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  1. i wish i can start to have some cool coin to start get in mail. i stop playing few year ago and start play after my brother's death. let me know what i can do for geocaching ......
  2. if anything that i can help to collect it , please let me know
  3. Let you know , I have change lot thing in my life but I feel so bad for those people that looking forward. If any of you want to talk to me in private. It is good time to do that so I can be aware what going on. I am acc in Austin,texas as full time student to become chef. I want to give my thank to anyone who have took a thought or spoke about me in anyway. Thank you so much for your time
  4. i am sell this because i need the money to cover the cost please help me out thank you only in austin,texas
  5. anyone know it i have buy that long ago and lost it if someone tell me i will get in and ask for it and it should tell me which code for my laptop
  6. really then why i am the frist perosn in forum ????
  7. Are any deaf Geocacher this area ??
  8. I wonder if anyone know about deaf have been set up event before me ? if they did not i will be impress that i am the first deaf who set up event at 2008 in american .
  9. The costing of Geocoin is make out of Alaska ice and it hard to make and it look so real and unmeltable....... That why !
  10. same as you guy darn it i have not got it yet but there will be next year anyway
  11. i wish he can be in alaska
  12. Hey guy i have my coin already .... thank to tadpole he one he done this ... ! so you will like it .... P.s. alaska geocacher are have buy some of this !
  13. Congrats TMA and all the other recent recipients!!! i am hoping i will get one ...
  14. deafhunt ? i wonder if they can add my ?
  15. I have grandma and pa at oklhoma Belive me .. my grandparnet have chrisrtmas tree which not real but it white and frost it look so real and h it have been about 35 year old and stiil look new
  16. I wonder If he live in north pole , at alaska ????? HEy SANTA MERRY TO YOU !!!! OH FOR THE GOOD JOY FELLOW OH FOR THE GOOD JOY FELLOW OH GOOD FOR THE FELLOW
  17. I would like to THANK YOU All for support me ..... It show how much you care
  19. Thank you everyone ... i never thouight you guy will missed me ..........
  20. I CHCK PO YERTURDAY and got it it very grandful to have it
  21. I hear Resident Evil IV is a good game for the Wii. My mom have her own wii and she have resident evil iv and i been waTCH IT VERY CREEPY !!!!!!!!
  22. Hey You !! Welcome to Geocaching where World never stop have fun !!!!
  23. Hey Don"t worry .. i will get camera for chistmas anyway .. that only thing i want P.S. I have brought WII and Freak hard to find and got it it took me four day to find it !
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