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  1. Hello all, Seeking: 2007 Compass Rose Two Tone (Can't make geocoin fest) Isle of Man Offering: Tracking Time 2006 Compass Rose Gold 2006 Compass Rose Silver Route 66 Oklahoma Gold Bailey-Nippon Gold Absolut Gold Thanks!
  2. I'm in! Tell me when and I'll be out to make the deposit. I'm not parting with my Tracking Time coin though! It's my favorite. Of course, I couldn't compare it to one of those UOTrackers coins because I wasn't able to pick one up while in South Carolina ... I was looking though! Seriously, I'm in, great idea.
  3. Hey all, This one is available! Good luck!
  4. I can't read everything on the coin but is the year "2006" on the coin? Very nice coin indeed!
  5. I plan to release mine but haven't found the right time or cache. Love the stats though.
  6. Seeking: Cache or Die Trying Compass Rose 2005 New Mexico 2005 Offering: Compass Rose 2006 silver Compass Rose 2006 gold SEPAG Liberty Bell
  7. Just so I don't get burned (again), I'd like 4 coins please.
  8. Does anyone know how many were minted in each of the silver or the gold?
  9. My preferred coin size is a 2". There seems to be more detail that can be crammed into the coin without it looking jammed ... Tracking Time.
  10. email sent for 2 and 2! ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!
  11. I'd still like to know how many were minted ... Does anyone know?
  12. That was the coin for Illinois this year. I'm not sure how to post the picture though.
  13. Which way ... do you have the 05 or the 06? I'll trade an 06 for an 05!
  14. I'm in ... Lake Erie used to be home!
  15. I was able to get a few extra ... I'm still looking for Isle of Man, New Mexico 2005 and Compass Rose 2005. I do have to say my patience was wearing thin though.
  16. Seeking: Isle of Man New Mexico 2005 Compass Rose 2005 Offering: Tracking Time American Caching Dollar (Copper, Silver or Gold) Team Thorny (BN, copper or polished nickel) Texas Bluebonnet Cachehunters Bear FloridaGA 2006
  17. I can't resist a three inch coin. Put me down for one of each metal.
  18. I'd love to get three. Thanks.
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