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  1. I wonder if there were any of those "Peanut Butter" containers hidden on the power trail? I heard some folks are allergic to them.
  2. I have been paperless for some time now and I don't often use the maps on the cache pages. Last month I noticed that Mapquest maps were replaced by Yahoo maps as the main map on the cache pages. These maps showed the cache icon and the cache icons for other caches in the area. Now, I don't see ANY cache maps on the cache page.....without clicking on the list of map choices provided. Is this the way the cache pages are now presented?
  3. We'll be working registration and the medic tent but we're going to be there all day so we'll be happy to help with the food service for an hour. I'm still recovering from all the hot dogs I ate at the Airborne 3 event today!
  4. Thank you to everyone, regardless of where you reside, for sponsoring CITO events. This is a great way to show land managers that we care about the properties which we use daily for our geocaching game/sport.
  5. An extremely ambitious and well organized project! Maybe next year there will be a World Wide challenge! My CONGRATULATIONS in advance to the FTF!!!
  6. Thanks for the input..... I think I'll purchase some fine wine and start my ordeal
  7. Is there any way to delete watchlisted caches other than one at a time? I've got over 300 caches watchlisted and I'd like to delete about 250 of them. HELP
  8. Ive been trying to get an activation code for our Czech geocoins for the last few hours and they don't seem to be responding. We typed in our tracking code for the 2006 Czech geocoin and our email address but there hasn't been any reply. Anyone speak or write Czech? Anyone have any advice?
  9. Photo of the Cache & Keri Geocoin and Icon:
  10. We purchased 500 from Groundspeak
  11. After much consideration, my wife and I decided to have a personal geocoin made. We received the Cache & Keri personal geocoins today from Coins and Pins dot com. Many thanks to StressMaster for his help in the design of the coin and Tess at Coins & Pins for her patience and excellent professional assistance in the production of our coin. There were only 50 Cache & Keri personal geocoins made. They are individually numbered 01 through 50. They are trackable on gc dot com and have their own icon. The Cache & Keri geocoins are NOT for sale or trade. We will be activating all of the coins. We will be placing all of the coins into Floirda caches to show our appreciation for the time and effort that our fellow geocachers have put into hiding caches within the State of Florida. Photos of the coin will be uploaded soon.
  12. [D] You've broken even on the Silver Quayhog personal geocoin and you want to give back to the geocaching community..... I think you should put the coin in a challenging cache in your area. C & K
  13. I want a Waypoint 15 gecoin......... Any outrageous or totally unreasonable trade offer will be seriously considered........With the exception of my house and my wife.......well, definitely NOT my house.
  14. How about the Jeep and the House for all three. I'll even through in a Canada and a Texas. E-mail Sent
  15. SEEKING: Moun10bike ver. 1 Team FISUR Waypoint 15 I'm willing to trade most anything except our Jeep and our House..... If you are interested in a trade, please send me an e-mail.
  16. I will have half a dozen of the FGA Limited Edition geocoins with me at GWIV to trade. See y'all in Texas.
  17. Great idea.........how about Rome, Italy in late August?
  18. 1. Square D's Quayhog (pewter, bronze, silver and 24 karat Gold someday soon I hope).....artistic design, heavy weight, limited editions, painstakingly designed, placed in local caches and individually numbered. 2. Moun10bike ver. 1.....classic design, individually numbered, trackable AND activated and placed in geocaches. 3. Indy Diver, Team FISUR, Waypoint 15, Groundspeak Project (Square & Round), CKayaks.....simplicity, rarity, design and classic looks.
  19. Nice....I would be interested in a few
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