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  1. Howzit? I now live on Kauai and can not give,Not Again (aka the Sandwich Cache) GCP9V3, the attention it needs. Sooooo who wants it? Send me an email: Chargers12thman@gmail.com Aloha, Dave 🐾🌴 PS if you have not found it you can't have it! PPS I miss all my SD peeps!
  2. I am not sure what Duncan! uses these for?
  3. If you had looked...you would see that... I AM A PREIUM MEMBER!!! However comma I am not going to pay for two memberships...so my family can log pm caches. PPS There is another loophole that still works.
  4. Found a working hole.... thanks and stay classy San Diego!
  5. Hello San Diego!!! Long time no see....I hope all is well with you and yours! I have a question?????? I like to log the caches that my dog visits...she is not a member however comma I have always been able to use a loophole to log her finds. Until today....does anyone know of a working loophole? Jeremy said years ago..."that he knew of the hole but was not going to fix it" he felt that it did no harm...a non subscriber could view a subscriber cache but could log them. I do not want to debate the issue....just want to know if It can still be done. You stay classy San Diego!
  6. Scavenger Hunt Sounds like fun...and suited for the geocaching mind.
  7. Scavenger Hunt I saw this and figured some of you would be interested.
  8. Hay Now! Duncans! log??????????????????
  9. Check out the Oregon, I think you will like it much better, thats seems to be the buss that I keep hearing........... or better yet keep an eye out for the New......... California ......... LOL !! Hey this is a family site: I don't want to check out your organ or any one elses!
  10. How would you like to have a new big brother to share some of that agony? Thanks but it is my cross to bear.
  11. Looks like turkeys in hawaii. Yes It is the state of Hawaii...no not turkeys...not palm trees...what island? Lucky you! Is it Kauai? Yes indeed lucky you! I'll go with there's a bunch of taro in the picture, but not sure what's in the little pond... Sugercane or rice. Those are nene, the goose of Hawaii, no? And that has to be Hanalei Bay area. Hope you caught a sunset from Ke'e Beach!! J&J Yes...great job... Kauai, taro and the nene the state bird of Hawaii and the rarest goose in the world (or so I have been told). My Mom made us come back again this year.
  12. Looks like turkeys in hawaii. Yes It is the state of Hawaii...no not turkeys...not palm trees...what island?
  13. This just in!!!! What is the plant? What is the animal? Where is it? Have fun and happy caching!!!
  14. I would rather have my coins and TBs in Member caches...they are alot safer then caches that can be viewed by just anyone.
  15. The problem is with you! You are one of the people that thinks all of this is magic and free... not thinking about the great amount of money it takes to keep this site up! I personally think everyone should have to pay for membership after a brief free trial period. And that no one should be aloud to hide a cache unless they are a paid member! However comma that is just my opinion, Have fun and happy caching!
  16. We started out at dawn for Julian...did not take long to hit the high winds...we ran into starcrwzr! in Wynola...he was scouting out the fire...He has a B&B just above the fire area....We pray-for him and all in harms way. We were routed up and around the fire to Escondido do to road closers.
  17. No we shouldn't I believe he has every right to start an argument. And if Harmon runs it it could be: Well, It's one pound for a five minute argument, but only eight pounds for a course of ten Photoshop lessons. Well, I think it would be best if Harmon perhaps started off with just the one and then see how it goes. Fine. Well, We'll see who's free at the moment. Must I do everything? It's not f-a-i-r. So, well, fine ... here goes, try this one for size. A Garmin GPSr is better than a Magellan GPSr. Monty Python rules: First round is the Contradiction round. No arguments and no abuse please. The Argument Clinic No it's not!
  18. I can't remember what your avatar looked like. Now I'm curious....Should I whine about my memory (and my eyesight) getting worse as I get older? This pic is not family friendly...look at your own risk...I am going to delete it soon so look now. Note to admin: I am not trying to stir anything up...I agree with you...I was asked to show the photo...and I have to give into peer pressure...please do not but me on "double secret probation!"...I will be good! SORRY LINK REMOVED TO PROTECT ME FROM ANY FORUM READERS WITH SAND IN THEIR.... PS When it was an avatar it was soooooo small you could not see the finger.
  19. Oh wow just noticed this thread! I love to whine however comma I have not had the time to devote to whining that I used to For my whine today...my avatar was deleted by addmin...some one complained and said it was offensive??? Must have been a raider fan...the word "raider" is offensive to me...I should complain about any and all uses of that word! Thanks for hearing me cry PS I am surprised that rjbloom has not posted to this thread!
  20. "remove items that they deem inappropriate" Yes Chuy! was way out of line for removing the matches you placed in the cache!
  21. I don't usually post in topics like this but I want you to know that I am deeply offended by this statement. As a member of a four generation military family and with a daughter and son in law who are both military police I can't believe that you would post that the military or the police force is a place that allows domination. The military has very strict rules and punishment for their members who step outside the boundaries of acceptable behavior towards other people, friend or foe. You owe a very brave and unselfish group of men and women an apology. I agree...I am retired Navy and I am offended! I don't recall "dominating other people" I do remember helping people including providing food and water to people and helping them recover positions and start the clean up after the worst tornado in history! But my memory may be flawed do to all of the brain washing YOU think I received!
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