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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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I got my trade from A&T--a glittery new Copper LE Arthur & Trillian Coin :D:lol::D


Interesting that you mention that...because I got a:


Copper LE Tadpole


Good Karma/Bad Karma

The Final Zodiac coin (It's HUGE!)

and a set of TB dog tags so I can activate my Geocoin Bug geocoin. :D



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Got me Earth Turtles today!! :) Boy are these lil cuties! :P I've been out of town and had several puffy mailers awaiting me.


I have also recently received:


Landsharkz - both flavors

The BIG Zodiac coin

A complete set of Tadpoles

and some PathTag Sherpas which will be traveling soon. I just released one in Branson this past weekend. I HOPE it travels well... :)



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The rest of my earth turtle family arrived today, so they had a little reunion in the turtle-tank while waiting for their visas so they can travel abroad. :P:)




Cute, glad you posted that, I hadn't seen what they looked like yet....can't wait for mine to get here.


I did get 'Spud Rush' geo jelly, thanks LD!

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I was very excited when I received an envelope today, nobody writes me and if they do its for bills. :) Anyhoo I open up the envelope like a sugar induced 6 year old on Christmas because I realized it was from TSun. Yeah! I received a very beautiful Montana Madness Geojelly from her. I Love it! I showed it to everyone in the house and Monday I will be showing it to everyone at the Geo meeting. Cant wait, love the coin!!! Thank you so much!


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Nothing... absolutely nothing... today is my birthday, and I didn't even got a birthday card :anicute:


Happy Birthday Steinwalzer :blink:


Send me your address and I will send you a geocoin as a belated birthday present :D


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....


OT: I used to live in Mannheim.




Steph, you are really a nice person :blink:


Happy birthday, Steinwalzer!! How many candles were on the cake?

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Thanks a lot for your birthday greetings! And a special thanks to tsunrisebey for your birthday present :anicute:


There are 31 candles on my cake (I hope I get one in the afternoon, its just 11:40 am in Germany right now... the (very small) party will be on sunday). And tonight, after going out having dinner with my darling, I will be doing my very first night-cache, where I hope to find a travelling "Painting for Cache Geocoin" :blink:


And now back to topic... I hope your mailbox was not empty today, but full of nice and wonderful coins!



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