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  1. So, I have not been the most avid cacher of late - especially on the technology connection piece with GPS. I've ordered the Oregon 550t and plan to use it with my Macbook Pro. Anyone familiar with using the two of these and do you have any suggested sites that will help me learn in all quickly (as in a night or two?) Leaving for the UK on Friday and the unit should be here Wed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the heads up - we will definitely check them all out (forgot I posted this and hadn't checked it.) Mike got your email - thanks for the good wishes and we'll let you know if we hit any must do caches. -Neil
  3. My fiancee and I will be heading to Iceland for a week in February. Anyone with cache recommendations? I want to find as many must see caches - the more beautiful the landscape the better. We're getting married in Thingvellir, so we will be spending at least two days in and out of there. We're willing to find as many as possible in Reykjavik but would prefer to find the cool caches first rather than those placed at lame sites just to be placed. Any ideas are more than welcome - thanks.
  4. He contacted me - I contacted him and I never heard back. I guess I don't have the looks.
  5. Lakelady said pitch a tent... I need to check the dates again and talk to a few LIers - we may need a space if you guys have it.
  6. I wouldn't buy anything in Manhattan - you're going to pay an arm and a leg extra. I suggest ordering online to get yourself the best deal possible.
  7. Hold on, how is it Brian says he has made a video and there are no jokes to follow?
  8. Dude - if you drive, you better have heat. I almost died on the way home last year. You must have read my mind about the date, Kev, I couldn't make the 2nd and was worried you would have made it earlier this year. Looking forward to this one again.
  9. Heh heh... I remember this one. Don't overthink it and enjoy!
  10. The Z-Man's pimped-out Caddy! Nothing like pulling down some dirt road in the Pine Barrens. I still can't believe we didn't get arrested.
  11. I believe (and I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong) that if you get the bullseye you get the lymes. Sorry.
  12. Mac and I probably pulled at least a dozen a piece at Sparta Glen today. Awesome day to hit that place, except of course for the ticks.
  13. Wasn't the backup leyboardist a Lord or something too? The keyboardist was Bernard Sumner. English, but not he had no peerage title. FISH ON!!!!!!!
  14. I almost bought a great mask for this event. What a loser. Yeah, yeah, no comments about the mask I am already wearing.
  15. Congrats! And thanks for bringing sexy back too!
  16. British? Mexican? I thought he was French. Where do you think he got that ridiculous accent? Eh, Monsieur SP? And I STILL think the lead singer of Joy Division was from NJ!
  17. I think the picture in the middle on the top row is mine - where's my royalties???? Will definitely be there - maybe a little late, unless I can teach my class on Sat or much earlier.
  18. BrianSnat's bringing sexy back!
  19. HELL NO! I'm sure you have heard about NYS' policy.
  20. Is there any place to park overnight there if you hook up with someone who has a campsite and already has 2 cars there?
  21. I agree with most and am definitely more worried about the ticks and lyme than I am about snakes. It is pretty rare that you see them, I guess you're just lucky. Ken, were those panties for you?
  22. Hey - Kevin and Ken - NO STORIES!? You picked the wrong crew for that. I remember this one time...
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