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  1. I just started paying attention to the Signal's Labyrinth activity, how do you find a Gem? I don't see any directions on that item.
  2. What happened to the searchable topo map website? The link is still there but when you click on it it sends you to place to buy maps. This used to be a searchable website.
  3. With 99% of my trackables gone missing, stolen or getting lost, I made several of my favorites discoverable if people just look at the page. Sadly, with the advent of the smart app many more flash in the pan geocachers find trackables, pick them up, log them and never geocache again. So it is up to the owner or creator of the TB to decide how it’s logged.
  4. They are under new ownership, here is part of an email I received after a new coin inquiry. They have a different business model than C&P used to have. CoinsAndPins company is now under new ownership, the parent company is Coins For Anything, Inc.
  5. I still use GSAK, yeah, I’m old school, GPS user here, been caching since the load every geocache and print out the geocache page days. But this week I’m away from home on a trip, I’m always on the lookout for pathtags, so I was wondering if there was a GSAK type App for IPhone. When I get home I cab GSAK this query, I have the Macro for it. I didn’t get to prepare for this trip tho.
  6. I’m trying to find out if it’s possible do a search for a word in all logs in an area? My idea is to look for the word Pathtag to see if anyone dropped one recently in a geocache nearby. I imagine that GSAK has this, but I’m not near my desktop computer for a while. Is there a GSAK type app available?
  7. There used to be a website for geocoin trading, collecting that had pictures of all the coins. This was back in 2005-2008. Is it still up?
  8. I got ahold of 30 old Jeep TB numbers from another geocacher, she was given all the numbers by Jeep, I bought some dog tags and have remade them with a stamp set and printed Jeep icons. I’ve been releasing them to get them moving again, see GeoWoodstock . Sadly, most of those Jeep TB’s went the way of most travelers. ‘Also, I have my own travel bugs/coins that I have remade several times. They keep disappearing. Sadly, the TB’s of mine that made it to Europe have longevity, while those staying in US have a short lifespan. America, step it up.
  9. Is there a way to get notified of a new trackable promotion? I check the page as often as I think about it, and usually I’m days late to get on the list to receive a new one and the sign up period is over. And unless a cacher gets one in the mail, they will never see one, like the Michelen man.
  10. I just got my email with the link and I entered the secret word, and received another email.. It says "Congratulations you're tracking code will be emailed to you by August 24, 2017 with instructions on how to activate and use it!"
  11. I just searched my emails. Still have all of them. Nothing. Must have ended up in spam. However, my issue is more with the hoarders. As in the last several similar promotion/contest travelers, they get hoarded. Search for them, "in the hands of Cacher name here" you never see them in a cache. This is how it always seems to be, all the way back to the Jeep contest. I think they should make it a rule, that if you hang on to them, you are ineligible for the prizes. Just my rant. Thanks for reading.
  12. I get emails. Never saw it. 'There's still the hoarder issue Jon.
  13. Another trackable promotion has been released to be hoarded by the lucky few that received them. No announcement of course. https://www.geocaching.com/promotions/promo/innerexplorer/
  14. Ignore the contest, don't expect to find one. The distribution of them is BS. These tokens get hoarded and very seldom get logged by anyone except that hoarder, and occasionally their friends. I was around for the JEEP trackables, Yellow, White, Red, and Green, What a mess that was. They were mostly released, however, the 1st Cacher that found them usually kept them.
  15. No, I did not log them from the app. Yes I have the hide your finds filter ON. However, half of my finds show as not found on the map page.
  16. I downloaded the new app when it came out. I've been having problems with it. It will not update itself. The caches I found before I downloaded it show as finds, which I have in Not Showing mode, however, every cache I found since still show as not found. Nothing I do will make Found caches show as Found, or disappear as I have that option selected.
  17. Bonham(former)Ranch, Warm Spring This cache had a body hidden nearby (maybe 500 feet) from 2003 till 2008. I found this cache in 2006. See log dated 10/13/2008
  18. I just got the iPhone 6, I figured the sign in problem would stay with my 5s, wrong. Still have the iPad air, and I always stay logged in on it, however, I can't stay logged in on my iPhone 6. I have to sign in every time I go to Geocaching.com. Even if I just put the phone down for a few minutes. I have looked at both devices and all the settings are the same. I always check the "Keep me logged in" option on sign in screen. Can anyone offer a suggestion?
  19. I'm having this problem also. I have an iPad Air and iPhone 5, my iPad stays logged in, no problem however, my iPhone never stays logged in. I have to re enter name and PW every time. I have looked at them both and all the settings are the same. I'm using Safari. I have deleted cookies, enabled cookies, everything that I have read in the forums so far, nothing works. Any help would be appreciated
  20. still a week and nor create a route feature, my trip is coming up.
  21. I meant to my computer, so I can load them on GSAK. I found out how to do what I need in settings on computer. thank you.
  22. Just got Windows 7, when I download a PQ from the Email or the "POCKET QUERIES READY FOR DOWNLOAD" option on Geocaching.com, they always go to my "Downloads" file in my computer, then I have to locate it and move it to my PQ file. How do I make them download to my PQ file? I tried Right clicking to look for options but see none. Thanks
  23. I'm having a problem with the map on my Droid. When I click that arrow nothing happens. The search box and rest of options stays there covering the map, making the map useless.
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