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  1. Apparently you are located in the center of Maryland ~ Huge number of great caches in that area. You should check The Maryland Geocaching Society Forum , where you will find many friendly & helpful cachers.
  2. Also check out the Maryland Geocaching Society at their Forum .
  3. Criminal my friend, I don't know you, but you have a fine taste in fixed blades - IMHO . The ESEE knives feature everything I admire in a good fixed blade ~ drop point blade, full tang, micarta handles, & proven carbon steel (1095) - An honest working knife. If you haven't done so, you should probaly check out the IZULA 2 - can be carried in your pocket, among other carry options. John
  4. Believe it or not: But Virginia and Kentucky have herds of elk; and I believe Tennessee is trying to build up a sizable herd also.
  5. I would suggest joining the Maryland Geocaching Society and visiting their Forum. The MGS schecules numerous events all year long. Very friendly group of geocachers, with loads of expertise. The Cemetary mentioned is Mt. Olivet, and has some very good classic geocaches located in it. John
  6. Cool, how do you join anyway Just go to the MGS Forum and register ~ doesn't get much easier than that.
  7. Not a shameless plug my friend - Just a good video of MGS caching - Makes the rest of us proud!!! Might want to add a little narration for those who might be curious about the nature of the injury & ultimate diagnosis. I think the entire team handled the incident very well: And, congratulations on conquering those Heater Island caches.
  8. Welcome to the Forums Check out the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization Forum and post your request. You will find a lot of helpful NOVA members there. I am sure some one will give you a hand.
  9. Paperback edition of First To Find by Mark Gessner is now available on Amazon. Kindle edition is now $8.99 ; which I just purchased.....
  10. The difference is in the Go-To screen - When it first appears after selecting a cache ~ it reads - Delete - Map - Go To ~ then ~ When you enter "Go To" on the same screen, in order to find cache, it switches to Found - Note - Stop; and then navigates you to the cache location. John
  11. Check out The Maryland Geocaching Society forums. Lots of good info there for beginning cachers, and many friendly helping hands.
  12. You can start out by checking The Northern Virginia Geocachers Forum.
  13. There is a Meet & Greet event near to you in Hagerstown, Friday, Nov. 27, ~ Black Friday Geocaching Brunch There you will meet members of The Maryland Geocaching Society, who will be more than willing to answer any questions you have; and pass on valuable tips. Attending will give you a good "leg-up" on geocaching in Central Maryland. John
  14. You got it right! Many cachers, including myself, have personalized "Wooden Nickles". These are not considered trade items, but are left in caches as "Signature Items".
  15. AbMagFab - You should to post this on the Maryland Geocaching Society forum : There have been cache theft problems in a section of the state just east of Montgomery County, but I am not familiar with any problems in your area. An MGS geocacher familiar with the Germantown area should be able to help you.
  16. That must have been a very recent purchase - lot of guys still yearning for the IZULA - still a little hard to obtain. RAT RC3 is also an excellent choice; particularly if you want to attach it to your pack strap. 1095 steel, drop point blade, full tang construction, micarta handles and great sheath system, makes it my kind of fixed blade. John
  17. Thanks Keystone.................and Merry Christmas!
  18. From the MGS Forum......1/25/2008 "This is just in the initial planning phase but we have made a commitment to continue to meet with them to offer guidance and assistance. It sounds as if they are interested in doing something similar to the program in Pennsylvania along the http://www.alleghenygeotrail.com." Bingo!!!
  19. Great value & warranty for the money. Full tang construction, almost indestructible micarta handle slabs, and a very versatile sheath system. Very utilitarian and fully field-tested. Coated 1095 blade steel very easy to keep a good edge on, but must be taken care of because it is carbon, not stainless. RAT Cutlery Company I have an original RAT-3 by the Ontario Knife Company zip-tied on my day pack. The RAT Cutlery knives are superior, (but more pricey), than the Ontario blades.
  20. I carry a Spyderco Native every day, all day, everywhere I go - except through buildings protected with metal detectors. When caching, (except urban caches), I carry an Ontario RAT 3 fixed blade, and a Victorinix Treker.
  21. Any response I make would only be conjecture - I have my theories, but that is all they are; and, I would prefer to see first-hand knowlege & facts posted. Vinny has a unique relationship with the DNR people in the two parks mentioned, and could better answer your questions. Hopefully he will respond.
  22. This is being discussed on the Md. Geocaching Forum, where Vinny made the same post. As a MD cacher, I don't believe this is "immaterial" - More arbitrary than anything, and I have expressed my concerns on the MGS Forum. I appreciate Vinny bringing it to the MD geocaching community's attention.
  23. He's a member of the Maryland Geocaching Society. I can't register for their forums because they don't allow yahoo email accounts. If you wish, you can send the info to my Geocaching account, and I will post it on the MGS Forums for you.
  24. First check MD State Parks. Then check MARYLAND STATE FOREST AND PARK SERVICE GEOCACHE GUIDELINES which will include a link to download the required Cache Approval Form. As Packanack said, find your location & obtain preliminary corrdinates, and then submit the Cache Approval Form - You are not allowed to place your container until Park approval is obtained.
  25. You may want to check out the Maryland Geocaching Society Forums and join the MGS while you are there. You will find a great group of Maryland cachers there, who are more than willing to assist a new geocacher. The MGS is a very active geocaching organization, with Meet & Greet Events scheduled regularly, along with other geocaching activities where everyone is welcome.
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