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  1. Here is my entry for today, Love today, Tomorrow remember to behold, wonder, no need to dream.
  2. I have about 75+ travelers released. A fair amout perhaps 20% have gone lost. About 3 weeks ago I had one come back alive after 1 year after entering a event, later found in somones truck floor while cleaning. If I had released a copy of this lost coin I would have now 2 coins traveling one real and one copy. hence I would never re-release a stolen/lost coin as one day down the road I may have a pleasent surprise. I will continue to release real coins, never a copy so all may enjoy this hobby / sport while they enjoy and get to move along my coins. I would have to agree with geosquid ::
  3. I so beautiful, daarn wow, thanks for showing me. But those should be happy tears
  4. Well I have something that may make you shed a tear, then you will find yourself laughing at yourself Christian the Lion - the full story Speakers on !!
  5. I have the five children who sent out the coin mentioned above. I decided to check on its status tonight and realized what happened. I am quite sad and dreading reporting the news to them. Greetings. Email me through my profile with your address, I will send you a new coin for your children to set free. And tell them with every sad event , there are always good ones to follow. Glenn
  6. AWW heck was just a pretty hunk of metal from me. The generosity from bidders is what came through, Many thanks, Glenn
  7. I would like to thank everyone for their generosity in bidding. This auction went way beyond my expectations to help Ladybee4T , Glenn
  8. Ladybee4T , Just my way of trying to help a bit Thanks to everyone who has bid. One more day to go , Thank you all for your support. Glenn
  9. I recieved one of these beautiful coins today. Thanks to whomever is sending them out, it's a lovely coin and my pennies are still going in the Wishing Well . Photos to come. Glenn
  10. Greetings. I would like to thank everyone for the most generous bidding going on , way beyond where I ever thought this auction would ever have gone I would like to add to the auction, if someone from the forums here wins the auction I will be adding into the shipment a set (2) of my personal GeoTags both also trackable on geocaching dot com . Thanks to everyone who has bid so far. Glenn GeoTags to the winning bidder if from this forum::
  11. Yes a US Address would be ok, . It's a USA auction because of trackability of the package as well as insurance , this can only be provided to domestic address at a minimal cost, tracking and insurance internationaly is quite expencive, usualy over $20+ US dollars . Also when I auction a coin I usualy have a extra in the event of a missing package, this is my only 05 CR coin to auction. Hence the need for insurance on the package. The buyers safty, and mine alike If a international bidder would self pay the high cost for international shipping & insurance I would ship international Thank you all for your bids so far, Glenn EDIT to add:: As well you would probably incure a duty tax on the item if insured as a internation package, this could end up quite costly, international buyer beware ! A USA address would be prefered
  12. Wow gone for a hour ! Thank you all for your bids !!
  13. Folks I need your help Please Read : This is a U.S.A Auction ONLY. This auction is to help a fellow cacher, 100% of the funds from this auction will go directly to LadyBee4T from my donated coin . Beverly has helped many in the caching comunity. Car troubles are upon her, as well as VET bills and unexpected home repaires, When it rains it pours !! , In this time of resession these unexpected expences can take a toll. Not only will you be getting a OUTSTANDING RARE COIN, you will know you are helping a fellow cacher. AUCTION 2005 COMPASS ROSE
  14. Hello all, Well I have not posted this thread in ages. here is a treat, Fortune Favors The Bold in the AE Copper / Red, Enjoy, Glenn
  15. V1 Secret Agent 72 -Geocacher checking in Well I was out in Geocoin-Public on a Geocoin mission I proudly held my sign , notice all the muggle geocoins about I had to elude Evil Masterminds, Turtles, Dragons, Lackeys, Loridarlin was even in the crowd Moderator coins with Googly Eye's, Signel , Sherpa's Even NOMEX made a very rare appearence to take care of the Mission Impossible Bomb !! . I was glad to make it out alive !
  16. Seeking a trade for finishes of the Tengwar coin , My trade list in in need of a update please ask away though..
  17. Looks like these are back in stock , Also note states a Antique Silver / Red version is pending I got one of these from creacher in trade really well done coin
  18. Welcome . There are many threads about this, here is the latest one before yours, Glenn Linky edit to fix link
  19. Here is a pic that I found on a geocoin page: Thanks! Now to try and get a trade TSUN, here is a link to where the coins were first listed, I have to have a look around I think I have a extra just need to find it , Glenn http://cointracking.com/view_series.php?sid=628
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