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  1. The only one I have seen show up so far is the 10-10-10 souvenir. I guess we'll have to give them some time to sort this out a bit more.
  2. I received an email back from garmin today stating "I talked to another supervisor about this. Evidently, this has happened on a few other Oregons too. There should be an update available soon to take care of this issue." my next question was 'when to expect this next update' and their response "I actually don't know. With the brand new units, we usually see quite a few updates within the first few months." Yes, I heard this multiple times myself. I don't think the software folks there really have a clue yet how to fix the multiple issues with the unit. I had to finally be honest with the last guy I spoke with. I told him... look, when I am geocaching I am not driving my car into the woods so I kinda need a unit that has consistent accuracy, not what the Oregon was giving me which was +/- 18 in the car and +/- 45 on the trail. My fear is that the Oregon's will never have any better accuracy than the Nuvis and that's just a shame and a waste of some other very good technology enhancements.
  3. I spoke with Garmin tech support countless times last week about the accuracy issue and I can tell you that the only thing which was similar between them was that they all said that there was NO pending firmware update showing up for the Oregon units. According to one person at Garmin, they are aware there is an issue with WAAS, but are still testing to understand why. He made it sound like it could be a while before they figure it out and issue a fix. I really saw the full effect of the poor accuracy this past weekend when it began to impact other things like the ability to recalculate a route for offroad or when it would not put any arrow or distance on the compass for the cache I was after. I now have a new 60CSx by my side which works well as I would expect, but I have a real lack of any enjoyment of having this unit knowing that "better" technology is out there. I had to make a decision and go backwards for the sake of my geocaching sanity (what little I have left). My techno geek side is so completely unsatisfied.
  4. I bought the Oregon 400t (now returned) from TigerGPS with no wait.
  5. After the problems I had with signal and routing this weekend I am sorry to say the Oregon went back to TigerGPS today. Back to the ole 60CSx for me. I'll revisit this in a year once the kinks are worked out.
  6. I had a pretty bad geocaching experience with the Oregon yesterday. I found multiple flukes in the software, one significant. It seems, atleast in my unit, that it doesn't always like to re-route to off road. I had an instance yesterday where it cost me going after a cache bacause after 20 minutes sitting idle on the trail turning it off and on, and other various resets I still could not get it to change from street routing. To me that's a BIG flaw. I have to believe it had something to do with the accuracy which was an abismal +/- 35 almost consistently. When I got out from under the trees (not really that many considering this was a clearcut trail) and back into the car it did better re routing. So my lesson yesterday was I must be able to do all geocaching from my car. With my week vacation coming next week I am really close to sending this back and getting a CSx to replace the 60 I broke. Not nearly as much time as I would like to make a decision.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions.... I appreciate any help I can get!! I've got less than a week now before I need to decide if I can take this unit on vacation with me (or return it for another model) so I can get back to geocaching.
  8. I have not gotten a D for any sats on mine ever, even after having the unit on for over 2 hours. And although I've gotten a bar for 48 and 51 its never been locked (ie. green). I am pretty much getting a bunch of nonsense from the Garmin customer service folks now. I would hope they are working to fix it but who knows. I'll hang on a little longer and give them a chance, but at some point I'll have to consider sending it back to the place I bought it.
  9. Garmin says that they have heard no complaints concerning the lack of good WAAS functionality on these units until I brought it up. If you have an Oregon and are not receiving WAAS you should call them and let them know. I am suppose to be getting a follow up tomorrow, but so far I have spoken to several customer service folks and not heard anything back concerning the software folks and what they know.
  10. I bold statement for sure. I wonder what percentage get returned? If anything over 10% I'd expect Garmin to sit up and take notice. I for one am on the sideline waiting for a better GPS. I queried TigerGPS about that today and they claim so far none. I have not returned mine, but continue to have discussions with Garmin techs about the issues.
  11. I have gotten in touch with both NuShield and Clarivue Screen Protectors and both are slowly addressing the new Oregon unit. I gave the specifications (38mm W x 63mm H 76mm diagonal) to NuShield and for now they said to use the shield for the Samsung i300 phone; however its only available in clear. Non glare for the Oregon will have to come later. Clarivue has no screen protectors that would currently work for the unit, but will be making a new cut available next week. If anyone orders from either of them, let them know you're buying it for a Garmin Oregon unit. Both have been very responsive.
  12. I would think not, but who knows, maybe they could augment the brightness of the screen somehow... I really doubt anything could be done but, as I work with a bunch of them, I've learned to never under estimate the engineers.
  13. Sure... The caches are a PQ result which I am dragging into the GPX folder on the unit. That is putting the geocache info into the unit, but its also dragging the GC icons along with it. This is different from the chests which are the standard on the 60CS and are also present on the Oregon. The problem will arise when you find a cache and mark it as found. The icon will still be the "custom" GC icon and not the open chest. If you're in a cache rich environment it may cause a bit of difficulty when you look to caches you may have already found. I cant seem to get it to give me the GC code above these icons. PS. I am sure now... this unit is NOT getting WAAS
  14. Yes that is a positive, but they should be proactive, not reactive to the communities they are building these units for. I am somewhat serious when I say they need to fly in some geocachers to test these units with the folks would will be using them, not trying to train technicians to be geocachers to figure out problems. Hopefully a lesson learned, but who knows.
  15. I spoke with Garmin this morning and they are actively looking into the WAAS issue with the units and why the accuracy is not what they expected. I can tell you that so far its no 60CSx. In my building with large glass walls going up a 5 story atrium I could not get but one lone sat and no position lock. I had to go outside and wait a good 10 minutes for it to finally click down to +/- 30 or so ft accuracy. The 60CSx had a much easier time inside here. This guy I spoke with today said he couldn't confirm anything but he led me to expect we'll see a firmware update very soon. They are aware, as you would assume, about most of the big issues we've been discussing. He said they were even looking at the screen visability which is truly poor. I also asked them about the push of the GPX file from GC and the icons which are transferring over. I showed him the chests and explained that these pushed over icons were not "active" on the map and when you find a cache there is no change in the marking. I think next time Garmin wants to put out a unit for geocachers they need to fly G-o-Cashers to Olathe Kansas for a week and let him find the holes. We would be so much better off. He made reference to the Wiki on the unit and mentioned that they are using that to collect issues.
  16. Ok, I did get the geocache info in the unit that way, but it has a side effect. The unit now instead of having the treasure chest icon has the GC icons for the different cache types. This wouldn't be an issue, but I am thinking that the ability to have the geocaches marked as found (open chest) will no longer be an option. Also, I have to admit not playing around much with the Nuvi GPSr, so how do you highlight a cache on the map which you would want to go to without chasing the little red pin around? Navigation with this unit has been a challenge to say the least. So far my best accuracy is 22ft.... seems it likes to hang out in the upper 30's. Buildings are also a problem, any cover at all and you're in the 100ft accuracy range. UGGGG The thing I have not had a problem with is the screen, I've been able to tilt it so that its ok out in normal sun. Could it be better.. absolutely.
  17. I am having a problem figuring out how I should proceed to get the actual geocache info into the unit. GSAK doesn't seem to work (even with the Colorado macro) and it does not pick up through MapSource. I guess I have to go cache by cache to use the web tool to get the info in. YUCK. I spoke to Garmin today and it is likely that the next update will include a fix to allow you to chose mode when connected to the PC so its not automatically in data storage mode. He did say that there is nothing showing for a new update any time in the very near future.
  18. I just received mine today and looks like its not compatible with GSAK which is really hard for me to swallow. Maybe I just have not figured it out yet, but its looking pretty hopeless. I do like the design and it seems like a lot could be fixed just with a firmware update or two.... or three.... or four.
  19. You know, I went to that link myself and it may not answer the question. If you follow the hyperlink from the top it looks like it ends with "What are Additional Waypoints and How Do I Add Them To My Cache Page?" and not "How do I change my user name". Looks like something has been deleted. I guess you could surmise from that you can't change it.
  20. I am looking for a Templar Geocoin and have a Maryland 5th Anniversary geocoin for trade. If anyone is interested in a trade, please PM me.
  21. Anyone have a templar geocoin to trade? I've still got a few of the LE SoMDCacherz copper geocoins left.
  22. Anyone have one of these to trade? Sorry, I messed up and this didn't go in the trade forum as planned.
  23. I'd like to trade a SoMDCacherz geocoin for one
  24. Looks like I missed the sale of these.... I'd trade a SoMDCacherz coin... please post when the chrome version comes in.
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