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  1. Thanks for all that you did for the game. I completely understand not having time for caching (no finds in 4 months). Life is good and full of other things. I hope life is treating you well. Take care.
  2. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries used to have a link about geocaching, including a link to geocaching.com itself. Can't find it now. I wonder what changed. It's not as if, there are a whole bunch of geocaches on those lands. I only have to believe that it's the influence of the NPS pushing their uninformed position on geocaching. It will be a curiosity to see how many caches fall under this realm as well... back to looking under guardrails and lampposts I guess.
  3. Hang on to the "Virtual" - think of it as payback for other caches not being allowed...
  4. Darn, one thing I forgot to mention, they didn't nab all of the ones here either....
  5. Mine were archived and mine were the "required" distance off of the trail. What a shame. It's sad because at least with caches like this you got to actually hike to find them rather than P&G on private property. Maybe the next thing that should happen is an across the board ban on hide-a-keys on private property. I'm guilty these myself, but.... oh forget it, what's the use. Wait, maybe Sarah Palin can help.... oh wait, no that won't work either....
  6. Cool pictures - I'm glad I started this topic. Amazing isn't it.
  7. Here's a link to photos from my cache formerly known as Bear Crossing (GCVQKY). It was caught up in a forest fire earlier this year. GCVQKY - Bear Crossing photos... It's pretty interesting how some stuff is identifiable while other stuff isn't... And this is a link to some photos of the fire (other side of the ridge from where my cache was) Green Ridge Mountain aka Loch Haven Fire
  8. I have a Jack Russell and really like this coin. Would you be interested in trading for a Blind Acorn? I'll email you directly.
  9. If ya got an acorn, give it a goal of returning home to me here in Roanoke. My collection is sitting idle under my bed. I had forgotten how neat some of them were until I was hunting for a coin to send to arndtwe last night. Amazing how much work went into some of the early coins. Anyway, take care! Good luck with your travelling collection.
  10. Iron based??????? Won't they rust?
  11. I'd like to pre-order the coin, but I can't figure out where and when to do so... I also work 2p-11p on the east coast so the time of sale will likely be while I'm at work.. Can someone help me out here??? PLEASE??? I know I'm not on here as much as I used to be.. Someone please email me or PM And I'll guess 420...
  12. Did they sell out?? I was at work and didn't get a chance to get online until just now... Guess that was a dumb question. I'd be willing to buy one if anyone got extras, but I will not pay and extraordinary amount of money for it. Please email me if you're interested. Thanks!
  13. I hope they take that map block out. Makes the cache page look awkward. Also bring back the GC# on the cache page and title bar please!!!
  14. I don't really think of Geocaching as a sport... it's more of a hobby. Each person caches for his/her own reasons. Some happen to like numbers, some like icons, some just like to be out and about. As for the cachers' size, who really cares??? This isn't a beauty contest. I like people for who they are not what they look like. I was just happy (and surprised) to see so many PEOPLE in one place that share a common interest.
  15. Had a great time at GW5. Was glad to finally meet so many that I've traded coins with or emailed or just chatted with in the forums!!! I got to meet people from Germany, Canada and all sorts of different states. I wish I had had more time to socialize, but the number of caches in the area was too tantalizing!!! OH yea, I got to meet Jeremy before I ever signed into the event!!!! We got out of the car and there he was!!! Very cool, nice meeting him and Shauna and so many other cachers!!! Had a great time and props go out to NCGO for a well done event!!! Wish I could make it to California, but alas this Acorn is afraid of airplanes!!! Gotta run, stuff to catch up on at home now! Take care everyone - stay in touch!!!!!!
  16. I hope all the others who had CITO events will chime in on the forums soon and share stories and pictures. We were invited back for another event in the fall!
  17. The stack grew taller, but the garbage truck removed it before I got a final photo! It cost someone an arm, but not a leg... The CITO attendees. The weather gave us a break!!! Mill Mountain CITO in Roanoke, VA
  18. I'm back!!! Besides being shortened, we had a successful, NON RAINY CITO!!!! It stopped raining just as the first cachers arrived!!! We may have been small in numbers, but we got a lot accomplished today. Here's the CITO page... MILL MOUNTAIN CITO
  19. Have a great day everyone! I'm getting ready to put on the rain suit and head out into the fog and rain for my CITO event. Hope everyone has a good turnout! I'm looking forward to making a difference today! I'll report back later!!!
  20. Maybe MissJen is around and can clarify? I can't believe an event would be archived because it involved tree removal??? The last "natural disaster" we had was flooding and gee, trees were removed as trash?!?!?
  21. I'm excited about the potential for an on going relationship with the park people where my CITO is on Saturday. They have a list of "needs," so often times you may find that the park manager or whomever is in charge can help you find opportunity to give back. It is supposed to rain here Saturday, but I have firm commitments from at least three people that they will be there despite the weather!
  22. Sorry, but they were available prior to this weekend... I have mine. Perhaps if you wanted to reward your CITO attnedees, you could give them a rain check and when the coins arrive, have a mini-event to hand them out?! Just an idea.
  23. Got one, but it won't travel. I'll add it to my collection and take my chances with the MOJO. I hardly buy coins anymore but this one was cool enough.
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