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  1. I'm sure there are more, I just can't recall them all. My coin is trade or gift only - not for sale. Send me an email through my profile, I think we can work something out.
  2. My personal coin is Scouting related. Email me your address and I'll send you one. I need to check in the coin albums, but the ones I can remember are: - ScoutBoy and Mousewiz at Geoscouting.com had the Cache To Eagle coins made - There is a Venture Crew in Michigan that is chartered by MIGO which had a coin made. They sold it as a fundraiser to go to National Jamboree. - There is an Eagle Scout geocoin that Mike Atwell made - There was a Cub Scout pocket knife coin I'll check to see if I have others, pretty sure I do.
  3. Nothing's idiot-proof for a sufficiently resourceful idiot.
  4. To the OP - You assume there is something about your cache(s) that will compel someone to write more than a simple, direct, log. Do you just want something of interest to you? How is a visitor to the cache going to know what your interests are? What if someone took some time to write a few paragraphs of prose that just didn't interest you - would that also be deleted? I would suggest you simply be happy that someone took the time and effort to visit your cache.
  5. If you consider the project management aspects of an Eagle project, a CITO project could certainly be worked in. Coordinating with groups like local geocachers to create the actual event, local officials and groups to identify a location, working with various parties to find a way of building lasting value, planning the activities, scheduling people, arranging for materials and any potential financing or donations, and accounting for all of it ... yeah, CITO can be worked in to an Eagle project. I think area and site clean-ups work very, very well as community service projects within the program, but an Eagle project should rise above that and take it to a different level.
  6. Sounds like someone still got to take "a hike in a beautiful woods" - regardless of the cache size.
  7. Lots of ways to use a GPS and this game in homeschooling. There's a whole forum on Geocaching and Education over here, and specifically about homeschooling here. A few sites that may be of interest are thesolutionsite.com, globe.gov, and educaching.com. The first two are completely free.
  8. I like this idea. It would also gives some stats tools that could be used for geocaching games. And could be useful to groups that have members that come and go, but still want to continue to play as a group over a longer period of time- like Scouts.
  9. This just isn't that big of a deal to me. The way I see it, it's not my site and I don't write the guidelines. I want to use the site so I generally play by the guidelines (I don't log all my caches) and I'll keep using it to find interesting places to go and for often needed diversions. If I want a site that has different guidelines I can go join one or start my own. The only thing I would like out of this whole thing is for cache owners to be given a bit of notice when the guidelines are going to be changed.
  10. Would this be a policy that would allow caching in some form to be permitted on the property of a college or university, or are you looking for suggestions/guidance on how to incorporate the game into a course of some sort?
  11. Thanks for the update, but creating a new one didn't do any good. The first was created around 7:30 this morning and it still hasn't been delivered. I'm sure it's in the pipeline, though. I made you a copy of the Bridgeport query you had scheduled to run today and it says it was just generated. Hopefully it is waiting for you now. Many thanks. It came through as described. You certainly didn't need to do that, but I appreciate it nonetheless. I hope my comment wasn't taken in a negative way. I really was sure it was in the pipeline and would run. The original query came through at about 1:50 this morning - still time to load it up for the weekend activities. Thanks again, and have a good weekend.
  12. Thanks for the update, but creating a new one didn't do any good. The first was created around 7:30 this morning and it still hasn't been delivered. I'm sure it's in the pipeline, though.
  13. In no particular order ... Moun10Bike Groundspeak Volunteer Groundspeak Lackey OIFGA Tatanka Pejula Compass rose Brawny Bear GeoScouting West Virginia My personal
  14. There are several options. You could go to the pocket queries, run the "My finds" query, send that file to itsnotaboutthenumbers.com, then review the results. Or you could sort them in GSAK or some other cache app ...
  15. Just saw this thread - what do you mean "were in Scouting"?? I have 34 years, my son has 14, and my dad has 65 in the program. All of us are OA members, my dad and son are Vigil. Son is Eagle with one palm, was our Council's Eagle Scout of the Year a couple years ago, OA Founder's Award recipient, two-time vice-cheif of our OA lodge, on the Native American Dance team, and is now working to help establish an Eagle Scout fraternity at West Virginia University. Dad has served as Scoutmaster, Assistant Scout Master, merit badger counselor, several commissioner positions, camp staff, received the Silver Beaver award, and was key in starting several scout units specifically for handicapped youth. I was a Life Scout, Assistant Scout Master, Counselor, held several commissioner positions, helped out with the Geocaching to Promote Scouting course at Philmont (thanks to Mousewiz and Scoutboy), and have tried to get the GLOBE project and Geocaching together in Scouting.
  16. Yeah ... we could get this down to two types - available or not. Wanna know how big it is or what's in it? Go find it. Should help the servers run faster, too!
  17. Lots of stuff you can do with math and caching … Create an account the class can use, place a cache and then watch it. Maybe ask the visitors to log the coordinates of their home area. As cachers enter their logs, start collecting and analyzing some data. - Who traveled the farthest? - Who was the closest? - How many DNFs? - Cluster the locations of the visitor’s home areas and do some predictions – a finder is most likely to come from what area, what distance, what day, etc. - How many finders dropped off/picked up travel bugs? - Visitors have been caching for an average of how many years/months? - Tie it into science and plot weather trends against find dates - Verify the trade up/trade even rule by benchmarking the initial value and number of items in the container and checking it weekly or monthly depending on the amount of activity - Learn budgeting - work out how much it would cost in gas and food for the visitors Doing this for a class also gives the opportunity for long-term data collection and not just one class during one year. Good luck!
  18. Nicely done! Would look great in my collection!
  19. I think this is one of the platforms the app will be ported to after learning a bit from the version going to the iPhone. I'm always up for some more options for the blackberry, too!
  20. Thanks to the entire group of volunteers and the committee for putting this together! I could only make it up Saturday night but was glad to have the chance to meet a lot of the folks I've come to know through the forums and from many trades. I'm really sorry I couldn't make it back on Sunday. Heck - I had a few more coins to give away, too!
  21. Oshndoc's coins are very well done. Not a biochemical theme, but definitely science themed.
  22. We have a monthly meet-n-greet that we rotate between three local cities. Whoever lives in the host city proposes the location when it's their month. Attendance is generally pretty good and we often have new attendees, not just a group of regulars.
  23. I leave a poker chip as a sig item, and one some occasions I will give the people I cache with one of my geocoins at the cache site.
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