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    It had nothing to do with the spammer or anything. (I hate spammers.) Long story short is an update broke networking on old server.. Moved it now but haven't been able to get it to work right with new updated software. I'm working on it as I have time.
  2. Someone just let me know about this post. I am legally blind and have been caching since 2003. I have enough vision that I can use a normal gps with a magnifier to see it and have it set for light text and dark and the backlight on as bright as it goes. That is what works for me.. That may work if they have some vision. I also use my handheld monocular for the actual searching. Normally I find the cache by feeling it by just reaching into places where I think it may be. There was a cache near here a few years back that had some sort of motion detector in it and it had a voice saying let me out of here once you got within a couple of feet of it. Maybe something similar to that would work for the actually finding the cache. I have no idea how it was done. I will think about this some more and see if I can come up with any ideas.
  3. We're from Mount Joy and would be happy to meet up with you sometime. We don't care if we've already found the caches if it's a place we enjoy (Chickies, Governor Dick..) I'd suggest if you can make it go to one of the local events, there's a monthy one in York county where you can meet other cachers and sometimes go find some caches with them or make plans to do that. Also Sunday there's another event in the Mount Gretna area that others had mentioned.
  4. I think more people in our area log their DNFs here than they do in some other areas. I also know that some don't because once in a while I get an email for hints on one of our hides from someone that's tried a few times. If someone doesn't log their DNF online they don't get the glory so we're the first! We both pretty consistantly overthink the lower rated caches. My cache finding radar also doesn't work for Lynn's caches at all.
  5. We have done that. We're usually the first to DNF a cache. Good as Gold - We just kept making it harder than it really was. Hidden for us and we got the first two DNFS and no FTF.. Concrete Jungle - Even after I knew what we were looking for we didn't see it. The worst part about it is I answered a phone a friend and helped someone else find it but still we never made it back. I used to delete DNFs after we found the cache so I don't remember which caches they were but there were a couple that we tried a few times and would have a new cacher show up right after us and say how easy the find was..
  6. Have fun.. and hopefully manage to have more free time to cache.
  7. I can understand them if they don't allow geocaches to have the ones near the trail archived but to me there is no reasonable explanation for the one that's 2.3 miles. If they had that one archived how many more mistakes are there that may not have been noticed? I can understand why Groundspeak archived them but I hope in the end these caches are brought back. I still hope that in the end that something could be worked out that would allow geocaches in some form on the trail.
  8. 14.2 miles. It's hard for me to imagine that we had that radius cleared about 2 years ago before life started cutting into caching time.
  9. I'll pass on this. We try to get to our caches as soon as time permits when there is a problem.
  10. I'm happy with coords that are within 50 feet. With my old gps I remember thinking being within 50 feet of a cache in the woods was very good. Before than when we used the Garmin legend in the woods it was luck whether we'd have cache location. I don't mention the coords being off until they're more than 50 feet off.
  11. It also bothers me when I see caches rated 1 for terrain that are not wheelchair accessible. I liked the fact that MissPlaced would always ask. I will usually say it's not a true 1 in my log.
  12. If you want to cache you could head over to do GC14YA6 which is in a nice quiet and relaxing area. If I remember right it's between 1 and 2 miles each way with a couple of other caches along the way. There's a bench near the cache so it's nice to just relax there. We enjoyed the area so much we went back with friends and I'm sure we'll return again.
  13. We have plenty of FTDNFs.. or at least we are the first to log one online. 1/1s give us the most DNFs.. It's just one of things that happens. If it's an area we want to return to we'll try again. If it's not an area we liked then we'll get back there when we are in the area for other reasons. The funniest ones are when new cachers find it the next day and say how easy it was.
  14. I'm also having that problem of the "advertisement" overlapping. I've noticed it on the pocket query page where it can't let me select Sunday or Monday. I also have noticed it on the google maps where it stops me from zooming. I'm using firefox3 with minimum font size set to 22 so I can see it. If I take away the minimum font setting and allow pages to choose their own fonts the problem goes away but then the text is too small for me to read so that is not an option. I'm disappointed to see the site become less usable when I had hoped it became more usable when it was updated. I still have a hard time with the menu but I just book marked the sections I go to. It also helps that the links are pretty much in the same places and have a title set so firefox shows that when I put the mouse over it.
  15. The site is now more difficult for me to use having my browsers set to display white text on a black background so I can read stuff easier.. None of the links on the left are visible to me now but if I allow the page to set colors then it's there. I doubt this will effect anyone else but I thought I'd post it anyways. I'll just book bookmark the pages I use to get around it. It seems faster though.
  16. I'm legally blind.. I have some vision but it's pretty low in the one eye and the other eye I pretty much just see light and dark and have been caching for 5 years. I use a monocular for searching for the cache and a magnifier to see my gps which is set at the easiest contrast for me to read. I've always enjoyed nature and hiking so geocaching fits right in. Last year I talked to a woman who worked with blind sports and she wanted to do something with geocaching. She wanted me to talk about geocaching but I'm just not good around groups but said I'd be willing to give it a try. I hope to hear from her.
  17. When we first got our 60csxs almost 2 years ago the first thing Molly did is cut cheap pda screen protectors to fit the screen. Over time they got pretty scratched up from bushwhacking. Last week my gps stopped working so we had to send it back to Garmin. When we took off the screen protector the screen looked new. I have two invisible shields sitting down stairs ready to go on to our gpsrs once we get mine back.
  18. Mount Joy,Pa 5 miles: 40 10 miles: 180 25 miles: 1157 50 miles: 3578
  19. Our nearest found caches is 474 feet. If it wasn't for a couple trees and a building in the way I'd be able to see the location out the window. Our nearest unfound cache is 3.9 miles.
  20. I thought I had posted a DNF to one of our caches a few years ago but I couldn't find it. The cache had been moved from it's hiding spot and other people were not having a problem finding it. We spend a couple of hours up and down that hill looking for it to put it back where it belonged. Couldn't find it. We went back a few days later and couldn't find it again. Got home to post a DNF and saw that a cacher had placed it where it belonged. I decided not to post a DNF that time so it didn't give people the impression that there might be a problem with it. I didn't think to check there the second time. Just recently I archived one of our caches that had DNFs and couldn't find it. The original hiding spot was no longer useable. In that case it turns out a local cacher was walking his dog and saw it in the open so he rehid it. That's one of the reasons we tend to check for our missing caches after we archive them when we get back to the area.
  21. I would like to complete the Pennsylvania counties and DeLorme challenges. Planning for those are in the works. Would like to host and event. Do better taking care of our own caches and hide better ones. which we're working on now that life is no longer interfering. The most important goal is to have fun.
  22. One of our favorite days caching was a similar experience on that mountain. We didn't have bikes and spent too much time on another cache so we never made it to the one you hid. I climbed that firetower too and you can imagine the sounds on a windy day. Now that Molly's foot is getting better were starting to look forward to returning.
  23. We'll search until it stops being fun. Depending on our moods, the weather, the location and how much free time we have that could be anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours.
  24. I remember most of our finds. I would guess I remember more than 90% of them.
  25. The most useful thing I got from a cache was a magnifier. One like I used for when I was in high school and college. I thought they didn't make them anymore. I used that one for a few months until I lost it while caching and slipping on ice at a water crossing. it helped me see the gps. I've lost 4 more of them since 2003 either at the cache or on the way to or from it..
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