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  1. What a shame! I hope the coin makes it a second time to you! If the cacher had left the coin in Germany (or at least in Europe) I would have let it travel. But a second time from the USA...
  2. 1. Participating - YES 2. Nick/destination received - YES 3. Outgoing coin mission details attached: YES 4. Outgoing coin released in cache GC1DND2 (TB239MY) 5. Outgoing coin picked up: YES 6. Incoming coin picked up - YES Today I received my mission coin in the mail. Why in the mail? After two years of travels around the world (mostly through the US, with a short visit in Iraq, back to the US, and finally to Germany) it arrived in Germany in summer 2009. After travelling through Germany it finally came closer to me and I was planning a caching trip to pick it up. Then another cacher picked it up, and after looking at his profile I found out that he was from the US. I immediately contacted him and asked him not to take the coin back to the US (the mission was still attached to the coin, too), but he didn't get my message in time, and the coin was back in the US. He offered to mail me the coin. I decided I didn't want to risk another 2 years of travels and agreed. 40572.5 km travelled (not included the km it has travelled in the mail) This mission was very successful for me! The coin I sent out arrived, and the coin that was gifted to me arrived too! Thanks again to all who made this possible!!!
  3. Wow, the mission travelled really fast! I am glad you liked what I sent And good luck with your 250th find!
  4. Alrighty then, it looks like rokito87 is up next. Contact Steinwalzer with address exchange, and get the mission moving! I got the address. I will try to get out the mission this week!
  5. I would love to take part in the birthday mission, too. My birthday is at the beginning of September...
  6. I still have no information to whom I should send the coin next. No name, no address... I took the coin to the Mega-Event I visited last weekend, which was another (small) milestone for me, Cache number 2250.
  7. I have done my 2222. Cache yesterday Mission complete now, I still have no name and address to whom I should send the coin now.
  8. Beautiful little turtles! Congratulations to all who got one! I would love to find one, too! I love turtles, and it would nicely fit into my small collection of EarthTurtles.
  9. Great to hear that the goofy cacher is still around! Congratulations, it's a really great coin and it makes me smile every time when I look at it
  10. Wow, that two-tone coin is sooo beautiful!!! Congratulations to all who were lucky enough to receive any of these great coins! Thanks to mysterycoins, you are very generous!
  11. Sorry for my late reply... the mission coin arrived a week ago, but I was really busy and forgot to post here. Sorry about that... Together with the mission coin I got a purple glitter Nerd (great for my Nerd collection!) and a beautiful Crake Mimbres 3.0 Thanks so much, Dark Elf!!! I will dip the coin in my 2222. cache, which will take a week or two, and then pass the coin on to the next cacher. (Who is next?) @EdDakota: I got your message, and I haven't forgotten about my promise. Just give me a few days...!
  12. Really a beautiful coin!!! Great job!!!
  13. I just wanted to report that the coin (TB244TB) which is travelling to me showed up again! It was lost in Denmark after the cache was muggled, but now, after over a year, it showed up (I don't know how) and is travelling again, and I hope to have it in my hands one day!!!
  14. That's too bad... the coin has arrived in Germany! If you let me know your address, I will send you a little surprise instead.
  15. I guess it was me with my 2000th cache! I will send you a message with my address.
  16. My mother in law suffered from MS. She died just a few weeks ago... I can tell you, life is not easy with MS, not for the patient, and not for the family! I haven't bought any coins for months, no job, no money. I will get one of these! Thanks!
  17. I have a coin which I sent to DresselDragons together with a geocoin mission. They released it near their home and the coin started its journey. After just a few caches it seemed that it was lost, but a few weeks later it showed up again. Just to get into the hands of a "cacher" who hadn't found a single cache He just retrieved my coin (without even logging the cache), wrote that his brother is a great geocacher and that the coin would travel again soon. But nothing happened After a loong time suddenly the coin showed up again. A cacher grabbed the coin from the "unknown cacher" and logged that he retrieved it from a strange cache. He did the FTF on it and it cointained nothing but my coin. No swag, no logbook, nothing The owner was the strange cacher who had my coin, and the cache was in Germany! So he kept my coin all the time, went to Germany (which was the mission of my coin), and hid this cache only to release my coin here! I guess he still hasn't found a single cache... but the coin made it home to me and now has a special place in my collection It is one of the few coins which completed its mission, and the one with the strangest storie of all my travelling coins.
  18. Cool coin! I know someone who collects such lamps. His whole living room is full of them! But I guess he doesn't know what to do with a geocoin...
  19. Great idea! I do a lot of caching with my bike or with public transportation. I don't care for FTFs so I don't need to hurry out with the car to drive miles and miles for just one cache. Last year I attended one of Dark Elfs CITO-Events. Cleaning up a big park together with other geocachers was a great experience! While caching I practice CITO on a regular basis. Of course I take all of my waste home (or to the next trash bin), and try to leave no traces if possible. I could do more, but on some days I must admit I am too lazy to take the trash bag with me...
  20. Wow, what a great coin! Congratulations!!!
  21. Beautiful little Dragons Great job!!! I wish I could buy one... but maybe I can trade for one someday
  22. I was surprised how many of the coins I have in my collection Doesn't make it easier to make a decision, but finally i made my decision
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