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  1. I'm in! Email sent: 07 January 2011 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received:
  2. Wow - Droo and GaryM53 - those photos are amazing! Congrats to the winners, and i'm sure the cats wont care they didn't win - they know they are little furry gods anyway
  3. well, if you have more than one, t'is the season of sharing and i would be happy to trade. ;-) Only one of each version (from different events), sorry Lara!
  4. Yep, i've had enough of missions - my sender obviously didn't care what she threw into the package (didn't even check my seeking list!!) so all I got were a couple of the same coins I already had......and when I went to put these extra ones on my traders list - I found that the horrible sneak had stolen my own coins to give to me!!!!!! Avro - I really think you should think twice about running missions - you obviously let all kinds of rotten people participate.
  5. Another day, another vote for felines.....although that samoyed was a stunner!!!!! Gotta love the wild ones!
  6. Goblindust's are easy to come by - you just steal them out of his pockets at events - that's how I got all mine
  7. Got all the ones I wanted!!!!! No 0.999 gold this year? I didn't have a spare $1000, so no skin off my nose. This will take my tally of Alaskan coins from 2005 onwards to 16. I feel I may be a bit obsessed :rolleyes:
  8. As the creator of this mission, i'd like you to have stern words with my sender - I STILL haven't got my coins yet
  9. Another day another vote - both my boys giving each other a cuddle when they were young
  10. I thought this mission had something to do with my boomerang coins. I suppose it kinda does - i'll send the full set to myself
  11. My box arrived! So that's me all wrapped up: email sent- check name received- check mission sent- check! mission received- check!
  12. My recipient (and sender!) emailed me yesterday - looks like my mission to them arrived there a few days late as well, even though I sent it many weeks ago. They sent their mission to me about the same time I sent theirs, and from the looks of it, my mail is lazily making its way down from Queensland, and should hopefully be here by Friday (with any luck!).
  13. No received note from my recipient, and no mission for me either. Maybe people have gone to send their missions then realised how expensive it is to send internationally?
  14. Having received a mission package from you before usyoopers, I sincerely doubt anyone would be disappointed by what you send and/or your creativity!! I sent mine weeks ago, but my recipient hasn't posted on here that they were part of the mission, so I am hoping they got it, but just dont post on the forums......or..... something It's the 1st December here, and no advent mission, but I will wait in hope until the 24th
  15. Email Sent: Yes Name Received: Yes Mission Sent: Yes! Fin gers crossed it gets there in time Mission Received: Not yet (far too early anyway!)
  16. Email Sent- 21 October 2010 Name Received- 31 October 2010 Mission Sent- Mission Received- I've got started on mine :-)
  17. You will be needing a larger Carousel made for you Liz! I got my order in, too. Just an aside: As the maker of said carousels, I hope you made the holes a bit bigger - getting small enough screw-in loops is a pain. Well I have two absolutely fabulous ATMouse carousels, and six horses, four lions, and four tigers coming. (I will also have to annoy The Designer for an AE! ) I wonder if I just need a bigger carousel so all my animals can play happily? And I second the ATMouse's comment about bigger holes! Seriously looking forward to these coins!
  18. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Got mine ordered!!!
  19. Oh goodness me, what's this? A math trade? Hmm, do I want to be a part of it? Now let me think a minute here...... Ummm, yes. Wooohoo! Thanks Chuck ;-)
  20. Has anyone noticed how Octobery it is? Has anyone also noticed how annoying I am?
  21. Awww shucks GG Thanks for your kind words, it was a great turnout and thankfully the Quiz went off without a hitch, Ok I missed there was a tie breaker needed for 3/4th but they both got a prize so no biggie. Sorry for the delay to those of you waiting for the questions to be posted, I have only just got my breath back after the event. I have 8 days off work after tonight so I'll be getting onto posting the questions from the cointest and I shall see about putting my quiz up for anyone who would like to go through the slideshow (it is not that good but it was a bit of fun) The prizes should be arriving to the winners soon. Well done to the winners!! And as for the 10-10-10 event.....why dont you live in Tassie, AlliedOz? Sounded great!
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