 - 2417 miles Shilo's Phone-a-Friend Geocoin -3/17/06-2413 miles AG's Traveling Camo Cache Coin - 2/1/2006 - 2174 miles Not So Lost Puppies Travelling Coin: December 16, 2005: 1882 miles RBC's California Micro #1 - 4/7/06 - 1040 miles ScoutingWV World Traveler 1 - 2/26/06 - 851.5 miles Sawblade5's MIGO Geocoin 05 (MIGO 2005 Refurbished) - 1/17/2006 - 666 Miles Sawblade5's Frozen Bone Geocoin (Frozen Bone Bronze) - 1/17/2006 - 150 Miles NSLP Travelling China Coin: March 27, 2006: 95 mi Sundailman's March Goecoin CLub released 4-6-06: 75 miles 2006 CITO: released 4-21-06: 2.1 miles Loggerhead LE: release 4-2-06 151 miles Finland Geocoin 3-10-06 37.4 miles
  6. Hey, how did she get that cache?!!?
  7. Got mine in Calgary today. Whoo-hoo! Postmark from Chicopee, MA.
  8. 2 coins and 5 pins please. Thanks!
  9. Here's a few of the Southern Alberta ones: Badlands High Roller Series by balloonatic. Get a great tour of Drumheller, you may even see balloonatic flying around. Cache within a cache by outforthehunt The final is in a great location in a really cool container. I don't think all of these survived the floods. OFTH will provide missing coordinates as needed, I'm sure. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by outforthehunt This one had major flood problems, I doubt if it will be resurrected. Crawling Around by 3jaze Those bogus coordinates are far off, here's one leg of it: Crawling - Benched This one was really fascinating, touring around the Crawling Valley reservoir near Bassano
  10. I'll take 1 regular and 1 silver, please (with international shipping! )
  11. Why upgrade? Just read your track into Mapsource, save as a GPX file, read into GE:
  12. So, can someone explain the point of this Earthcache, The Big Rock Earthcache when there has been a virtual there since October 2001: Where the beer got it's name! Both have the exact same coordinates and the same logging requirement (i.e. none) I'm not saying it shouldn't be there, I just don't understand the point of it.
  13. Calgary Herald geocaching story
  14. If reastick is going to enter a picture of me, here's one of him: From Mt. Yamnuska cache (he looks like he could use a hiking stick!!!)
  15. j2d2

    Pocket Queries

    Here's part of the headers of one of mine that was delayed. (I'm certainly no expert at reading these things). I have this one set up to run on Thursday. Received by bender at 03:25 on Thursday, received by signal at 18:36 on Friday. I have no idea what that means.
  16. Heres an ermine we saw on Sunday (with a winter coat): Here's one from last summer (with a summer coat):
  17. From Table Mountain in Southwestern Alberta:
  18. That did it, the User flag column was in the first position, I moved it over one column and now it works fine. Thanks, I would never have figured that out. It happened on the previous version, tonight I saw the latest version available 5.0.4, installed it, and the same thing happened.
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