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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Finally they arrived today, the "Cacher needs maintenance" Coins! I don't know what happened to them on their way, the envelope looks terrible, with black grease all over it :D But the coins are all inside and not damaged, so that is what counts in the end :) The first one of them goes to my darling who hurt his head while reaching for a micro last week... :o


AND the Landsharkz Geckos arrived :D Wonderful coins, and really fast travelling so far.


AND the GW5 Sunburst AG I traded for arrived, together with a little personal coin from Creacher (it has a frog on one side and a king head on the other side, cute little coin, thank you very much, Mark!)


A good day for me, so many wonderful new coins :):P

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nothing for 2 days now :sad:


only 2 days? How about almost two weeks? :P

I can change that.... :)


I have Braving the Briars, Caching Around America, and Cache Lei's for trade.


Of the 7 coins I own, I have two of those you just mentioned (Briars, Caching Around America) :) . I ordered some coins yesterday, hopefully next week I will get them in.


Thanks though!

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I've gotten these over the past few weeks!!


Elemental Jay

MWGB 2005

Gone to the Dogs (Gold)

Wisconsin (2005)

Isle of Man (2007)

GW5 Sunburst

GCC July 2007 (Mystery)

Blue Canary

GCC Aug 2007 (2nd Ann.)

Ultimate Cache Coin

Diver Van

Air Power Series P-51

Circle of Public Safety 2006 (Copper)

Circle of Public Safety 2006 (Silver)

Christ Centered Caching (Narrow Gate)

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I posted in the turtle thread, but I just wanted to post here to say I got my cointest winner turtle coin today. Thanks again Tsun!! :) Wow!! What a great coin!! And even more so, what an incrediby generous person! I wish I could think of more adjectives for generous, because you definitely are!! Thanks a million Tsun!!!

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Mint Chocolate Chip Geo-Jellie v2 :D


Wretched Skull XLE - black nickel and silver (nickel) finish


Tranquility Light - gold (2), rhodium (2)


Spirit of Geocaching - Ant. Copper (2)


Cacher Tags - 6 total (different finishes/colors)


nice to come home too when you have to leave work sick :D

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Nothing for today .....


Nothin yet????


I got 2 packages full of Bikedog coins!!!!!! 9 coins total...5 from WI Robin in trade, 4 from Go Jay Bee he sold to me at cost, and last week I got 5 gifted from Rasj sent from Cornerstone!!! :D


Thats 14 total!!!! Just went up today to drop some and the Bikedog Memorial cards that were hand delivered to my shop from Thunder-4!!...Great day to get out and go for a great hike to a great cache!


Havent got any other coins for awhile now! :D

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