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  1. I wouldn't mind the subtle animation as described for the Gas Can geocoin from a few years back. Icons that behave like the html "blink" tag should be taken out behind the shed and beaten with a shovel until they stop twitching! For those trying to get a list of geocoin icons by approximate release order, you need to sort that list by the img id instead of the geocoin name. Here is some sample perl hacked together to generate some shoddy HTML example of what that list would look like: #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; my $infile = "AllGeocoins.html"; my $outfile = "AllGeocoinsSorted.html"; my %imgHash = (); my @imgList; my $prefixID; my $imgID; my $imgSrc; my $imgText; open(INFILE, "<$infile") || die("Could not open geocoin input listing file $infile\n"); open(OUTFILE, ">$outfile") || die("Could not open geocoin output sorted listing file $outfile\n"); while (<INFILE>) { if (/<li id="(.*)"><img id="img(\d*)" src="..\/images\/wpttypes\/*(\d*).gif" width="32" height="32" onerror="this.src='..\/images\/wpttypes\/23.gif'" border="0" alt="Geocoin Icon" class="geocoin-icon" \/><span class="geocoin-text">(.*)<\/span><\/li>/) { $prefixID = $1; $imgID = $2; $imgSrc = $3; $imgText = $4; $imgHash{$2}{prefixID} = $prefixID; $imgHash{$2}{imgID} = $imgID; $imgHash{$2}{imgSrc} = $imgSrc; $imgHash{$2}{imgText} = $imgText; } } close(INFILE); for $imgID (sort { $a <=> $b } keys %imgHash) { printf OUTFILE " <li id=\"$imgHash{$imgID}{prefixID}\">$imgHash{$imgID}{prefixID}, img$imgHash{$imgID}{imgID}, $imgHash{$imgID}{imgSrc}.gif: <img id=\"img$imgHash{$imgID}{imgID}\" src=\"http://www.geocaching.com/images/wpttypes/$imgHash{$imgID}{imgSrc}.gif\" width=\"32\" height=\"32\" onerror=\"this.src='http://www.geocaching.com/images/wpttypes/23.gif'\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Geocoin Icon\" class=\"geocoin-icon\" /><span class=\"geocoin-text\">$imgHash{$imgID}{imgText}</span></li>\n"; } close(OUTFILE);
  2. If you follow through enough links on the Trackable Items page, eventually you'll get to a button that launches this link in a shrunken down window: Big Honkin' List o' Trackable Geocoin Icons Note that this page takes approximately forever to load initially as it downloads thousands of tiny images.
  3. Thanks for the much-needed head-thwap! Okay, time for more coffee, I totally didn't think about that, and I've got a bunch of their stock as traders... time to fire up Excel...
  4. Now that their web site is apparently up for sale, now may be your last chance to login to your account and print out info on any orders (pending or complete) that you've made through their store. I know I was printing out a bunch this morning after learning that the company/site may be sold and/or belly up soon. Since their order system doesn't send email confirmations with detailed pricing, I end up referring to their online orders to figure out what the heck I paid for some coins a few years ago! What is more annoying than anything, given the several thousand coins I've got laying about, this is one of a very small handful that I'd want to keep (well, if given the chance to actually get one in hand first! ), mostly due to having gone by the nick DragonFlye (now shortened to dflye) for umpteen years during and after college.
  5. I've been roped in by the Geo_Bandit! After GCF, haven't been doing a lot of coin trading or purchasing, so after returning home from a short pre-Thanksgiving vacation was surprised to see a mailer that didn't look like one of the usual coin-club mailers that are about all I've been getting of late. Black padded mailer?! Ultra-cool custom printed postage?!? I knew not what to expect inside, but was certain it would be a treasure, and after finding the letter opener, WOW what a cool coin! Thanks for your generosity, Geo_Bandit, your title of "Provider of Smiles" is very fitting and your coin #116 is very much appreciated!!
  6. Goofy must go to the gym, at GCF he somehow managed to lift up a stack of coin binders piled at least 4 high to slip one of his coins under the bottom one while I wasn't looking! Didn't even realize it was there until I was packing up the pile of binders near the end of the event getting ready for the poker tournament! Thanks, Goofy, you're the greatest!!
  7. Wow was GCF this weekend an amazingly fun blur of faces, caches, coins and events that lasted a long time but seemed like it was over too soon! At some point during the frenzy one of these lovely coins showed up between two of the stacks of coin binders on the table I was using at the main event!! Thanks so much, mystery coin giver, this is a beautiful addition to my collection!
  8. Can't think of anything new to add to all the thanks above, so big thanks to the organizing committee, volunteers, vendors, geocoin poker players and all the other geocoin folks that I swapped coins, tags and stories with! The day went by quickly, had lots of fun trading with the younger collectors that came by (I think Hawkeyes Nick from team Fingers Crossed and I traded a dozen different times over the course of the weekend! ) Had a nice long chat with Rothstafari about the new iPhone geocaching app and coins in general (thanks for the you know what! ) Was great to put names to faces to the many folks I've traded with and/or encountered on these forums. The generosity of coin collectors at the event was truly impressive, both the ones you can see and the mystery coiners! Thanks for the kind words, but it just looks like I'm organized! Done more out of survival instinct than anything else, hard to trade what you can't locate in a finite time!
  9. Very cool coin! Although I was smacking my head in the afternoon when someone was showing off one of them, realized it was the exact same coin that I'd briefly encountered just as the event started, DOH! So there I was, rolling in a cartload of coins just after the event doors had opened, cutting across the room to pick out a table to unload boxes full of binders. Saw some coin in the middle of one of the tables, picked it up and on a brief glance thought it was one of the TnT dragon coins. Since I already have one of those, I just tossed it back on the table and moved on. I am SUCH a doofus some times!
  10. For me, the mailing list email arrived around 3AM EST and I put an order through without trouble at about 6:30 AM EST. Should have ordered more!
  11. Okay, the first wave of about 20 packages went out today, heard back from nearly everyone I've contacted so far (which is all but the monthly winners), only stragglers are dream_chaser and Cool_navigator. Hopefully tonight I'll be sending out messages to the monthly drawing winners that haven't visited this thread since the winners were listed. Here's a pic of the pile o' prizes before the packing frenzy last night (click image for larger view):
  12. Hmm, looks like I may have hit my quota for emails through profile contact info for the day, doh! About half way down the list and hit the wall, hopefully the restriction lifts in 24 hours and I can send the other half of the notices out over the weekend.
  13. At long last, time to announce the Hippie Bus Race to Sacramento winners!!!! Fun facts and figures: 33 racers made it to GW6 (at least according to logs, may have been more that were not properly logged through the event) 33 racers had their picture taken. 2 racers had more than 30 pics! Without further ado, here are the winners! Miles 1 VWDave 2 bvnlj 3 ncbiscuit Caches 1 accordiongal 2 PengoFamily 3 Go Girl Regions 1-tie Dhenninger 1-tie tw3nty3ight 3-tie Team Jsam 3-tie htomc42 3-tie coreynjoey 3-tie Avroair Pictures - Qty 1 horsegeeks 2 PengoFamily 3 DrJeepStr Pictures - Qual 1 htomc42 2 AtlantaGal 3 usyoopers Pictures @ GW CinemaBoxers dream_chaser Maingray PengoFamily Least miles The Alethiometrists keewee vortexecho Most discoveries creacher Last entrant Cool_navigator Racer movers - Oct rampantbear Mrs.Buddhaman Racer movers - Nov Piperpilot66 CacheUMan Racer movers - Dec Gaiter Man mcguy75 Racer movers - Jan NEWZERBOY ChucKremer Racer movers - Feb porknbeans EmsKimmee19 Racer movers - Mar pjacklam KBEAKERS Racer movers - Apr sin nombre Shilo Racer movers - May bthomas Edgar Allan Gump I'll be attempting to contact the winners via profile contact, PM and/or email. If you are a winner and reading this thread, feel free to contact me with your mailing address at: HippieBusRace at MacFlye dot com Also, even if you didn't rank high enough to win a prize, you are entitled to the "race only" edition of the Hippie Bus pin, send email to same address above if you'd like your pin. Also send an email if you don't want the pin, so I can pass the pin along to someone else instead. Winners that I don't hear from after a few weeks of attempting to contact may have their prizes given to the next person down the list, so don't procrastinate like your race coordinator!!
  14. You can override default row height with the <tr height=???> line, is there any way to try to see if we just define a specific row height it will force the row to the height we want? Well, for text that may wrap to multiple lines in a table row, pretty sure you want to set the line-height not that table row height, as then you are hoping you know the text will wrap at different displayed widths or font sizes (depending upon the user's browser displayed font size choice) to the same number of lines.
  15. For the table/font layout troubles for the Fallen Heroes coins, after playing around with the HTML of one of the bugs, it appears that the change to the font size within the TD doesn't affect the related line-height of the enclosing TR in some browsers. The latest build of WebKit actually rendered the header properly, it would appear, so maybe the "quirks" post a few pages back is on target....as when I added a line-height style to the TR explicitly, it rendered properly. The WebKit debugger claims that the TR for the header (the row in red) inherited a line-height of 18px, once the FONT tag bumps up the size to 7, the line-height jumps t 59px. Too bad the enclosing table row didn't expand to use that line height! Not sure if that makes it some sort of css issue or not, debugging that morass is over my head!
  16. Being that it is not a trackable item, I can't advertise a link but I bet if you looked around, you could find a link, lol. Wink, wink, I'm soooo there!
  17. Do conjoined siamese twins count singly or doubly? I think you also need to rule out "muggles" that are staged friends of the poster, as compared with honest muggles found in public spaces such as malls, restaurants, etc.
  18. Received mine over the weekend, somehow I totally missed the fact that the LEs for the winners would have "solved" stamped on them in bright red! With that complete lack of even the most basic observation skills, amazing I finished all the puzzles at all, let alone in time to be a winner!! Even cooler, the coin is individually stamped with my rank in the standings and included a nifty personalized note!!
  19. Shouldn't making your customer happy make you happy? Or does the design have to be something that you like first, and the customer is second? Early on I thought many of your coins were nice looking, and some down right spectacular, so last year I contacted you about designing a coin, with the whole-hearted recommendation from Castle Man, but the conversation seemed to fade off into the realm of lost communications and the "you are almost the top of the list" emails. Thankfully no money changed hands (or it has been so long I've lost track... ), so I have no vested interest in the public floggings taking place. Seriously, either get a new spam filter / email client, or stop using that excuse as a lame reason to not reply to emails. The same tired excuse is trotted out every few weeks it seems, it would almost seem that smoke signals are more likely to make it through!
  20. I think that pretty much sums it up. I've heard about spam filters not letting anything through, but you'd think after getting burned by that issue enough times that a vendor would either get a better ISP or a better email client that doesn't throw out messages from current or potential clients!
  21. Rather than having a ranking system based upon the somewhat skewed and subjective opinion of vocal (and either irate or euphoric) coines, how about a system based upon simple raw facts: A list of coins designed by a particular designer / mint combination, with details on the time spent at each step of the process from start to finish (my brief synopsis of getting a coin out the door may or may not reflect anyone's reality... ) from initial contact to "agreement to work" to draft art to mint art to proof coin to coin in hand Plus throw in the total time spent in design, total time spent in mint, and grand total of time from "a-ha!" until "clink!" Stick that in a spreadsheet, and sort by the part of the process that you're worried about the most.
  22. So the same logo on the tag shown in the pinned trading thread is related exactly how to this coin? Will the real GCF 2008 coin please stand up!
  23. Great to be out caching on my birthday this past weekend with my son, I'd picked out a few new caches along a trail not too far from home that we'd been down before in a failed attempt (sans GPSr) to find a cache placed in a maze of trails (last time I try to use google earth to locate a cache a mile off the road without a map or compass, we just missed the reference point I was aiming for, lol!). While I'd gone back and found the cache on a later solo trip, figured we would continue down the trail past the new hides so that he could enjoy the one he'd missed, as it is a truly awesome hide! So after hiking on the trail that winds like a broken-backed snake for what seemed like an eternity, seeing all sorts of critters along the way (lizards, praying mantis, frogs galore) we finally get to the abandoned farmstead with a collection of old tobacco curing barns. The hide is in one of the barns that has lost one wall to the elements, making for easy access to the interior with enough sunlight to reduce the dim spookiness of the other barns in the area. Son shot up the side of the barn like he was launched out of a catapult, and passed the cache down to me. Once he'd returned to the ground and opened the cache, his eyes got big when he saw a coin in the container, which was a surprise to us both, as I didn't recall the cache page indicating a coin was here. Imagine my surprise when he holds up a pot of gold coin! And boy did his eyes get huge when I told him that it was a "trade" coin, not just a travel bug!! After leaving a few unactivated coins in exchange and replacing the cache, he clutched the pot of gold in his hand and spun tales of leprechauns all the way back to the car (including a few falls on the trail and fording a few creeks, he had quite a grip on that coin, lol!) Thanks, Geo_Leprechaun for visiting our neck of the woods and leaving some of your gold behind, made for one happy little boy and father, that's for sure!!! Log entry for the cache is here.
  24. How does Signal feel about the trading of other geocoins for his Lackey coins, ie, not a direct sale for cash online, but more of a person-to-person swap of geocoins?
  25. Wow, thanks for picking me!! Write Shop Robert said "green" just a second before I did, so not sure if my "turquoise" addition (which to me is a shade of green with a hint of blue) deserves to win out or not....
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