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  1. The best offer has been accepted and the person has been notified by eMail. Thanks to everyone who sent me an offer.
  2. Seeking Trades for a MOUN10BIKE v3 If you are interested in having your own Moun10bike v3 send an offer to me via my Email listed under my profile. Heres a link: My eMail This coin has never been taken out of it's protective case and has no logs posted to it. On Dec 1st I will pick the offer I like the best.
  3. There is nothing currently in the works. I have been toying with a few ideas but thats as far as it's gone.
  4. Can't wait to get a couple of these great looking coins!!
  5. Great looking coin! I'd be in for a couple.
  6. I wouldn't mind my name being on that Cool Coin! -Crop Circle
  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that all of the coins have now been shipped. I see some people have allready recieved them. To obtain the activation codes for them you can go to my website and click on Tracking. For those of you looking for pictures I tried to take some of my own but I could not get them as good as the samples looked so here they are again.
  8. I just wanted to let everyone know that I recieved my CC v2 Geocoins today. They came out GREAT!! I will start shipping them out on Saturday. Hopefully everyone will have them by the end of next week. At least in the U.S., International might take a little longer to arrive. Thanks again to everyone who purchased my coin.
  9. Yes, I just recieved the UPS tracking number today and they should be delivered to my door on Friday 12/8. I should hopefully have them all packed up this weekend and shipped out first thing monday morning.
  10. The Crop Circle v2 Geocoins are now SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone who purchased them. As far as I know I should be recieving them sometime next week. You can view the current status on my website CropCircle.ws or check back here for an update. I hope everyone enjoys them and I look forword to seeing how many get released into the wild. Thanks Again Everyone!!
  11. Less than 20 Coins left for sale. Get them now before the only place to find them is on that "E" place.
  12. The answer is "No" I cannot guess the riddle.
  13. It's your coin. Everything you mention is on it, and if you look down on it, it will roll away!
  14. Yes, you got in. There are still a few left for anyone who wants them. There going fast.
  15. Thanks everyone for your great comments on my new coins. There's not to many left so if you want to get in on this coin order now.
  16. Thanks! and just to let you know I didn't charge extra for it.
  17. My personal Crop Circle Trackable v2 Geocoin is now ready to be sold. I have tried to keep the price down as low as possible and selected only 1 finish to be sold in order to try and get as many of these into the wild as possible. I know if I picked more than 1 finish more of them would go into collections and have less of a chance to get into the wild. There are going to be a total of 350 coins produced. 340 of them will be in a Nickel finish while the other 10 will be finished in Gold for a small owners edition for very special trades or occasions. I should be receiving the coins in around 2-3 weeks so expect them to be shipped out very early December. I am going to limit sales to only 5 coins per person/group unless I have given you prior permission. If I receive payment for more than 5 coins I will refund your payment. To purchase the coin please go here: Crop Circle v2 Order Page
  18. I got dibs on producing the Chia Pet Geocoin!!
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