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  1. Calibrate the compass and also make sure they have the latest software update. I know from reading the past updates that they were having problematic issues with the compass jumping around and believe the latest had a fix for that.
  2. interested if the unit isnt sold yet. let me know.
  3. http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/ could also use this page
  4. Geocacher University Heres some good logs and downloads for various size caches.
  5. Just wanted to let you know that I received the GPS today. Thanks alot for the fast shipping. The girlfriend loves it!
  6. Yeah I'll take it. Thanks! Pm me info for PayPal and I'll get it out. Thanks again
  7. I also use the program GSAK to make mine. but if you don't have that program here is a site that does similar information. You just have to upload your finds pocket query. http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/
  8. Android APP GDAK If you are a user of the GSAK software. you can try this android app GDAK. I havent tried it yet personally.
  9. sent you a note on this. also is it trackable?
  10. The unit has been put on Ebay. See attached link with picture. http://www.ebay.com/itm/320838884392?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you for your response.
  11. For sale is in great condition Delorme PN-40. This unit will do paperless Geocaching. Included in the sale: PN-40 with cord neck lanyard. 1 GB SD Card in unit. Original instruction user manual booklet. USB data cord. TOPO USA Version 8.0 disk. 4 Region TOPO disks to include Central, West, East, and Canada and Mexico Road Maps. Price $150.00 Shipping to USA only Payment preferred by paypal. Located in Wisconsin
  12. These youtube videos helped me big time understanding the 62 http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-gpsmap-62-videos.html]
  13. Its on his GC.com Profile Hope everything is OK. I too was planning on hitting his caches. I had them staked out allready till I seen this. smokey
  14. My traval bug hotel is in Sparta, WI right on I-90. The Bug Cage
  15. no offended.. Just informing... thanks for asking about us to!!
  16. Its called emergency medical bills.. Money has to come from somewhere.... coins or family.. family comes first so something has to give. Sorry folks. Smokey
  17. well heres a news flash for you all.. Since this has created a big stink. I WILL be selling all my coins on ebay at my will. They are MY coins and not YOUR coins.Its a buyer/seller world. Once you sell something it becomes the buyers property/ even if it was a trade. You got a coin from me... You dont have a say in what I do... So with that said. You all dont understand my situation and aparently dont care. What a geocache family.! Im done with this childish behavior. all coins will be up on ebay at my choice in the next future. By the way for the people who threaten to delete the coin number from the system. I also paid for that number. smokey
  18. Thank you for the refund CAV Hunter. I am glad that the decision was made quickly for you and did not cause you a moment of grief. If you will notice, over 1/2 of the coins that I own are not on ebay, and will not end up on ebay. I am sorry that you feel that I was going to put all of my coins up for sale. I am sorry that you felt that we are scalpers. We had every honorable intention of keeping all of the coins when the deals/trades were made. LIFE HAPPENS. I am sorry that my husband and I have no choice than to sell the coins that he loves so much. This was not an easy decision to make. When it came down to it, it was the only thing that we had that could help. Believe me, if there was another way I would have made sure that this never occurred. We also apologize for not thinking to add a Buy It Now feature. At least we can own up to the fact it was us. Thank you for all the supporting emails that we received. Don't ever be afraid to post because you are afraid that someone will refuse you the purchase of a coin. They are coins...not blood or body organs. Coins are nice but family ranks over everything. With Love to All, The Teacher
  19. ok people... I dont feel I need to explain myself. Im not out selling to SCALP. Sometimes a man has to sacurfice something and these pretty coins have to be the choosen ones. Now we all know each one of us has to pinch somewhere in life for money so I hope everyone can give me some slack. If anyone who wants to refund money for the coins ive allready purchased, that is their choice. I just made this decision over the past day and It took many days of thinking. So hopefully everyone understands and please dont call me a ebay profiter!! That kinda hurts. and thanks to the ones who asked if we are ok. Its just a decision we had to make. Smokey.
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