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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Not only did we NOT get any bills (for once, thank God) but I got goodies from Montana!


Thank you, Steph!! What a wonderful Monday surprise! I think the best part is that the baby LOVES horses and she hugged and loved on this thing for a good 10 minutes making her horse sound, hehehe!


We'll be sure to send it out travelling as soon as we find a good way to secure it to something to try to keep it from growing legs!



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Received one hippie bus racer (still time left to enter, visit the Hippie Bus Race to Sacramento web site for more info)


Also a bunch of great trades came in today:


Beijing Observatory

Frozen Bone Cache Zone




Laval K-9

Canadian Micro Regular Beaver

Alberta Wild Rose 2006

Atwell carabiner blue

Moscow32 delicious cache

Mojave Cactus

Route 66 - Missouri

Puyallup Potlatch

Snobird & Mountain Goat

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I had a mailbox full of coins today!! :D:D:D


A red dragon--thanks Marilyn!!

A 57 Chevy personal and a bunch of cool sig items-thanks Tim!!

A copper geocaching dragon--Slippery I sent you an e-mail--your coin is on its way!!


I sent Fluttery my last copper LE tadpole, and she said she would send me something...she has been so sweet to me, I would have been happy to just send her the coin for nothing...but today I got a mailer from her with 7 coins:


a shaped Sydney Australia Koala coin, not one, but 2 Bee my geocacher coins in bn and gold, a geolicious mountain cache, and 3 peeps..in silver gold and pink.


I opened the mailer...and the coins just kept coming...Thank you so much Allie!!! :D:D:D:D

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Received my Guardian coin today, finally :laughing:


Really lovely coin!


Also got to do an interview with our local newspaper about geocaching, they took photos of 3 coins that I have, so with any luck they'll appear in the paper :ph34r: If they do, I'll be sure to post a scan of the article, even though it'll be in Swedish!



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In the mail today:


2 more hippie buses for the race (still time to enter, nudge nudge)


Spring Fling 2007



South Eastern New Brunswick

Georgia 2007

Jimbobwe's paintgun

Moose Mob / RoadRunner


Yesterday face-to-face:

2 more hippie buses for the race (racer pickup service NOT available in most areas! :o )

Hampton Roads


Arizona Geocachers 2006

Puzzle Cache 4-coin set :(

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Been a long time since we go anything in the mail (apart from advertising - that is :( )


A couple of days ago we recieved some NZGPS 2007 geocoins for trade and today we recieved the 7th Anniversary Geocoin by trade as we missed out on it when they were listed for sale.


Thanks ever so much :o

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QUOTE(The Moops @ Sep 7 2007, 01:21 PM) *


Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Event coins



Ha, that's great! Got a pic?


These coins were made by the same wonderful lady who did the Harry Potter Hogwarts Event coins last year.

BTW only 50 minted.


I'll try to take a good pic later this weekend,

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