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  1. These are awesome. I really like the gold on silver. I hope to see one in person some day.
  2. 151 Finds 7 DNF's Have a GREAT trip.
  3. Congratulations to all the winners and a special thank you to kini_ont for holding an awesome “coinpetition”!!! I received my coin yesterday and it’s been added to a special place in my collection. Thanks for your generosity and for introducing new fans to the Greatest Game on Earth!
  4. Congratulations Roaring_Fork Congratulations Team Canada Please send me your addy R_F and I'll get your coin out to you Thank you soooooooo much.
  5. U.S.A. wins with 6 combined goals. Thanks for another fun contest!
  6. That was an awesome hockey game!!!! Congrats acadiahiker
  7. What an awesome "coinpetition"!!! 2010 Olympic Gold: Women's Hockey - Team Canada Men's Hockey - Team Canada (due to home ice advantage) Paralympics Sledge Hockey: Team U.S.A. (all Paralympic competitors and teams have already won gold in my eyes)
  8. I'll guess 251. Have a GREAT journey!
  9. I would really like to find your coin some day. GREAT Job!!!
  10. Do you use two hockey stick shafts or just one? I use only one. This leaves my other hand free to hang on by my fingernails Depending on the terrain, I switch the single stick between hands to assist in uphill/downhill areas.
  11. I use a hockey stick shaft. They are durable and inexpensive when you find broken sticks in the trash at hockey rinks. Trekking poles don't work well in the steep skree fields I hike and cache in. I've bent many expensive ones and don't trust them with my safety.
  12. If you have any coins left I would like to adopt one. Thanks for the opportunity.
  13. Here one that's caching related. The picture is taken from Pierre Lakes in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area. The hike to this point is 6+ hours with an elevation gain of 4100 feet. The virtual cache we were trying to get is on the peak to the right side of the picture. The cache name is Stone Pony - GC6DC7. After the hike in my feet really needed some rest!!! Thanks for the cool contest and all the great pictures so far!
  14. My Reasons to not have them: N = You can only look at so many newspaper boxes. E = A small magnet stuck to a large electrical box - not much fun in that. R = How do I roll the log up to fit in that micro???? L = If I have to lift up another light pole lid I'm going to scream!!!! All in all, I don't like the micro's but they do give me a smiley face on my cache lists.
  15. The Dark GeoKnight Returns - Very Cool!!! I hope to see the V2 soon.
  16. E-mail sent. I was bummed out after missing the last sale and seeing all the GREAT coins you sent out. Thanks for doing another sale!
  17. For me it's all about time management. I work full time, go to school for my master’s degree, and have two children who are very involved in sports and school activities. I would like to do puzzle caches but can’t find the time to solve the puzzles. Maybe in a few years I'll be able to devote more time to them.
  18. Me too!!! I can't believe I missed this opportunity ___________________________________ My Seeking and Trading List: http://sites.google.com/site/mygeocoinsite
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