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  1. If there are things that aren't working you should post them here, as even if you could opt out you'd get the new logging experience sometime in the next few weeks as it rolls out.
  2. Came here to check if others got the French. I can barely speak my native English!
  3. I just found this one today, and admit to targeting it because of the attribute. It was a nice hike even without the cacti.
  4. Just came here to check, thanks! Hopefully there won't be too many sad dads today!
  5. I noticed now if I go to a player's profile that has an apostrophe (') in it, and click on the link to show their finds, I get an Error 500. I verified this with 4 or 5 different players.
  6. I can't imagine asking any other cacher to provide a translation in my language, simply because I don't want to bother copying/pasting the description and/or hint into a translation app. While English is spoken in many countries, it is not a universal language. I visited Europe a few years ago and went to multiple countries where the write-ups were all in French or German or Italian. I had no issues caching.
  7. I don't care if non premium log mine. I make some of my caches premium when it took longer to set up, or was more expensive to put together, and I want to prevent the kids that sign up for an account and go out on a destroy mission. This seems to happen about once a year, and caches that are premium are normally spared as it's tougher for the kiddies to find them.
  8. I noticed on a new virtual published yesterday a number of logs didn't have the required photo. When I logged mine today using the app, I noticed it logged immediately which was suspicious. I checked my log and my log text was there, and the photo wasn't. I texted a couple friends who had photos missing and they were surprised as they selected a photo. The CO posted in FB about the same time wondering why nobody was posting photos, so I explained it looks like an app issue. This happened with both iPhone and Android apps. I tried logging again and the photo didn't go. So I used an unofficial app instead.
  9. But that's still terrain. Terrain is how you get there. Difficulty is how hard is it to find it once you are at GZ.
  10. Also, seems to be an issue particular to google maps on firefox. If you switch to leaflet maps on firefox, it still works the old way.
  11. Seems to be a firefox issue. Still works the other way in Chrome. Firefox recently updated to version 57 (2 days ago for me), so perhaps people are seeing some incompatibility with that?
  12. Nice to see this native! I know a lot of people have wanted this for years, and this will solve the problems people have had with copying/pasting HTML, forgetting to update final coords on the puzzle or site or both. This should work great for the bulk of the puzzles where the puzzle solution is coordinates, and there is a single physical stage. If it's not too early to ask for new features: Some mysteries have multiple stages. It would be nice to be able to mark 1 or more hidden stages as needing a coordinate checker, and they would all appear on the cache page. You might in fact have stage 1 have the coord checker, but not the final, if the cache is set up as a multi after the puzzle has been solved. Add a new field on hidden waypoints to allow entry of a keyword or phrases that is used in the checker instead of coords, that reveals the coords. These are becoming more popular around my area. Even without these features (and others!) the coord checker could be used in a large percentage of caches. Nice to have the auto update of corrected coordinates too, that's a nice bonus. Is the "10 tries in 10 minutes" set up per account or per IP address?
  13. If I come across a cache I'm not comfortable searching for, I move on. I don't expect anybody to only hide caches that meet my criteria (no more caches with pavement views!)
  14. I hid my first after finding 2 caches, 14 years ago. It required a 3 mile hike to get it and was an ammo can. Today, 14 years later, it's still there. Glad there was no rule when I placed my first cache.
  15. I don't see what is "offensive" with the current message.
  16. If this cacher found hundreds of caches and posted with their logs vulgarities and advertisements, then I could see HQ just deleting them entirely, and there would be no reason to bother dozens or hundreds of cache owners, or spend the time doing so. But since you didn't list the log content, we can only speculate.
  17. I have about 10-20 PQs that I set up using placement dates to avoid any duplication of caches. For example: PQ1 - all caches in 100 mile radius from 1/1/2000 through 8/1/2007 PQ2 - all caches in 100 mile radius from 8/2/2007 through 8/1/2009 PQ3 - all caches in 100 mile radius from 8/2/2009 through 3/1/2011 .... When I first set them up I had to tweak the end date to make sure it resulted in less than 1000 caches, and then I based the next PQ on the end date for the previous one. This way I get all caches within 100 miles of whatever point I'm picking that I haven't found. Occasionally I'll go back and tweak the dates as PQ1 that used to return 1000 caches may now return only 800 because of caches I've found, or caches that have been archived. I don't need to do that more than once a year or so though.
  18. I see cachers with thousands of finds hiding poor caches such as those in parking lots, guard rails, or road side. Experience doesn't mean they will always hide good caches.
  19. I don't normally look at the home page, so not sure if this is new or not. The "most favorited" seems to show the favorites around Seattle only. I assume this should use my home location or current location? I know Seattle's special, but ...
  20. That's actually a very good idea to have an advanced cacher status, I didn't think of that. This idea could also go on my new thread as well. At least one of the letterboxing sites has the ability to hide boxes from members unless they have found at least 50 or 100 or 500 boxes. Of course you could lie and log boxes you didn't find, but in general the letterboxing folk seem to not care about the numbers and are much more into the stamp and art and creative write ups. I'm not sure how well such a system would work here, or how a cacher would gain advanced status if something other than found/hide count was used.
  21. When the favorite system was added, I wondered by a 1-5 rating system wasn't done instead. After using it for a very short period of time, it became obvious that a favorite system was infinitely better than the 1-5 star rating. It's all positive: You can't punish somebody because you don't like them or the location. If a cache is really not taken care of, then the NM/NA is the appropriate way of handling this. Limiting this to premium members means it's much less likely that caches will be artificially raised up by sock puppets. Limiting this to 10% of your finds means you are going to think before giving out a favorite point ... you're likely not going to give your buddy a favorite for his parking lot micro. Well you might, but it's up to you ... but nobody else will. A 5 star rating system tends to rate nothing 5 star, and nothing 1 star. Things end up averaging down, and you'll get an inaccurate listing of "what are the best caches in an area" The favorite system really does seem to work. In general, most caches with a high number of favorites really are something special. Either in location, with the hide itself, or something historical. I'll admit I don't understand why virtuals and earthcaches are always highly rated, as they usually aren't for me, but I've learned that.
  22. Workin' on that. Hey I keep sending people your way, waiting for one to "take hold"
  23. Great! I've been thinking that should be in the app for years, nice to see the directory! Now just need more geotours near me. Minor display issue ... when selecting a tour it briefly displays: There are 0 geocaches in this GeoTour I know it's updating and fetching data from the server, but it would be better to display something else I've done one, it might be nice to have an indication in the listing that I've found 1 or more of the caches in the tour directory.
  24. We do that all the time. Every Sunday we have a group go out caching, sometimes 4 sometimes 10. Rather than have everybody sign in and take up space (and time) we usually sign in as "Durfs5" (5 people that day) as we sometimes refer to ourselves as the "Durfs" group because we meet at that restaurant for breakfast. I'll usually say in my log "Signed in as Durfs5".
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