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  1. As others have pointed out, this will be good for geocaching.com as it will bring additional features to the site that many people have been asking for. While Garmin has deep pockets, it will take a lot of time and $$ to make it a site people actually use. Sometimes winner takes all, esp when the cost is already free to the end user. There are many examples of this on the internet today. So if this makes my caching experience better, then I am happy.
  2. I think I am going to make an Amnesty Cache so people can drop off old coins/TBs which they find without fear of others knowing.
  3. Looks like these are some popular coins on eBay...
  4. The Trackable Oakleaf Geocoins are adoptable.
  5. Groundspeak changed the rules, you can get an icon with 100 coins/codes now.
  6. Good Job once again on these. Picked up a couple of sets for my collection. ~nielsenc
  7. Geoswag.com has additional Red Remembrance Poppy Coins in Stock. Red Remembrance Poppy Geocoin
  8. nielsenc


    I am working on this at this time. Thanks, nielsenc PS, feel free to add me as a friend: http://www.facebook.com/nielsencgeo
  9. If we look back, a good number of these coins were sold or traded for coins by others. My guess is Groundspeak make thousands of these coins only to see people get more than one, sell or trade them and get asked for them. I see no problem with Groundspeak offering these coins to people who want one, at a reasonable cost. If you look around, there are still some Lackeys who have personal geocoins which they hand out to people.
  10. The one and only animated icon. There have been a couple of vendors which have tried to sneak some in... But as for code/icon changes, I am for it. I have seen a few people put out the money for extra codes to be used in the future and this fixes that problem. As an FYI, just to get 100 coins out the door: Die Fees - $100 100 Codes - $150 Icon - $150 Total - $400 and you havent even started with the cost of coins/s&h/etc.
  11. Hope you get better soon. nielsenc
  12. I agre with MustangJoni. Plus you will find that these are more expensive to produce. Looks nice.
  13. Like a Bandit in the night, one of these arrived at my doorstep. #244, SWEET! THX
  14. As always, thanks for putting out a good coin. Got the set.
  15. Whatever happened to Vendors taking on a design, minting 100/250 to get name/icon and sell it to the general public up front? Why is it a vendor seems to be able to pull a design because the interest doesnt warrant doing it that is ok but when a customer doesnt pay for a 'reservation' that is bad? For me, when I travel, most of my reservations are non-committal. Tickets on airlines, car reservations, hotel reservations etc. While some require to cancel, others do not. From my read, a reservation of coins was to gauge interest in the coin and NOT to punish someone because 2 months later they decided they dont either like the coin or life worries have changed. Sometimes reservations are made with Artwork and the finish product doesnt look anything like the coin.
  16. I am not a lawyer but it seems the ECPA deals with someone 'intercepting' email before it gets to the end user. As most people know, email is sent around the world and can be intercepted at many points as it touches different servers. So once the 'owner' gets the email, they can do what they want with the email. It seems this is de facto to all email, not just those which have the 'warning'.
  17. It seems there are many people who are not getting the coins which are ordered. When a select few dont deliver coins to the customer, it hurts the honest companies and individuals. This thread is NOT to call out any individual or vendor but to help people who have not received their products to become 'whole'. Since PayPal seems to be the payment method of choice, you should be aware of the policies to protect yourself. Here is the PayPal link which deals with Protection. According to PayPal, today you have 45 days to file a complaint. This is 15 days longer then the FTC gives businesses to ship a product. The FTC allows 30 days to ship a product or offer a full refund. It might be good to review the FTC site. If you are unable to resolve your issue with the seller or PayPal, the FTC has a helpline. Before contacting the FTC, I would suggest contacting your credit card company if you used a credit card. They are sometimes willing to go to bat for you if there is a problem. There is also a FTC Complaint site where you can submit a complaint. Be sure to followup with the seller and PayPal first as you dont want to overload them with items like refunds which can happen from PayPal. In the end, until an individual or company goes bankrupt, they are still on the 'hook' for either getting you the product or returning your money. Any other suggestions?
  18. That is sad. Of course they know what is going on here. They even have a family member selling geocoins here so I am sure they are getting the feedback from more then one source. Sadly, as others have pointed out, this hurts legitimate sellers of geocoins. I hope this gets resolved soon.
  19. Maybe we should have two new threads: 1) Where are they now 2) Why are they still here
  20. BTW, sorry for the delay. I got busy with the kids last night at a Halloween Party.
  21. And these were the two I was thinking of. There seems to be many people who had Birthdays yesterday. Happy Birthday to all! Tadpole send PM me your address and I will get something off to you. Congrats!
  22. - update - You only have to make a guess on one, you could know the other. This way, only one has to be a guess. Good for those who hang out on facebook... While there are many cachers who have their Birthday today, it has to be the 2 people I am thinking of.
  23. Ok. This is a simple one BUT if you already know the answer to both, you cant guess. This is for those who are making a random guess. I know of two cachers who have a birthday today. What are their cacher names. First person to post both cacher names win a random coin from my collection. I am going to be out for a few hours and will check to see if someone got it right later tonight. Good Luck!
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