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  1. Hey give a girl a break!! One "little" mistake and ya think I don't know north from south, left from right... Hey Tsun....I've got some great directions to get you to the Vikings game on Sunday I can't wait to see everyone!! I'm just about packed and will be flying out first thing in the morning. I'm spending a couple of days with my grandkids in Springfield....if I can find my way there I'll see everyone at the meet and greet at the Hotel on Saturday night!!
  2. I hope this memory over-shadows the memory of me "mis-guiding" you! I feel terrible about that, especially since my intention was to make it "EASY" for you to find your way!! duh....it had to be the stress
  3. I ate half a bagel at 8:30am and then ate around 3pm. You just stay so busy that food doesn't even cross your mind. No doubt. I threw my bagel on the floor and just waited until lunch at 3. I was wondering who threw a perfectly good bagel on the floor!! I found my cold hamburger with 3 bites taken around 4:00 but decided to hold out for a nice quiet dinner. I actually even gave up my poker seat.....just too dang tired to play! What an experience!! BTW...LeNore, I forgot to give a package to Yime for you and Jim, I will mail it to you very soon!!
  4. Cach-U-Nuts


    It looks like it might be working now. Give it a try and see. Thanks!
  5. Less than 24 hours to bid on this super duper trackable sample!! LMAO! So will the winner be sworn to secrecy with regards to the coin design? Well what do you think?
  6. Less than 24 hours to bid on this super duper trackable sample!!
  7. You got that right, and I absolutely LOVE these!!!! I've known about this coin forever but was sworn to secrecy!! I've been waiting patiently for Stephanie to reveal him Very nicely done!!! Maybe the music of the "Spirit Dweller" will lure a few more of you to Utah for Geocoinfest!
  8. Mailed them today. Sorry for the lateness. Wow Mark! When you said "some" coins I wasn't expecting a box of 44 coins! Thanks for the donation!!! Whoa Mark!! That's a very generous donation!!! THANK YOU!! I don't care what people say, you're one hellava nice guy
  9. Hey Blazerfan! I (Mrs Cachunuts) enjoyed meeting you at GW7 and it would be great to see you again in Salt Lake! If I were you I'd go with option 2 so you can join in the FUN of the Cache Bus run and the TRAX Challenge...not to mention all the geocoin trading that will be going on! If you're like me, those gambling losses could well add up to the extra cost of flying direct to SLC. Interesting though that it's that much lower flying direct to Vegas and then onto SLC. Either way, I'll look forward to seeing you again in October!!
  10. opps didn't notice who I was logged in as...duh!! Mrs Cachunuts will be attending the Luau!!
  11. Stephanie! Your generosity is VERY much appreciated!!! THANK YOU so much!!! These guys are super cute
  12. Tis True I'm a NUT Thats what I hear them all say so I plan to stay cause I know its true until I win yimes coinage I will pester you Thanks Yime!! That was FUN!
  13. Only one day left - don't forget to place a bid!! Remember, money from these auctions help us fund the Geocoinfest event in October! Support us by bidding on these great coins!!!
  14. Don't forget to bid on these GREAT coins!! It's not everyday you get a chance to bid on the first ever mystery coin, this is indeed a rare and hard to find geocoin Come on people get those bidding wars started
  15. Those are AWESOME Lori!! Wow, you come up with the coolest ideas! Good job
  16. A fellow cacher loaned me a Garmin Colorado and I was playing with it last weekend. I checked all the menu items I could find and I didn't see anything for creating or running routes. Please point out where I need to look to find the routing functions. I'm not talking about the auto routing that you can use if you have City Navigator loaded. I mean the kind of routing where you can define a set of waypoints to navigate a maze of dirt roads in the back country.
  17. Wow! You are fast and you are good! How in the world did you figure that out so fast? Well now I can try putting the sound back in, after making a backup copy of the file first. Thank you very much Ranger Fox.
  18. I find myself facing this same problem. I have worked several days putting a game together and then last night I wanted to try adding some sounds. The first test worked ok so I added beep sounds when all the zones were entered. That's when the error showed up. I closed the Builder program and now I get the above mentioned error when I try to open the file. I removed the sound files and all references to them to no avail. I checked for the problem characters and the variables that begin with a number but couldn't find anything. Here is a link to my lua file. oquirrhlake.lua Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  19. Thanks for the prompt reply. That's exactly what I was looking for.
  20. I notice there is a place to input an Unlock Code on the Wherigo web site. I have been searching the documentation for information about creating and using the unlock code in a cartridge. How do we get the unlock code for our cartridge and how do we present it to our players? Do we include it in a message screen at the end of the game?
  21. I agree. I couldn't believe how beautiful the Gold version was. Outstanding work. TMA Hi, A gold version exists !!! Someone have a picture ? Thanks There is a picture of the golden Pocket Decoder at the end of the Hobbit's Mystery Journey....solve the mystery and not only will you get to see it, you'll also become a 'Master Decoder'
  22. and I thought I was leaving late!! LOL - Hopefully you fly non-stop! BTW....I've got some goodies for you guys, come find me at the geocoin swap ~ g
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