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  1. I probably have your address somewhere, but email it to me again so I know I have the right one. I'm sure I can find something in my coin box to send you.
  2. I've always wondered why it's missing from this search as well. I would find that info very useful.
  3. Yeah, that is my next step. I was just wondering if anyone here had faced this problem before. I will post the answer I get just in case there is somebody else out there still using the 60CS for mapping. Thanks for the replies.
  4. I can just update to Navigator from City Select??? All of research started when I put my 60CS's serial number into Garmin's map update page and was told there were no updates. That's when I figured out they had discontinued City Select. If I could just update to City Navigator, shouldn't they have mentioned that? More confusion...
  5. I have been happily going along using my trusty 60CS for routing with City Select for about 3 years, but it's now gotten to the point where I am running into too many new roads not on my mapsets. So I finally got bugged enough to look into an update. After doing some research, it seems I'm gonna want City Navigator 2008, but I'm confused about the whole NT/non-NT thing and which would be better for my older unit. Because it is not an X-type, it cannot support using a card - it has 56 MG of internal memory and that's all. I figure I'm probably going to want whichever has the smaller map tiles. I was looking at the old thread about v.8 which indicated that the non-NT had more, smaller map tiles. Is this still true for 2008? Am I making the right choice?
  6. Mine got stuck twice too - over two months both times, so my balloon wound up in 36th. But it was fun to watch and the race was a great concept!
  7. Oh yeah, and I meant to give credit to Jamie of Mad Hatter's Neverland for the art on the back. Thanks for putting up with me!
  8. The first batch of coins went out yesterday. I was going to send out another batch today - including the international ones, but we are having a blizzard. Anybody who has paid already will get theirs shipped by tomorrow at the latest. Invoices have been sent to everyone I got a message from. If you posted here and didn't get an invoice, then I didn't receive an email. Try it directly: teamlightningbugs AT yahoo.com I have actually sold a few more than 40 at this point, but I won't yet turn anyone away who really wants one. Thanks for all the positive responses! BTW, I did the tail with glitter this year because I did glow on the tail on last year's coin and I wanted to do something different this time.
  9. I have decided to sell a few (about 40) of my 2007 personal coins. They are trackable with an icon (looks like my avatar). If anyone wants one, email me (include your paypal email address) and I will send a paypal invoice. I'm asking $7.50 a piece and $2.50 for shipping with delivery confirmation (international may be a bit more). I'm not doing any mail trading at this time. Sorry, but I just have more coins than I know what to do with right now. Details: polished nickel 1.5 inch diameter 125 produced by Oakcoins front has 5 colors - 2 of them transluscent with sparkles back has 8 colors - 1 is glow-in-the dark (the stars and moon) imitation hard enamel both sides Some of the details are hard to see on the picture of the back. It is a whimsical milk carton geocache container in the theme of "Geocaching America's Dairyland". Some of the writing on it says "Good thru 2007", "Have You Seen Me?" (that's under the picture of a missing geocoin), "With vitamins N42 and W88" (my coords), and "Lowfat Geocache" (gotta stay way from those fatty caches ). Also notice that the moon is actually a wheel of cheese. Of course, the pictures don't really do them justice. They look much better in person.
  10. Coin orders were all sent this morning. They should start arriving in mailboxes next week.
  11. Just want to add that Tom at Geocoinshop is producing these coins and will be hosting the activation codes on his website. (www.geocoinshop.com/activate/index.php)
  12. Happy Halloween - my favorite holiday! Now it's been made even better with finding #248!!! Thanks CreepyCrawlyCachers!!!
  13. Glad to hear this has a happy ending for you! After helping you put tags on all your drilled coins, you have inspired me to do the same. All coins of mine that go out from now on will have a hole in it and a tag attached. I think I'll go back and change the names of all my stolen travelers too.....
  14. I am loving all of these dragon coins! Can't wait to get some.
  15. Oh my - he's much cuter than those deer flies that were trying to get me recently!
  16. I would so buy one of those coins. On my cachemobile: a Jesus fish? No. A Darwin fish with legs? No. I have a Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  17. Wow! That's a really nice listing! And that's the best picture of my personal coin I've ever seen - thanks!
  18. Yes! Blue ones! But the green look pretty too. Got a couple of each.
  19. I am a sucker for anything sparkly. Sending email!
  20. 4. Package arrived. Wow! Two "Luck O' the Irish" geocoins arrived from my leprechaun today - one 2006 and one 2007 ~ plus a matching pin and some craft stickers! Thanks Fluttershy Secret Leprechaun! Opening the package was lots of fun.
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