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  1. Not quite an old timer, I started in July 04
  2. Well I could write a book here, but I will keep it short. My vote goes to Jon & Miki...I also am fortunate to live in the area where this dynamic duo resides. They have done soooo much for caching in the state of South Carolina. They have introduced many folks to caching and were one of the keystones in helping silence H3777(Anti-caching Bill) I think the world of them and could not think of anyone else that deserves this honor more. I love you guys...God Bless You !!!!
  3. WHEW...I love flinging poo. I am darn glad you responded. If I need to open a new thread, I will. It is time to air this monkey out and be done with it! DD
  4. As you all know me, I will call a spade, a spade, no matter what. I know what the poster meant because those were my words almost verbatim. I have cached with the majority of you guys for several years now and have become good friends with most of you. I honestly don't get the "secret identity of the reviewer thing" either,but I am sick and tired of others asking me about it also. It has come to my attention over the past couple of years that more and more cachers want to know the identity of the reviewer. I for one have no problem with this. Don't get me wrong, I wish to respect his/her wishes but, I don't understand the reasoning behind it. Other states and state groups know their reviewer, and the cachers of South Carolina don't know.They are kept in the dark for one reason or another. My question is "WHY?" I know others that have asked time and time again and have been snubbed, flamed, and scolded. I disliked the idea of seperate groups, but understand why they formed. Newer cachers, or newbies,as we seasoned cachers call them, have written numerous emails to me asking why is it taboo to talk about the reviewer. I really don't have a good reply. So I write this...If anyone wants to explain it to me, feel free, cause I don't get it either. I know that each and every one of you that cache in South Carolina, at one point in time, have asked yourself that question. I know of several people that have dwelled on it for some time. So how many out there know? I am sure that this was one of the reasons for the SCGO/SCARAB/USCGA split. So to all of those that have went their seperate ways...I understand. I personally see no reason for the reviewer to hide their identity, but that's my opinion, and I always have one. Flame Away if you must, but I have a very thick skin. I look forward to a few responses...especially from the SCARABS/SCGO/SCGA/SCPC/USCGA/or any other group or individual that has felt slighted by this issue. Now is your time...I have opened the door. Respectfully, DiskDevil
  5. You said it...."DARK HELMET"
  6. Ahh...Spider's Eye This cache is a great night cache. If you plan to do it...take a good light. It has been known to fustrate many advanced cachers. Good Luck!!!
  7. Simple question---Did you talk with anyone prior to turning the cache in to get reviewed about permission to place that cache? My guess...... NO!!
  8. I am in too... I think it would be great to have a geo-park but I kinda agree with the comment about the condos.
  9. I am from the Aiken SC area. I work all over the CSRA...
  10. Bump... What is the status of these?
  11. He is waiting for a certain bus driver.
  12. You people better stop this! Don't make me come up there!!
  13. Yes, my dark side took over briefly, and made me write that. Luckily, Google was willing to cooperate, and thus the hoax was born! I am sorry about letting my dark side out! It will never happen again -- I promise! There you go...breeching the contract again!
  14. I have not received mine yet, but hoping they will arrive soon.
  15. Woo Hoo...better late posting than never EH? I will be there and Matthew is coming to sit with Geoholic28!
  16. Are these being held back for the reworking? I have ordered two but have not gotten them yet.
  17. I would love to buy two. God bless this family.
  18. DiskDevil


    HEY!! That's my idea! OK I guess you get all the royalties!! I will sell the icon though...
  19. DiskDevil


    This sounds like a marketing ad similar to a product in the 70's called "PET ROCK". They sold gazillions of them to poor saps like us. The sad thing is we bought it, and the producers were millionares in a few days. Go ahead and produce a "PET GEOCOIN". There are suckers born every minute. BTW I want my royalties for everyone sold! And for the record: It's all about the money! So now that the OP rant is over I see no useful purpose for this thread, except fo creating more AGNST!
  20. I would love your coin, but I probably don't deserve it either. I think a coin like yours takes us back to our roots. A day where something different was a great joy to find in a cache. I see that you put alot of time and love into all the coins you have made so far, and they look great. I haven't had a real tragedy since both of my parents passed away several years ago, so raising my boys without them really hits home to me. My father was much like you, putting a little sunshine in everything he did, and mom was there to wrap it in love. So I think you should relist your coin and donate the proceeds to the fallen cacher's children.(I am not sure the charity but someone could tell you) Living without a daddy or mommy is the absolute worst torture any child should have to endure. I know to this very day I would do ANYTHING to tell my parents once more that I love them with all my heart and soul...these children will someday repeat my words.
  21. Jump the shark...Umm No. I think they ate the shark! There is at the least one coin per day on average being produced. I think making money right now is a factor. What better than to sell roughly 6 grand worth of coins and almost double your money. If coins were produced unlimited and priced around the 5 buck range, you would see more of them out in the wild. The more there are the less the value. Gee..we are right back to the money thing huh? Remember the plain old generic geocoin and how happy you were just to find it? Coins=Profit: That's where is it going, if not already there. Eventually people will realize that they can't have them all and this coin craze will die off and normalize itself.
  22. Agreed... As everyone has said, the OP did nothing wrong. 9Key's post was more than likely out of fustration. I do, however, think it should not have been written on the cache page logs. A personal email would have been much better. I feel both of your pains. For you guys and the geo-stalker...I think I would try much harder to get some local law enforcement involved. If my family were in that position, I sure would! Best of luck to all...
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