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  1. Wow. Excellent. Thank you very much.
  2. I just found several geocoins that I purchased from TheCachingPlace.com, however when I went to activate them there is no longer a website for them. How can I go about getting the activation codes for the coins? Thank you for your help.
  3. I have two Jeep'en Jumpers coins for trade. The one is owned by me and the other one is owned by Jeep'en Jumpers but was given to me and has been in my collection since 2006. I don't believe he wants them sold so I have not listed them on ebay. I would consider earth turtles or any other offer. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=pcgkr3
  4. I don't buy but one or two coins every couple years but I can say I love this coin.
  5. Is there a picture of the different versions?
  6. How do you get the 12-12-12 souvenir? I attended an event yesterday but didn't get the souvenir.
  7. Waiting on an invoice. (and bears) Strange that I enjoy paying out money to you.
  8. I received an email from geoswag and as usual, excellent service by a great company.
  9. I tried the support email. No response yet. Did they come with a tracking number or show a tracking number on paypal?
  10. Has anyone received their coins? I think there might be a problem with my order and I have tried to get in touch with geoswag but I haven't heard from them. How does someone get in touch with geoswag?
  11. I received mine today in the mail and love them. In my eyes, I don't see any errors and they are purrrfect. I am glad I was able to help. All of my cats, except one, are from the SPCA and I love to help any organization that helps my furry friends.
  12. You could make it the grand unveiling of your much anticipated coin.
  13. Have mine shipped yet.
  14. Ok, I am getting restless, how much longer do I have to wait for that cute panda??? We are making the nursery a panda forest so these will go wonderfully in her room.
  15. As soon as I saw the thread I went gaga. I won't derail the topic but AtlantaGal is right, I had health issues not money issues and shelved the coin. I was working on the nursery (the stork is delivering a little panda to us on August 6th) on Sunday and saw my sample coins. The coin will be produced eventually. Back on topic, I love your panda Avroair and will definitely buy a bamboo bunch.
  16. Here is a new one in Pennsylvania: http://www.mainlinecanalgreenway.org/geotrail
  17. Due to work I only pick up my mail about once every week or two weeks. Today I was able to stop by the post office. The Post Master told me she had a package for me. I quickly realized that it was my Mardi Gras coins. When I got to the car I was going through the mail when I noticed another bubble envelope. I didn't remember ordering any other coins. I turned it over and quickly realized this was a mystery coin because it had my name as the return address. Wow, I was super excited and quickly ripped open the envelope with my keys. What a spectacular coin, I was shocked to receive such a beautiful coin. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous coin, it wasn't until I came to the forums that I realized it glows. I can't wait to try it. Thank you again for such a special gift, it definitely made my week and it is only Monday.
  18. I received my Geoswag Mardi Gras Masquerade coins in the mail today. Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful design. Beautiful and bright colors. I didn't realize how big and heavy they were going to be. Really happy I ordered two of them, one just wouldn't do it.
  19. I am using firefox. When I go to a cache page, I have a white border and it is giving me a huge headache. When I go to the forums I have a green border. The cache page was not like this before the update. I have to get rid of the white border or I will not be able to look at another cache page, gc.com homepage or my stats.
  20. Sent an email but didn't hear anything back. However it has only been four days. Eager geocoin collector.
  21. I received my coins and love the beautiful colors. Well done Jim. Can't wait for the panda bears.
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