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  1. Can we have "Your Logs (Last 30 Days)" back? And where can I see all my logs on a specific day? I see the calendar page but it only shows 15 logs Max. I apologize if any of this was mentioned in the previous 6 pages.
  2. Only had a few minutes to play around but I like it. The recently viewed caches and logs could be smaller(in 1 line) like the old profile page. My only complaint.
  3. I was going to say this was fixed but I see my Project-GC script updated and fixed it for me :D
  4. They are the same thing. The word 'Dashboard' got added to the 'My Profile' page.
  5. I am experiencing the same issue with the same error message.
  6. Thank you. I also sent a e-mail in to the office and they replied back also. :-)
  7. I tried several browsers on several system. All with the same issue. Now i used the Contact Centre, thank for this tip. I am experiencing this issue currently. What was your resolution?
  8. I would post here in this thread.
  9. I use geocaching admin as my browser home page and from there go directly to my profile page(or other pages, ie PQ's). I never see the geocaching 'front' page. Have no idea what it looks like...lol.
  10. From the same reviewer, "I wasn't given the specific areas of the park causing the concern other than an island marked for wildlife only containing a cache. I was told the caches were related to security and safety issues." Also may be in part of the park reevaluating safety issues after a recent swimming incident.
  11. Here is a TB hotel off I-75, exit 81, in Lenoir City(west of Knoxville by 30 minutes). The Appalachian Quilt Trail - Mariners Compass(GC1P6YC)
  12. Shilo

    Pi Day?

    We sold our 50 and very few bought more than one. The ones who did are not willing to part with them or already have. Sorry.
  13. I saw that same behavior a couple of weeks ago (using Chrome) but I tried it last night and the map seemed to render correctly when setting FROM and TO locations. Probably not really helpful. I have the same problem on occasion. I tried turning off popups on geocaching.com, then tried turning off adblock plus on the page - no luck. Then I updated to the latest flash - that solved it. Flash is blocked if it out of date. This maps require flash (as much as I dislike flash) to display & allow you to interact. No help for me. I have the latest flash (16.0) installed on firefox (34.0). Also, IE 11.0 doesn't work... Any help would be appretiated. Regaards, DiggerNe Enter your 2 cities you are trying to create a route for. Then you have to make any adjustments on the map before hitting 'Create Route'. Zoom in and drag the line to adjust the route if you don't like the one created(usually fastest route).
  14. Shilo

    Pi Day?

    I went in with another nearby caching group here in Georgia. Should be able to move 50 in the metro Atlanta area.
  15. Shilo

    Pi Day?

    Any explanation on how to fill out this form? I'm new to this. The coin diagram has 17 numbers with 12 having a A, B and C. The form only goes to 12(including the A, B and C). So 13-17 are set for us already? Anywhere we can see our color scheme? Or is it just in your head? And regular PMS color. Where are they charted at? I see the translucents, pearl and the glitter.
  16. We just had our 12-13-14 event but missed out on the coins. I have several cachers who are interested in buying some. Please let me know if you have ant to sell so I can post in the NMAC FB group so they can get a hold of you. Thanks, David
  17. We are in Everett from Georgia and have tomorrow to maybe go to this lighthouse. If we do we would be interested in a coin.
  18. Any word when editing a route is going to be fixed?
  19. My suggestion is to 'friend' the Atlanta Area Geocachers on Facebook here. If you ask I can bet you will find a local cacher that would be happy to take you caching.
  20. Not exactly close to you but check out the Northwest Metro Atlanta Cachers on facebook here. We sometimes meet in Hiram and that isn't to far from you. Also introduce yourself on the FB page. Lots of cachers in Paulding and Douglas counties on the page.
  21. It seems the API is working better today. I imported a 900 cache PQ into GeoSphere in about 4-5 minutes versus the 25-30 minutes last weekend.
  22. Not just a GSAK problem. Any software or App that uses the API is experiencing this, including Groundspeak's own Apps. Btw.....I can't believe Jeremy loves the GS iPhone app. I can't stand it. It doesn't hardly do anything. That's why I use GeoSphere and I love it.
  23. Any log other than a "Visit" log will generate a e-mail. As Six Little Spookies said here, the watcher is not being notified via e-mail notification if you are using the visited log.
  24. My opinion is this: If you hold it, they will come. Are you in a cacher rich area? Set-up an event in the area you want to start the group and see who comes. Use that to see if interest is there. Then build a website. Personally a Facebook page is the best. Seems like 98% of the world has a Facebook account. Good luck. Contact me if you want some pointers.
  25. You might be better off posting on the Georgia Geocachers Association Forums
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