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  1. I got one of these from the trackables station at Geocoinfest in Pittsburgh. I was confused by it until I logged it and figured out it had replaced one of Castle Man's coins that got stolen apparently. Its an interesting concept, I suppose.
  2. Is there a way to get on a reservation list?
  3. Definitely interested in at least 1
  4. I would like at least a couple of these, they are very nice! If you are keeping a list would you add me to it?
  5. I sent you a payment so I hope these are still available!
  6. I would be interested in them too
  7. I was going to try to order a couple to release myself but I kept getting an error when I tried to login?
  8. Email sent, haven't had alot of time to check forums lately but glad I saw this one tonight!
  9. I just wanted to say, I have all 3 versions of this coin and all 3 are absolutely amazing! Joefrog really outdid himself with this one
  10. I think anyone who has released coins (including me) can feel your pain and frustrations with losing coins. I released quite a few when I went up to GCF in Pittsburgh and (so far) most of them seem to be moving pretty well. I also had one that went missing for over a year and now has shown back up, so maybe sometimes theres hope.
  11. Lazer

    Unity Geocoin

    Just read through all the posts, this is one nice coin, maybe the most intricate I've ever seen!
  12. I ordered some and have gone way over my budget this month
  13. I picked up a couple of these at the event and they are awesome looking coins for sure.
  14. Nice idea for a coin, will have to get some!
  15. I'd guess the chances of one making it to Alabama aren't too likely, but it would be nice for sure!
  16. Interesting idea. I ordered 2 of each metal, let's hope they are nice
  17. Me, WheresDib, and Tasia found that coin in a pile of mud laying next to an ammo can while we were heading to Georgia for an event last year. After a washing it seemed good as new though!
  18. I'm a HUGE Auburn fan, maybe I could get up enough people to put an order in. Will have to see!
  19. I sent an email also, we'll see what happens I guess!
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