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  1. Every weekend this happens, takes me hours of yelling at the computer instead looking for caches. Are they doing anything to fix this, I'm already a premium member what else do they want, my first born. If that would help, I'll send him over. He's pretty good with a computer at 7 years old!
  2. If someone is going to make Peppermill coins, I'll take 10 reg and 5 Le. They should go for big money!
  3. Ordered my coins for the second time, lets hope the old saying is true. Second times a charm!
  4. Got my refund, just waiting to reorder!
  5. Ordered one, funny thing if you go to the sight without the link you can't find the silver for sale.
  6. Got mine today they look great. If some one is looking for a trade I have one extra.
  7. Hey 2 dolphins ,let me save you some time and fess up to what your whining about. Yes I sell coins on e-bay,No crime, I had my coins when I listed them-No crime. You activating the coin I sold under the Delaware group's name after figuring which one was sold by my ebay location. Whos at fault now, You got some nerve of doing that to my coin. Dont try to tell me it was part of your coin lot to put in caches because the way you titled the coin as #666 is a little different then #15 Arizona. How am I going to know if every body on your mailing list got there coins? What are you going to do now that other people are selling Delaware coins, you going to activate theres also. Two wrongs dont' make a right.
  8. Bigdawg!

    Dnf Geocoin

    Put me down for two of the regular coins.
  9. got a extra canine cacher coin edition#2, looking to trade.
  10. Got my Pre Pre order in. Have me down as eam Bigdawg, but as long as I get my coins you can call me whatever you want. Just don't call me late for dinner.
  11. I'll takw two each Thanks.
  12. paid for 3 gold and silver through paypal.
  13. Got a few to trade Fire elemental Wildwood Bob and the Moose Pc frog SirGerald Optics boy Dancing fool Camp explorer (silver) Mt. Mckinley(bronze) Kswader Looking for Ontario Harriman pirates Joefrog Cav scout raven Ktag Facedances Or any old Moun10bike coin! Other trade's will be considered.
  14. Hammerjane , I sent you a email about the Benchmark coin. Bigdawg.
  15. I'm in group one, like to help out in group two. Premission to come aboard,Sir.
  16. Got my coin, Nice looking coin. Thanks CavScout.
  17. Some of you that are collecting coins and they just sit on your shelf for no one to log thats your business. But there is others out there who like to share their coins with others for a couple reasons, they may like to build there coin numbers or just like to share something that they bought or traded. I know Vargseld and seen most of his coins and he's seen a lot of mine, we actually go caching once in a while. That may be a new concept for some of you that just sit home at your computer ordering coins but its all about what floats your boat.
  18. I just sent you email about my vet background, hope I'm not late and that have room. thanks.
  19. Bigdawg!

    Coin Clubs

    I go out caching for the day and come back to find a coin group starting, count me in if theres room.
  20. In the last two days I got 2 dancingfool 2 more EU 2 SirGerald 5 Neilsenc(assorted) 1 Mt Everst
  21. I got my Mt Everst today but not my MT Mckinley coins, are Mckinley coins delayed. Everst coin only took a week or two. I paid for the other I think months ago?
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