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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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yesterday :


3 Crystal Ball - Antique Silver

Licorice Geo-Jelly

Top Banana v1 and v2 Geo-Jelly

Sandtracker GeoTag - brass and nickel

Antique Copper Dragon Spinner


today :


300 BUBBLE MAILERS!! too bad they were all empty


AE Geocaching is the Key set - all four glitter colors / antique gold finish

Team JSAM cache tag

Snozzberry Geo-Jelly

Dirt Geo-Jelly

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Podcacher coin (thanks Jason for the trade :unsure: )


Ok, next part wasn't in my mailbox but was still fun;


Got to meet sweetlife, who stopped in Helena on their way to the Mothership/Original Stash :unsure: What a very nice couple! Thanks for the little trinkets! They got to wake up to snow in Yellowstone, saw lots of wildlife along the way, got a flat tire a few miles out of Helena, and we jabbered the night away while our food got cold and just had a really nice time altogether. (Don't get a flat tire in Helena :blink: ) (I know you two won't see this for a another week or so but...) Thanks for going out of your way to stop in Helena to meet me, it was a real pleasure, have a safe trip!


~tsun :lol:

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This week I got these in the mail:


Last cache of the day (WOO HOO!!!)

Unnecessary Bushwhacking

Red Jeep racer

Blue Jeep Racer

25 Hides Achievement

10 Hides Achievement

100 Finds Achievement

Caching the pumpkin patch

And Crystal Ball Set (that is up for charity auction)

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Venturing Crew - Met some of the members at MWGB. Glad to have their coin


PennyPacker Road Trip - Many thanks. Very nice coin.


Evil Mastermind Yellow Set - The pair of them immediately grabbed some refreshments, sought out their friends and are now planning Cache Mission 8. Little do they know I put a secret powder in their drinks. They will be sleeping for the next hundred years. Evil Mastermind has been conquered. Mission 8 indeed. As if! :o

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Greets all, It's been a long time since I posted here, This coin deserves a post to say the very least and a pic to boot . I am the proud Be-holder of a Moun10bike V3 to spend some time in my collection , Thanks to my very special trader,






Very nice, Glenn. Congrats on your trade. :lol:


Congrats Glenn, I just checked out Mount10Bikes site today for the first time and saw those. Very nice :lol:

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I have discovered that the maillady has the audacity to skip this house at times!!


In the last few days I have received:

Dragon spinner copper

Road Trip

Arizona Seasons--I had found one of these in a cache and just HAD to trade for one of my own!


GCC Dec 2005 Old Man Winter

FSM BN Blue and red

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