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  1. Now it time to try for the near impossible. I am looking for some of the older coins to complete my collection: Team Fisur DHobby1 V1 waypoint15 Moun10Bike V2 Capt Prosac Indydriver V1 What I have in trade are: goblindust V1 goblindust V2 (glow in dark back) mountainbike V3 indydiver V1.5 geo nap GD square 2005 volunteer (unactivated) 2008 volunteer 2005 lacky and around 800 other personal coins plus many others coins
  2. I have acquired my dads (Buffalo Wings) collection of around 1800 coins. These were collected mostly though trades with most being unactivated. Most of these coins are from the 2005-2008 time frame. I am still going through the coins and getting a list together. I will consider trades for personal coins I do not already have in my collection There are some larger sets of coins which I would like to sell as the set and not break them up. These include: The complete Top 40 geocoin set with the extra broken record set (41 coins) The Appalachian Trail set (13 coins) The 10 coin Civil War Series set (10 coins) The Geo Coin Club coins from August 2005 to Oct 2007; including both the Red and Green Selectivity coins, and the Anniversary coins (29 coins) The Signal coins from January 2006 to March 2007 (15 coins)
  3. Actually it OCC (Obsessive-Compulsive Caching) and I definitely have it. Why else would I go out and grab all the E.T. caches in a single day plus 64 others. The E.T trail is not for everyone. The are no different containes ( all film containers), no different hides (all under a little pile of rocks), no difficult hides (most were out in the open). So why did we do it. Because we could and we wanted to see how many we could do in a day. Did we expect to get all 1500, probally not that is why we cached under the name team 1K+. But we did do it. It took planning so we would not need to stop for anything other than the caches and required nature breaks. We had a vehicle that made it easy to get in and out of. We had extra fuel and food. We went without sleep and just kept going till the day was done. This effort also takes 4 individules that don't give up. This was done with one truck, 4 guys present at all cahes (no slitting up), and a will to finish. My calculation told me it took just 20.25 hours to complete the the 1500 E.T. cahes (subtracted time for off shoots to get neaby caches). Then again we hit the 1500 cache for the day at 20:30 so even with the deviations 1500 is easily reached. The calculation I came up with are from my track log on my Oregon. What is the most that can be found in a day? Probally 1800 to 2000 depending on placement. Our record of 1564 will soon be broken Team Sand Dollar No, that doesn't seem silly to me at all, unless it was done over and over in similar locations for no other reason other than to artificially inflate a meaningless point value. But if someone wants to do that, who really cares, it's their business anyway. Doing it once is an adventure. Doing it religiously in repetition is a form of Geo-OCD.
  4. It is insane or at least a little crazy. But thats what makes caching interesting. You have a choise to do 1500 in a row or take a long hike for a few. TSD
  5. It only takes 20-30 seconds to drive between caches and if you lucky enough to stop very near the cache only a couple of seconds to grab the cache. It took us 20 hours and 10 minutes to complete the new E.T. trail of 1500 caches for an average of 75 caches per hour or about 48 seconds per cache. There were sections of the trail where we hit 97 per hour and these make up for the slower times. It takes some planning and a very dedicated group of guys. Plus this was the 4th trail for a couple of the guys and my second so we knew what to expect and how to prepare for it. We had everything we needed to go straight through so we never needed to stop for long. Then again we did come up with a few new ideas along the way to make it faster to make if faster. Now for the stats We started at midnight and hit the last E.T. cache at 21:17. Along the way we did go off track for 42 others that took the additional 1:07 which I subtracted from our total to come up with 20:10 for the E.T. run. (times come from GPS track) For the purist we hit our 1500th find at 20:30. After completing the trail we did manage an addition 20 caches before midnight for a total find of 1564 in a single calendar day. Again these are not exciting caches, but the fun is in seeing how fast they can be completed. I believe the the total possible find for a single day will be near 1800 and possibly 2000 depending on placement. Team Sand Dollar
  6. Switch to a rechargeable battery. My Oregon 400 would go through regular batteries very quickly. I have been using 2000mAh NiMh batteries for a while now with great results. TSD
  7. Haven't been active with coins for awhile, so I know there are a lot I do not have. I am looking for mostly personal coins and events but will consider others for my dads (Buffalo Wings) collection. Take a look at my available list. http://cointracking.com/public/TeamSandDollar Thanks Team Sand Dollar
  8. The practice of logging multiple finds on a event goes back to early geocaching when they where running low on cache pages and the solution was to log temporary caches against the event and not create pages for each. The following event was an example of this were the event was being sponsored by the Forest Service, in a national Forest, and they wanted temporary cache for the event. National Trails Day, NCT Sprit of the Woods Chptr http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ba-faf075b0639a These were not easy park and grabs as they were scattered around the forest and one required a mile walk to. They were placed a week before the event to allow more time to be found but were removed the day after the event. For this event, logging the event caches made sense for it. For this event I did have multiple logs and even posted a DNF for the temporary cache I could not find. This was the pactice back in 2003 and it was acceptable. These were regualr cache that had been put out for a limited time and the owner decided not to use additional cache pages. But in everything the times change and people exploit it. Logging multiple finds against an event became widely unacceptable with the addition of pocket caches and multiple very easy caches withe .10 miles of each other at events which only perpose was to inflate ones numbers. Luckly now there are always plenty of actual caches to find near events the the practice of finding temporary caches is not as common any more. Team Sand Dollar
  9. No loadable maps on this model. The base map is very extensive. I haven't been on a street that hasn't been on the GC. Are the base maps at a topo level or just street maps? TSD
  10. Looks like I might be going back to Mgellan as they seemed to take care of the issues that had me switch to the Oregon. I was using a Explorist 500 but after the screw stripped in the back it became a pain to charge plus having to convert files before using them added extra work. I did like the fact that I could store an unlimited number of files for different areas to cache . But the 500 waypoints limitation was still a problem. Looks like this new unit fixes my issues. Now what are the mapps like? TSD
  11. Not in my mailbox but was able to get these new coins at an event. These are handmade with multiple metal layers. Stainless steel on the outside with copper in the middle. One even has a little brass. There are 4 different patters which appear on the 2 coins I have but some coins have only one cut side with the artists signature on the back. They are fully trackable and have a custom icon. They are made by JCanyoneer. Coin 1 Coin 2 Team Sand Dollar
  12. I'm am the cacher that found KRYPTONITE by TEAM DESERT EAGLE GCYHH9. As my normal action I wrote TDE (became SF after this) with the coords to confirm. Since TDE/SF know I generally do not go after a cache at night he archives the cache before morning. When I log the archived cache as a find since I did find a container at the given coordinates and signed the log. TDE/SF response that I have found a replacement cache that he has not activated yet and which he placed after midnight. He proceed to delete my find. Funny thing is I've got him there. I went out and found the cache before midnight in a snow storm which was not my norm. Also my entry in the log was second so it had been found by his girlfriend. So how could a new cache that has never been published already be signed. From here he just keeps changing his story. This cache was never meant to be found by anyone but his girlfriend at the time. To solve the cache required squeezing the letters then decrypting by August and then decrypting with BUTTERFLY. He really didn't think anyone would break it. I'll let you decided for yourself what kind of character TDE/SF is. But after this I never went after one of his as a FTF without other cachers along. Both of which are now reviewers. So the local reviewers do know what kind of person he is. Team Sand Dollar
  13. #71 Found it in a cache on 3/17/02 and refered to it as a geocache metal in my log. TSD
  14. Since my move back to Arizona I've been more into caching and less into coins. But while out caching yesterday I grabbed a coin out of a cache to move on. Turns out it was a Imagine_Peace coin which was meant to be kept. Team Sand Dollar
  15. Now that I am back on Arizona I wanted to do a non trackable AZ coin to go along with the one I did in Michigan. This coin was only done in the shiny copper finish and has the AZCachers.com logo on the back. Send me and email if you are interested in trading for this coin. #7 & #21 have been set aside. Team Sand Dollar
  16. Shameless bump (Seeing that people are still going on ebay) I still have all finishes available for Trade or purchase. Team Sand Dollar
  17. so it isn't "really" a team sand dollar coin. time to get a hold of the mint maybe? rsg It is a Team Sand Dollar coin just not one I received and not finished. TSD
  18. Based on the 2005 Team Sand Dollar coin he has up for auction I am led to believe these were gotten from the mint. I base this on the fact that the coin does not have color on the front side and none of the coins delivered to me were in this condition. Also I worked directly with the mint on this one so there were no middle men. Team Sand Dollar
  19. On a cache called Surpizzzzze!!!!! I got a real surpise. As I was approching the cache 5 women were walking down the hill towards me. As we approached each other I told them about caching and they helped me look for the cache. Did I fail to mention they were all topless. TSD
  20. The move to AZ is completed and I am in the new house. Of course we can't find it for all the packing boxes all around. I will be getting back to those that have requested coins soon. I still have the pacific sand dollars availble so if anyone else is interested just send me an email. I also have a limited number of 2006 and some 2007 coins avialble for trade. Team Sand Dolllar
  21. It took me 759 days to find my first 1000 caches. It took me 699 days to find my second 1000 caches. It took me 547 days to find my third 1000 caches. And It took me 481 days to find my forth 1000 caches. But it only took 87 days to go from 4000 to 5000 caches. Then again I moved to a new location and was with out my family for 102 days. In that time I found a total of 1202 caches with 1000 of those finds being done in 80 days. High find count are really only a matter of cache density and lots of free time on your hand. Team Sand Dollar
  22. I am finally in a position to make these available again. If anyone is interested in these I will need the following info: 1) Geo Nickname: 2) Location (US,Canada,Other) to calculate shipping charges. 3) Coin selection and number of each. 4) PayPal email address for invoicing Cost for the coins are: $8.50 per coin plus shipping Shipping US $1.50 first coin, $0.50 each additional coin. Shipping Canada $1.75 first coin, $0.50 each additional coin. Shipping other $2.50 first coin, $1.25 each additional coin Team Sand Dollar On the bright side I have found 990 caches in 77 days .
  23. I am still around but I have very limited internet access. There are still coins available and to those that have requested coins I will be getting back to you. On the bright side i have found 179 caches over the last 10 days. Team Sand Dollar
  24. Tracking codes for the Team Sand Dollar 2008 Pacific Sand Dollars are available through the www.geocoinclub.com site. There are still coins available for trade or purchase. Since I am in the process of driving to Phoenix next week I will get back to anyone wanting the coins next week after I get established. Team Sand Dollar
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