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  1. We use this Ram Mount and have it screwed through the coin recess area on the dash with nuts and washers on the back in case it ever needs to be removed. There is a spot for the power cord to come up between the windshield and the dash. Ram Monuting System Here is an image from a local cacher, he riveted his on. You can see the power cord that neatly tucks back in against the windshield when not in use. Mount
  2. Try posting it in th local Geocachers of the Bay Area forum. http://thegba.net/index.php
  3. Try the GBA forum, Geocachers of the Bay Area, you may have much better luck getting a response there. A quick register and you're in. thegba.net
  4. Yes, that's the one, it was the most extensive list I have come across with most of the coins and their respective activation code sites listed. It's the one listed in the sticky topic. Maybe whoever was in charge of that one will comment here and let us know what's going on. If it's not going to continue being an active link, it should be removed from the sticky.
  5. I was using the list last week that is up in the sticky thread for finding coin activation codes and it now hasn't worked for several days. Anyone else have an update list of where to find activation codes? Doh, someone asked me about N. Dakota I sent them but it's not trackable.
  6. Well, I haven't been on the coin forums in months, life got hectic and sad (my daughter and 2 grandchildren moved 1000 away and my father became sick several months back and was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer) I just lost interest in the coins (and many things) although I do have a wonderful collection. I came here again to see whats' the latest. So many beautiful and clever coins, still some contraversay here and there but this fun thread had me reading late into the evening. What fun with the mad dashes and childrens (and adults) smiles and excitement. It's nice to see the fun of getting back to placeing coins in caches. As soon as my sprained ankle heals, we are heading back out to cache and spread a few of our personal and extra coins around. I am getting ready to sell most of my coins, raise airfare to see my babies but am keeping several for sentimental reasons; locals cachers, those I found in caches are favorites and special events and special cachers. I think that a Fairy coin would be in a special coin catagory as I am sure most of the finders here feel that way about their's. So kiss your babies, spouses, loved ones, stay healthy, have fun caching. Life can change overnight. Thanks all for a fun read.
  7. Amazing! Yes, I am still waiting for my two, one of each. I sent him periodic emails requesting a refund, no answers. I don't want the coins anymore, I want a refund.
  8. I filed a complaint with PayPal. If that doesn't work, the bank will be next.
  9. But we can email if we have his private email. I am not the harrassing kind of person and am pretty much an easy going, glass half full optimistic person but I just hate being lied to. I have emailed him 3x now for a refund, the last two times (yesterday and today) I provided my PayPal address to make it easier. I in no way was mean or threatening or rude, just stated the facts that I never got the coins he said he shipped me on 4/3 and that I now want a refund. I will just copy and paste my simple email request and resend it daily. I will also send him an invoice from PayPal requesting the refund. I want him to make this right and I want this behind me. I am not out of a lot of money by any means and could just let it go but it's the principal of the thing and it irks me.
  10. How odd (well not really odd)you aren't getting any replies, I emailed him through his geocaching account, not the PM here, and got his reply that same day. I have emailed him back that I still want a refund since over 3 weeks is more than enough time for coins to have reached me. Nothing back yet.
  11. Well, I emailed today and got a reply within hours that my coins were sent on April 3rd, 3 weeks ago. I give up.
  12. In a pinch, you might even trade a WY Geocoin for a hint to a "GeoBrowns Hide" LOL! Emails for hints work, they're not that devious! I'm pretty much soured on this coin actually, I'd rather get a refund at this point. It's just a coin, I'm over it.
  13. Still nada today. I paid for one each bronze and pewter on 12-6-05
  14. I still haven't gotten mine. At this point, since I have stopped buying coins, I would rather have a refund. Guess there's not much chance of that hapening either.
  15. Catherine, Ace, Bucky in bottom three with Bucky going home.
  16. Well hogwild, I'm here in the Bay Area and I am still waiting for my 2.
  17. Very nice design, but I have one question: How the heck did our California seagull become the Utah State bird? Guess I got some Googling to do.
  18. No kidding. My cousin mailed me his old PalmV from Alabama a week and a half ago and the USPS has yet to put it in my mailbox. Fortunately, I have a life that needs living in the meantime. Besides... the prospect of waiting by the mailbox... did you know it RAINS out there sometimes? *shudders* This has NOTHING to do with the USPS or our rain.
  19. And if it is the Geoswag Geocoin and Pin Club, I do have the link to the website, if you need it, email me. Maybe we are assuming it's this club as it's the only coin and pin one we are aware of. If it's not...well...uh...sorry.
  20. The search is working so you can ask about the Prague coins on the seller's post. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...24874&hl=prague
  21. I do know who you're talking about and there was some confusion with our trade as well, it did work in the end although it was weeks later. I am betting a lack of organization may be one of the problems. Or a hand into too many pots at a time, or whatever that saying is, you know what I mean! I had another personals trade arranged with someone and I sent my end right away. When I didn't receive theirs in return after a month (and yes, they already had theirs in hand) I emailed and they replyed that they thought they had taken care of all trades and would check their records once they got home. Never heard back. A week later, I emailed again asking if they had a chance to check, nothing, another week, asked again, no reply again so basically at this point, I give up, they can have my coin, whatever. Who knows, they may be undergoing some hardships right now and answering coin emails is the furthest thing from their mind. I am always the optimist. Besides, it's only a coin, not worth getting myself worked up over but it is a shame because I will most likely never trade with that person again.
  22. Do you ever have ANYTHING positive to say? /shakes head Guess he missed that day in school or his Mommy never showed him the movie Bambi.
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