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  1. Please add the Westwood Goods to the want list, this is a great design! Tom
  2. Please add the Westwood Goods to the want list, this is a great design! Tom
  3. Thank you so much. By the way, my Parents of SAM coins were even better than anticipated! Tom
  4. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get them, thanks for the update Tom
  5. Cachehunters42 No problem! I apreciate the update. This is still one of the greatest coins I'veseen Tom "Westwood Goods"
  6. I was lucky and paypal acepted an order for 1 each of the 4 coins avail! Oh Happy Day! My wife just smacked me for spending more on my geocoin addiction, It was worth it. Tom Westwood Goods
  7. Any update on the status of this coin? I promised my son one of the two I ordered and he asked today if I knew when it is comming. Not complaining, just asking, I know it's only been a couple weeks. Thanks, Tom "Westwood Goods"
  8. Yesterday I recieved my replacement Team 4 Cats coins. Mr Sanchez is truly a man of honor and I think he deserves public recognition of this. He replaced missing coins w/o complaint and very quickly. Thank you sir I apreciate it! Tom "Westwood Goods"
  9. E-mailed for two, keeping fingers crossed
  10. Thanks for the info, I have sent her an E-Mail. God, I feel stupid! Tom
  11. You know that may be it! I just need to get ahold of her to make sure. Thanks!
  12. I had a death in the family a little while ago and asked a couple of you to hold my coin order open untill I could pay for them today. Those I asked were gracious enough to say yes! Problem is my Microsoft outlook crashed and I lost most of my e-mails and my list of coins to purchase. I have paid for my Texas Bluebonnet and my Spinning coin. There was one more coin (Irequested 2) that one of you (A very nice lady that responded to me in an e-mail that used a blue typeface and a fairly fancy type. I really feel like a total jerk for not being able to remember and I pray that you do. I want to complete the order and get the coins but I can't for the life of me remember who's coin it was. The more I think about it I think the persons name was Bev or Bea? I am going to stop guessing before I make a total A** of myself. Any help will be greatly apreciated, Thank You, Tom "Brainless" Good "Westwood Goods"
  13. I got a reply from Team 4 Happy Cats the same night I sent an e-mail about my coins. They apologized and said they would take care of it.
  14. The Envelope from Team 4 Happy Cats. Same condition as abv but w/o the coins. The cardstock was still in the envelope though. E-mail sent, we'll see what happens.
  15. I am a complete and unadulterated idot! Please acept mt most sincere apology. My wife is pulling my head out of my A** as we speak! Tom
  16. Put me down for 3 if 10.00 or under, 2 if abv. My prayers go out to the family. Tom
  17. I definetly want "at least" 1 set (prefer 2 but depends on cost)
  18. Put me on the list for 2. What a great design! Tom
  19. Thanks for the update, I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands!
  20. Already ordered mine, can't wait to get them! Tom
  21. Phone bill Electric bill Sewer bill Note that my rent is being 50.00 per month It is friday the 13th after all Tom "Westwood Goods"
  22. Being a "current" Firefighter / Paramedic I also Must have 2! Tom "Westwood Goods" Westwood Fire Dpartment MICP, NREMT-P, R.A.G.G.-M.O.P.P.
  23. Don't forget to set aside two for me! Tom "Westwood Goods"
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