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  1. Nice! Another great design. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Thanks, and congrats on your coin as well!! I hope to get back into all the coin exchanges and the friendly conversations there is here. But I did notice my Signature seriously needs updated!
  3. Duplicate post oops!
  4. Y.A.S.S., thanks so much for sending me that great coin! I am still a semi active coin buyer but not much for posting in here. It is good to see this community has not changed at all and is still a great group to know. The kindness in here is still something to marvel at. Again thanks for the letter and the coin. It will stay with my other Mystery coins!
  5. Wow, Had to go look back in the binders to remember all those that I had, Not sure if I remember how I got them all but here goes: GSA V1 Mail Geo Leprachaun Cache Easter Coin Bunny Cache Creepy Crawlers Cacher Mail Secret Santa coin Mail Geocoin Bug Mail Crappy Cache award Gift Geocoin Fairy Cache Wishing Coin Mail Geo Bandit Mail GeoSasquatch Mail I do feel very blessed to be the lucky recipient of these great gifts from the wonderful people that created them and gave them away. Thanks again to all you that do this to share the joy to all!
  6. This is a late post, but I have to agree, I wasn't even aware what a black mailer would be in my box, but opened it and to my suprprise A nice coin with a bandit on it. What a cool coin! Thanks for this great present! Geo_Bandit #26 is now safe next to my other great mystery coins! Great way to get me back into this coin thing. Bought 4 in the last two weeks again!
  7. Congrats to the winners! I lost one but the other is still moving! Thanks for the contesest, Shilo!
  8. One of mine came up missing. The whole cache is gone!
  9. First off, congrats to all the recipients of this coin! I know I haven't been in here much lately so I was shocked to find one of these little cuties in my TB hotel. It had been empty for quite a few days so I was going out to see if I could add a few TB's to it. As I was looking through the cache, I seen this cute little thing. What a surprise to see what looked like a mystery coin! I hadn't been here for a while so I had to look this up. Thank you WC for a nice little suprise and a great way to remind me of all the great people here in this forum! Coin #127 is now safely resting with my other wonderful Mystery coins!
  10. Congrats to the latest recipients, V2 looks very nice!
  11. I agree with Eartha. Some travel bugs cannot be grabbed as they are motorhomes, cars, etc... Way to big to be placed in a cache so no way for you to grab them and move them yourself. Training is the key. You did the best thing by mailing them and letting them know the correct way to handle themselves. As long as they are politely shown the way, as you obviously did, they will not be offended.
  12. The cache holding my best racer appears to have been muggled! Down to one racer that makes small jumps.
  13. Congrats to all the latest finders/recipients!
  14. Woo hoo! One of my racers got moving again! Big jump too!
  15. I am slow in posting but TBQPE2 is on it's way to Wyoming! Help it if you can!
  16. I will definetly have to get at least one of the LE's! Nice coin!
  17. Coin prices have risen due to the GDP index indcators of the price wars that have developed due to the shortage of wind to produce the energy that is necessary to fill in for the weak oil supplies in various countries... OK, I really think it is the old standard of supply and demand.
  18. If you want, I will start one here in Wyoming.
  19. Congrats to all the latest finders! It is good to see that he is still wandering around!
  20. Email sent. What a cool idea. It will be fun to see how long it takes to reach the destinations!
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