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  1. Coins arrived today.. Roger, the Mystery finish turned out fantastic. Great job!
  2. Trade made. Thanks Pabloturtle My PLeasure!
  3. Little place in the desert we've come to call "Terrier Rock"
  4. More plants and flowers. Stumbled onto this shot looking for turtles and digging around for a cache.
  5. Oooh can I borrow this for a background? SURE! Still have the original file if ya need something larger. Heavily edited though.
  6. I like to refer to these shots as the "Boise River Ballet"
  7. A couple critters found while out caching. This youngster was found along the path 15' from a cache hidden in the rocks. A Crab spider doing what they do best. They don't construct webs so it's ambush and attack.
  8. I guess I'll start with some plants. Clustered Broomrape Collomia Mariposa Lily
  9. Just to show you how crazy we coiners are; I’ve been dying to get my hands on a DeLorme v1 or v2 Eartha coin since acquiring their PN-20 GPS earlier this year. At GCF I discovered DeLorme was raffling off items including several COINS. I was hooked. I bought raffle tickets and entered the ‘Match the Picture Challenge’. Come Saturday they started pulling names for the DeLorme items. I just knew one of those coins was mine. As I watched the last coin being placed in the hands of another I gave up hope. A little disappointed I returned my attention back to trading coins and chatting. It wasn’t until someone at the table pointed at me saying, “That’s you!” They had just called my name from the podium. Seems I had won a new PN-40 GPS. For a moment, a very short moment, I had almost wished it was a coin.
  10. For any of those that didn't make it to GCF I have; 1-Armadillo Fiesta 1-Armadillo Ute/Ni 1-Armadillo Ute/Gold I'm willing to trade. Wouldn't mind finding some Cache Hoppers I missed out on. Mainly the reds, blacks, greens. But I am open to other trades. Thanks for the trades folks.
  11. #195 Showed up while trading at GCF. Thanks Mr. Knight
  12. This little Pond Hopper made it's way to the Great Salt Lake and GCF before being released into the wilds.
  13. Darn!!!!! Another coin to add to the list.
  14. Love it!!! Will have to add to my list of coins to get.
  15. What the heck! May as well add a 9th one to the collection. So how versions does this one make it?
  16. Great looking coin. Can't wait to see the real thing at GCF.
  17. The one thing I don't have to worry about is standing in line. She has already told me "Just keep walking".
  18. Oh GREAT! There goes dinner that night. Guess I better pack the camp stove and Ramen.
  19. She loves the ATTENTION!!!!!!
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