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  1. Help Center: 1.4. Change distance units (miles/kilometers) Could you please consider making this a setting in the app? I don't want to change the language of my phone, just to get this app to use the units that I know... +1 Makes sense, shouldn't be difficult to implement.
  2. Still only good for people in Liberia, Myanmar, and the USA. What about the rest of the planet that uses the metric system?
  3. Since this way-old thread has come back to life, here's a probably little-known one in Toronto: Lee Valley Tools (downtown store, also one out on Steeles west). Not what you would consider a geocaching supply store, but you can get Rite in the Rain notebooks (the 4x6 ones), and small bison tubes.
  4. You may want to consider neongeo. Look it up on the Android marketplace and read the reviews. Also read the reviews for the "official" app from Groundspeak (which costs more than double and has no trial version). I used the neongeo trial then happily paid money for the full version. This app is only available for Android.
  5. We have hidden over a dozen caches where the main point is to figure out how to open the container to access the log book. We also have a couple caches that have nearby decoy containers (i.e., containers without log books). I have found caches like that in the past. This was not one of those.
  6. There was a cache last week that for certain reasons I did not bother to open. I still logged it as found because, well, I found it. Not sure what possible problem there could be with that.
  7. Explosive growth in geocaching = many poor containers (and caches). Probably because the placers don't have the necessary experience to understand that things like baby wipe containers can't stand up to the elements very well.
  8. Not a stupid question at all. That would be a good thing to do. In a case like that, you should also post a "Needs Maintenance" log (separately from your Found It log).
  9. danoshimano


    I don't think you need to do anything, because it really doesn't matter. Also, are you 100% positive? A damp log book can be a tough thing, both to read through and to sign. (Unless there are very few entries.) The entries don't necessarily go in order, and pages get skipped all the time (for example, the upper page if the book is bound at the top). And if the names really are missing, maybe the pen didn't work, and they didn't have one.
  10. Gravity. Seriously though, like Tequila says, give them a call. I dropped my 60 in the driveway and broke the battery cover. They sent me a new cover no charge, and the unit was around 3 years old. They didn't even ask how long I had it.
  11. Alternatively, you can always ignore the "mystery" caches.
  12. Really? Wow. Not only am I "piggybacking" with my pathtags, I am also piggybacking with my non-trackable personal geocoin. As are all of these cachers as well.
  13. Post your log first. After you submit your log, you'll see the log and a link to click that allows you to add a picture. Have the pictures ready on your computer, then when you click the link you can select the one you want and it will upload.
  14. Post some of the GC codes for the caches you could not find, and I'll look at the listings and see if I can help you out.
  15. I have that one on my radar (even though I am am the furthest thing from a "Da Vinci code" fan). I thought it might be a good one for a group of mostly non-geocacher sightseers, so we have plans to do it sometime this weekend. However, I am concerned about my mom-in-law, who can't really do much walking. It looks like about 11 stages, but are they all within the same church? How much total walking is there? Thanks.
  16. Did you hike up the trails from the bottom? I am going to be there next weekend for a few days and was considering doing that.
  17. Looks like you accidentally pasted the same link twice. Here is a cache in the park you are talking about. It is roughly 6-7km north of the main downtown area.
  18. I set GSAK to show all the caches I have not found within a certain radius of my home (somewhere between 50-65 km), and export to Mapsource, then I look at the resulting map and decide.
  19. What parts of Newfoundland are you visiting? There is a thread specifically on St. John's here. Check that over, then I can give you some hot tips for other areas on the rock if you are going to those parts.
  20. My most visited is Maple Valley Troll with 345 visits over slightly less than two years. The high visit count can be attributed to the COG Spring Fling.
  21. What? There are geocaches listed that you are not allowed to find?
  22. I am sure some people would, but they would be a small minority. Personally, I won't travel 30 km from my home for a 5-star (difficulty) hide, although I might give it a shot if I happened to be traveling by. I don't mind higher difficulty terrains, but I don't like the concept of going to a lot of trouble to get to a location then end up not finding the cache because the hide is also a 4- or 5-star. Therefore, a 5-5 cache would never attract me.
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