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The Somdcacherz Geocoin

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Hey everyone! After much thought and discussion I think the SoMDCacherz are about ready to put a geocoin out there. I wanted to start a thread and see what everyone thought and to gauge initial interest. The base metal will be polished nickel. It would be trackable on GC.com and have its own icon. The coin would sell through geocoinstore.com and cost $8.50 plus shipping.







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Very nice. I love all the colors on the front. I'd buy 1 or 2.


And for those worried about the $3.33 shipping, why not buddy up with someone else local to order yours with since you've been given advanced notice?

Great idea AG. Anyone buying some that live in Middle GA?

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Cool coin. I kinda wish trackables would stay down in the $6 - $7 range, but there ya go. I'll should probably go on a buying moratorium until I and done trading our personal coin, but I bet we will buy one anyway.

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