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  1. OMG! I am a bit late in reporting this VERY exciting event! I went to my mailbox and there I found a package... Yep, I knew for sure it was one of those fancy advertisements... After all, I haven't been logged into the forums for a while (so it couldn't be a coin). I opened the sweet silver package and THERE IT WAS!!! My heart started racing! as I logged into the forum to say THANK YOU!! I have only had my WORK computer lately - so I have not been loggin' into the forum, but I am SO VERY thrilled to get this BEAUTIFUL coin!! The mistery coin givers are so VERY awesome and cool... thanks for thinking of me and bringing me a GREAT smile and a GREAT week!! OverTheEdge
  2. Lest We Forget #2 - TB2MJZT - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 12750.5mi Logan's Chiro-Cache Geocoin - TB23H11- 11,433.5mi - released 8-22-09 - thanks gardengorilla and Logan Deaf Awareness Geocoin - TB245KR - (OverTheEdge) - 7/Jun/09 - 11,376.1 miles Appalachian Trail Final Geocoin - TB2CTGR - (Michigan Cacheman) Released 1-16-09 8,354 miles Todie's Wild Ride: Make the roads safe for all... TB2QA9W (sunsetmeadowlark) - Released 3/1/09 - 8162.7mi Dookie Geocoin - TB1XQ97 - (OverTheEdge) - 22/Aug/09 - 5987.6 milles Lest We Forget #12 - TB2MK1Y - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 3823.3mi Pedal Racer: PGR IV TB2ZCDF (nefesh) 5/20/09 3799 miles 4 Musketeer's Royalist - TB2WT0Z - (Tha Saint) 3/15/09 - 3469.2mi Lest We Forget #13 - TB2MK2M - (E&Cplus3) 19/Jul/09 - 2597.1mi License To Cache - TB2649H - (Tha Saint) 5/30/09 - 2181.4mi Lest We Forget #7 - TB2MK01 - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 2255.8mi Lest We Forget #1 - TB2MK03 - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 1961.9mi Lest We Forget #4 - TB2MK0H - (E&Cplus3) 11/Apr/09 - 1896.9mi Fuzziebear3's PGR4 Racer - All In One Caching - tb1h31p - (fuzziebear3) 5/26/2009 - 1818.5 mi Look Twice: Biking From Norway TB2X8ZJ (Nefesh) 5/17/09 1463 miles Shilo's GGA 7th Anniversary Geocoin #2 - TB2F81X - (Shilo)1/4/09 - 1038.8 miles Shilo's Cape Hatteras Benchmark Geocoin - TB28RJ6 - (Shilo)1/4/09 - 690.4 miles Todie's Wild Ride Geocoin TB2YABZ (Michigan Cacheman) released 4-10-09 538.4 miles AlienHeads 2009 Lackey - TB2W5Z2 - (AlienHeads) - 6/14/09 - 149.6 Todie's Wild Ride: Share the road! TB30DNV - (anne.and.eli) - 7/7/09 - 138.3
  3. Received mind today - COOL coin!!!! I will have to try it out at my desk tomorrow!
  4. Landsharkz, I'm with you on being a rebel! My goal will be to drop 25 new coins before the end of summer! Maybe a few will make it to Germany!! OverTheEdge
  5. I currently have 28 geocoins missing (although I think I am being overly optimistic that a few that I haven't marked missing are still traveling)... They averaged 2306 miles before going missing Of the missing coins, 14 of them did not log any miles I guess it's time for me to start dropping more coins in caches!!
  6. 1. Participating - yes 2. Received Name - yes 3. Mission Complete - Sent Package Saturday April 4th 4. Mission Arrived! - YES and Thank You!! I will post pictures in the next couple of days!!
  7. 1. Participating - YES!! 2. Received Name - YES!! - 26 FEB 09 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived Running off to do some research!!!
  8. 1. Participating... YES 2. Received Name... Waiting for a name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  9. In the past, I have stored my coins using several methods. I currently store them in books... Here's a few pics... I didn't want to drag them all out, but this gives you a good idea of how I store them. If I have a coin that is larger than the coin size - I use an exacto knife to modify the coin space. I have started ordering individual pages and building books - so I and have more control of the individual pages. I really think that over time, I will release most of the coins into the wild. OverTheEdge
  10. 1. Participating - YES!! 2. Received Name - YES!! 3. Mission Complete - Feb 8, 2009 (YES) 4. Cupid Arrived! - YES!! I received my package on Friday - but would not allow myself to open it until I sent my mission on its way. So I went to the post office today to mail off my mission, and rushed back home to open the surprise package. The package was AWESOME!! I would like to thank my secret Cupid – who really did their homework!! The picture does not do justice for what I felt when opening the package. The card was delightful; the Mrs. Fields chocolates will have me running to the gym at least three times this week (but it won't keep me from eating each of them)… There were a dozen chocolate roses (actually a baker's dozen – both pink and red). There was a card that wished me "Sweet Valentine Wishes" – along with a Storage Container (maybe I need to go an actually hide and maintain a cache)… There was also a hook with at compass attached – so I will always know which direction I'm heading. There were some Sweethearts candy hearts – and a coin that matched. That was awesome! I really can't get over that coin and the box of candy hearts – and how they matched… OK, so I've eaten half of the candy hearts, and three of the chocolate roses are not longer around – but I just couldn't resist J There was also a "UR#1" coin, it's a shaped coin – in the shape of a balloon, that I've never seen before. It's awesome! But the most striking thing that I received was the copper wired angle complete with a red halo. I put it in my cache bag – to see if it helps watch over me. I hope everybody's mission goes as well as mine. I couldn't ask for a better or more successful mission. Thank you SO MUCH to my secret Cupid! OverTheEdge Edited to add pic
  11. Springlands Green Home for Old Ducks As you may know, France has great Sauvignon Blanc wines from Sancerre, the Loire Valley, and Pouily-Fume... but since Marlborough started exporting their fruit-forward Sauvignon Blanc, they have been arguably the best in the world. The “best of the best” of these wonderful Sauvignon Blanc, IMHO, is Cloudy Bay. So, I would like you to do this cache ( GCNNDG ) then, it you like, you can go over to the nearby Cloudy Bay vineyards tasting room to taste one of Marlborough’s finest wines.
  12. 1. Participating - 2/5/09 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  13. Congrats to Zanadian and A Mitt! CHI-TOWN ROMEO, thanks for the cointest!
  14. Congrats to Zanadian and A Mitt! CHI-TOWN ROMEO, thanks for the cointest!
  15. 1. Participating Email sent 27 January 2009 2. Received Name 01/30 ... off to do research 3. Mission Complete 4. Cupid Arrived! </SPAN>
  16. I hope it's not too late to join! 1. Participating Email sent 27 January 2009 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Cupid Arrived!
  17. Ropped in by the Geo Bandit today - happy to join the posse!!
  18. I haven't been in the forums much since I started taking a class three nights a week. So I was shocked when I went to my mailbox - there it was... heehaw!!! I decided to take a break from studying and check my mail, and saw a black bubbler among the bills... I remember seeing something about a mystery coin and a black bubbler… my heart started racing!... Could it be? I saw the calling card, then I saw the coin - AWESOME!! (OK, I missed the stamp - until I started reading through the forum posts and had to go back and look!)... Thank you Geo Bandit! I really needed the break from studying and finding this great coin really brightened my day!! I can’t seem to get rid of this silly smile on my face! Thanks so much! AND Congrats to all of the coin receivers (and fellow Libras)!! OverTheEdge
  19. I received a couple of "Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls (set of 3 nesting coins)" - and have an extra set to trade. PM me if you are interested. TRADE LIST: http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...2&owner=578
  20. I really enjoy the coin design - ordered a couple... THANKS!!
  21. I have 87 travelers - 14 have come up missing so far, but I suspect that I have a few more missing, that I just haven't noticed. I depend on. - and appreciate cachers letting me know if my geocoin is not in the cache. If a cacher contacts me - letting me know the status of my coin (i.e. I haven't been caching in a while, still have your coin) - I make sure I email them back - letting them know that "I know the coin is in good hands - and it's no hurry to get the coin moving again" - 9 times out of 10, the coin moves immediately. I still have at least 30+ more coins I would like to release, but I am a bit distracted with a new class that I started – so I won’t be able to do as much geocaching (or forum) activities as I would like – until the end of the year. Sometimes I imagine releasing my entire collection, with the exception of my special trades. I love the daily emails I get letting me know about my coins adventures and travels. I find myself seeking out the “online translators” – because my coins have found themselves traveling all around the world – and I receive logs in many languages. I look forward to receiving the logs – and will continue sending coins out to travel. Life is good…
  22. This sounds great! Do you have any art work you can share?
  23. I'm ready for a Halloween Mission!! I'll keep an eye out for the specifics.
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