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  1. Interesting! It does look a little familiar, but I can't put my finger on it!
  2. Hi all. We're still here too. Life is extremely busy for me (as if it were not busy enough before). With my girls being so heavily into gymnastics, it feels like I'm either at the gymnasium or at work any more these days. I stay up to date with the forums through email notifications. Anthus (the Mrs.)
  3. Wow. Way to go cachephrase! Congrats. ....Anthus
  4. Very nice. Love the back of it! Contrats CLAN DOYLE and E&Cplus3 ....Anthus
  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery. ...Anthus
  6. Oh. Verrey pretty. Congrats LadyBee! ......anthus
  7. Steelers 24 Cardinals 14 GO STEELERS !!! ....Anthus
  8. Congratulations dehinnger and all the other lucky finders of the hairy beast's treasure! .....anthus
  9. Seeking Russian Nesting Dolls Coin set (preferably the LE version). Have Anthus laptop to trade. Thanks....Anthus
  10. Here's how Mrs. Anthus stores her gecoins! Ohh, I'm getting in trouble for this one!
  11. We been graciously given #15 which shall forever live in our collection and shown at events. Thanks again......Anthus
  12. My guess is 10. Merry Christmas & Happy New year!!! ...Anthus
  13. Congrats yalehockeymom and AG! It's currently 23 degrees out. It just got done snowing and now we have freezing rain ....Anthus
  14. Congrats to all the latest finders. Still no sighting of Bigfoot here. We have a couple inches of snow so tracking him should be a little easier now. ...Anthus
  15. The laptops were minted through Coins and Pins and the codes should be activated through Coincodes. I'll contact C&P to see what is up. Thanks....Anthus
  16. Wow! Another neat mysterious coin! I'll have to keep an eye out for the caches near me -- although they are all covered with snow right now Congrats paganfrog and MustangJoni! ....Anthus
  17. Congrats 3BlindEyes and Joni on your big find!! ....Anthus
  18. Wow! Another nice mystery geocoin how exciting Many Bigfoot sightings here. Here is one pretty close to our house. BFRO YEAR: 1984 SEASON: Fall MONTH: November DATE: First saturday STATE: Pennsylvania COUNTY: Somerset County LOCATION DETAILS: Laurel Hill (Above the abandoned Laurel Hill Pa. Turnpike Tunnel. Nearest Road: Approximately 1/2 mile due south of Pa. Turnpike Laurel Ridge Bypass. OBSERVED: While returning from a grassy field located off of an old DER road, I had the feeling that I was being watched. I also noticed a stong smell of what can only be described as a cross between body odor and a wet dog. I was facing upwind of the smell when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, moving paralell to the DER road. I could not get a good look at it, but it was bigger than a bear and moving faster than one. Whatever it was, it sure was not shy about making noise moving through the dense woods. I did not stick around long enough to look for tracks, daylight was short and all I had was a .22 rifle. ALSO NOTICED: I have hunted in that area during all seasons for almost 20 years, I have never noticed anything else unexplained before or since that day. OTHER WITNESSES: Hunting groundhog and squirel ENVIRONMENT: Small mountain in the Laurel Highlands, dense woods and no regular human habitation. ...Anthus
  19. We had 2 halloween parties last weekend for my daughters. Sara had hers on Friday and Katlyn had hers on Sunday. Here are some pics from the parties Sara's Party. She is the pirate in the middle of the back row. Pirate Sara This year's theme was Witches. Here is the Witch Potion Lab I made Thirsty anyone! Katlyn's Party. Gothic Fairy Katlyn What, is that a Dragon eating a bat? (DresselDragon Brenda) Yummy! Katlyn playing Pumpkin Bowling ...Anthus
  20. Boy you have some willpower. I couldn't have waited that long! Glad you liked it ....Anthus
  21. It is yellow, the same as the others. Congrats to all the other bandits Thanks again geo_bandit for brightening my day! ...Anthus
  22. 1. Participating: Yes 2. Name Received: Yes 3. Mission Sent: Yes, hand delivered at GCF 4. Mission Received: YES! We received our package and we love it! All coins I don't have and one cool 007 siggy Thanks so much!! ....Anthus
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