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  1. I saw Geolympix Mega 2016 tweeted their group has vanished from Facebook ( ). Facebook events have also been deleted. A Facebook event I created for my upcoming May 4th event through my store fanpage along with ones I had made for events earlier this year, all disappeared without warning. The events on our local geocaching association's FB page also disappeared, though interestingly, someone posted they could see them when accessing the group with their android device but not with their desktop. I had my sister visit my fanpage on her iPad, and it said there was an upcoming event, but when she went to the events section there were only old events. So hopefully the posts/groups are all still there & just hidden from view. I tried reporting the problem, but just got the canned "thanks for helping make Facebook a better place" message. Hopefully Groundspeak can talk to them & might have a bit more sway. Since coord.info links are specific to geocaches & geocoins and not a general redirect service it would be really nice if Facebook would realize there's no possible threat and turn off whatever switch they flipped.
  2. Returning for a moment to the question about the 10 year coins, I believe the 10! design was put out by Groundspeak. The events that fell on the 10 year anniversary had the design for the icon. e.g.: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCX00R_10-years-bridgewater-nova-scotia Here's a 10 year geocoin I didn't see you mention, celebrating 10 years of geocaching in Canada. Now, back to the discussion of the 15 year coins coming up.
  3. If you have a spare one of those, I would love one for my collection... islander1988 I sent you an email about this a couple of days ago. Sorry for not answering yet; I'm behind in my e-mail.
  4. Here's the Nova Scotia version.
  5. Which version was yours, islander1988? Mine is the Nova Scotia R&B (Red and Black) coin. I need to take a pic of it tomorrow.
  6. My coins arrived too! Now I can take a sample with the next time I go to an event so people can see what they can get on the 14th.
  7. Thanks for the list. There are more versions than I thought.
  8. Thanks! I got the okay if I could get my design submitted today, which I did, so it looks like I'm in. Thanks for the help!
  9. I had considered taking part since sales of the 12-13-14 coin have gone well, and I plan to host a Pi day event. Unfortunately setting the deadline for participation on Christmas Eve wasn't great timing for me. The lead in to Christmas is a busy time to try and design a coin colour scheme. I know with International shipping it's good to get the coins off early to make sure all event hosts have them in time (being in Canada it was a concern for me with the 12-13-14 coins), but with the event date is still 2.5 months away it would've been nice if the deadline could have been the first week of January. Oh well, perhaps next time.
  10. Do you know any cachers in a nearby city who would be interested in hosting an event that you could split an order with? When I held my 12-12-12 event I split an order with another cacher hosting an event about an hour away. You may also ask Oakcoins if it's possible to have a single order shipped to two locations if you partner with someone farther away. An auction I saw on Ebay for one of the 12-13-14 coins (search for auction 271707740718) made it look like Ontario and Texas events split a coin order.
  11. My coins arrived this week, safe & sound. Thanks for all the extras and combining the shipping on my order with some other purchases! I'll definitely be thinking about joining the Pi day event coin, though at this point I'm not certain which continent I'll be on when it takes place.
  12. Beautiful geocoin! I visited Krakow back in 2011. Really nice job on this.
  13. If there are any really old untrackable coins I may be interested. I'm especially looking for the Lemon Fresh Dog LE bone and the round and square Groundspeak Project coins from Canada.
  14. Under post #38 Shipping date was late November, the 24th I think. You're correct. I downloaded the info from the order page while it was still active. Domestic & International shipping is November 23rd. LadyBee4T, send me a message through my profile if you want the info from the original order page and I can send it to you.
  15. My name ended up being long; the event is "12-13-14 Nova Scotia / Geo¢a$h VII Geocoin Event ". I decided with the coin coming it would be a good time to host my next geocoin event.
  16. If anyone else is like me and still playing with their colours to submit, I converted the PDF files from Oakcoins into SVGs for the front & back, and then using Inkscape (a free vector program) I created semi-transparent shapes for the various the fill areas. The result is I can select an area, choose a colour, and all the linked areas change as well, making it easy and fast to play with colour schemes. If that's confusing, I did a screen capture to demonstrate. If anyone wants the SVGs to play with, I uploaded them at http://islander1988.com/downloads/121314template.zip Hopefully I didn't misinterpret which areas are grouped.
  17. Submitted my event today for approval (GC1E788) and working on my colour scheme to get in before the deadline tomorrow. Just a quick question, if it can be answered by Oakcoins: roughly how many people are taking part in the coin trade? I'm considering it, but I'm just getting 50 coins. If a lot of others are doing it, I don't want to get my order and find I only have a dozen coins or something of my own design to sell at my event. Thanks.
  18. Great, thanks! Glad I won't miss out on this year's coin.
  19. I came on here tonight to see if there would be a 12-13-14 coin, since I missed out on the group coin last year. Too bad there won't be one. I would think 2 months would be enough lead time, but I suppose the problem is once you add on getting all the commitments and colour schemes, final numbers, payments, and them shipping coins out to people, it doesn't take long for a few weeks to get eaten up. If there's a group Pi coin, I'd definitely be interested. Will have to put a watch on this thread so I don't forget.
  20. I see log notifications I receive are back to normal in the subject line. Thanks Groundspeak!
  21. I also preferred the old format that let me see right in the subject that it was a log, who the cacher was, and what manner of log it was. Now all I see is part of the cache/trackable name until I open it. Please bring back the compact format Groundspeak; the new subject lines longer and put the important info at the end instead of the beginning.
  22. It's been a while since I've posted. For me, it would probably be: 1) Groundspeak Project (Square) 2) Groundspeak Project (Round) 3) Any Moun10bike (I still hope to meet him some day and make a trade; I have an XLE of my first personal coin that wasn't sold I'm holding onto for that purpose ) 4) Lemon Fresh Dog Bone LE Those are the main 4; the 5th could be any I don't have from the really early days of geocoins, which are some of my faves.
  23. You can create a free customized logbook to print here: http://islandbuttons.com/geocachelogbook/
  24. I'm more interested in non-trackable as well, since I simply want them for reference when picking colours for coins.
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