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  1. Do you have caches on your gps that were loaded before you were a Premium member? Try deleting all the caches from the gps and load them again. There was an issue that resulted in all caches only showing the basic info. I don't know if it ever got resolved. You can backup the current caches on your gps to a flash drive or your hard drive if you need to save them.
  2. I've had a 66sr for a while and never experienced the issues your having. You should update the firmware, 3.8 is the current release.
  3. You can save a step by skipping Winzip. You can extract the files directly in Windows 10. After downloading, right click on the zipped file and select 'Extract All'. Select the GPX folder on your gps and click 'Extract'. If you are using GSAK, Winzip is not needed either. GSAK can open a zipped pocket query directly.
  4. Here is a screen shot of a 66sr https://www.dropbox.com/s/qryp5kofcphlw92/703.bmp?dl=0 There are probably over 100 different types of data you can put in those fields. On the 66sr with Power Save on, a quick tap on the power button turns the screen back on. The screen will turn after the time period you have set. Power Save stays active until you turn off.
  5. https://www.gpsrchive.com/eTrex/eTrex x0x/index.htm has information on how to save the Next Stage coordinates. Select your gps and then Function and Geocaches. About a third of the page down, there are instructions for saving the Next Stage as a waypoint.
  6. Do you have caches on the gps that you loaded before you were a premium member? That used to cause some problems. If you linked the gps to your account before you became premium, you could try de-linking and linking it to your account again.
  7. From the 2 screenshots, it doesn't appear that you have found that cache. You can't mark a cache as a Favorite unless you have logged it as Found.
  8. Do you remember how you downloaded those old caches? On the gpsmap66, caches downloaded through Geocaching LIve over wifi are stored separately from caches downloaded in .gpx and .ggz files. I have to go to Setup->Geocaching->Geocaching Live->Remove Live Data to delete them. I would guess its something similar on the 700.
  9. My guess would be the cache was reviewed when it was submitted back in March, but since it couldn't be published at that time, the reviewer locked it so no changes could be made to it. The reviewer probably just missed unlocking it when it was able to be published.
  10. 4 are showing on your profile now. The site has had some issues today. They just took a bit of time to show up.
  11. I just ran a test and downloaded some mystery caches. The caches with corrected coordinates downloaded with the corrected coordinates. The have the same blue mystery circle.
  12. After creating the query, you can preview it and download a .loc file from there. No need to run the query.
  13. When you edit a log, it does not automatically trigger an update for the statistics. It can take 24 hours or so. If you log another cache before the 24 hours is up, the statistics will update then.
  14. You can set your browser to ask where you would like to save the file. In Firefox go to Tools>Options and scroll about halfway down. Chrome is something similar. You can set it to ask where to save or set it to download to the Garmin/gpx folder. If you set it to download straight to the gps, everything you download will go to that folder.
  15. I can't locate my 60csx now, so I can't test this, but if anyone wants to give this a try: Download and install GpsBabel to the default folder www.gpsbabel.org Create a shortcut on the desktop Right click on an empty spot on the desktop-->New-->Shortcut In the location box put: "c:\Program Files (x86)\GPSBabel\gpsbabel.exe" -i gpx -f "%1" -o garmin -F usb: Click Next Type in a name for the shortcut and click Finish On the cache page click the 'GPX file' button In the dialog box, check 'Open with" and click the dropdown arrow Click other and browse to select the new shortcut on the desktop Click Ok If this doesn't work, hopefully someone more familiar with gpsbabel can help with the correct parameters
  16. Instead of downloading the gpx file and then drag/drop it onto the batch file, I wonder if there is a way to run the batch file automatically when clicking the gpx button.
  17. I thought there was a setting to show or hide disabled caches. I just took a look in the app and couldn't find any way to change it.
  18. If it is a 30 day trial membership, you can't. Those are only for people who are not and have never been premium members.
  19. There is a GSAK macro that will do it. https://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=32407&st=0&#entry245710
  20. I had the same thing happen to me. Go to Setup->Geocaching->Geocache Style and set it to Auto. It got changed to Opencaching.com.
  21. Are you talking about downloading the PQ or previewing it on the map? I just ran a query with a combination of found, unfound, corrected and uncorrected coordinates. Downloading the caches and viewing the map in GSAK. The caches with corrected coordinates, both found and unfound, showed up at the corrected coordinates. Previewing the query on the website. The found cache with corrected coordinates showed up at the posted coordinates. Unfound showed at the corrected coordinates. It would be nice to have a switch and let us decide where the caches show up.
  22. Looks like the date on the cache page has been changed back to 1/23/2001.
  23. While the WMRT runs parallel to the C&O towpath, it is not always easy to get from one to the other. The towpath is on the opposite side of the canal and if there is water in the canal, it creates a barrier. I can also think of one spot where there is a 100' drop from the WMRT to the towpath. If you can get a trail guide for both, you should be able to find some spots to cross from one to the other.
  24. As the owner of the cache, you can mark any TBs in it missing.
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