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  1. I'll be hosting an event in AL on that day (well, we're on vacation that week, so it is a 75% chance of being in AL depending on if we are going to go anywhere). It will be my 8th annual "I'm still alive dinner" as well as my 5th wedding anniversary.
  2. I've got two extras of the event coin. I have one of the regular and one volunteer for my collection. I only bought one of the Midnight Madness event coins (not sure if there was a limit of one or not). So not an extra one of those to trade. I did get a 2009 Lackey coin during GW VII from Shauna. Volunteer front :
  3. Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help out for the race this year. I'll be entering a few in the race as well.
  4. I paid over 100 (not by much) for a coin at the GeocoinFest last october, it was part of the silent auction. It was the '08 Earth Turtle that was black and gold and there were 10 made. 2 went to the auction and others were being left around the event. For a set I paid above 500 for. There were 62 coins in total, the version 2 Geo-Jellies gold coins. 2 of each were made, one for the auction and the other went to each cacher who had made a bean. Both were for charity, and if not for that, than the most paid for a coin would probably be about $15 including shipping, and for a set probably around $45.
  5. so far i'm still number one... hopefully people won't backdate their logs when they really found them after today
  6. Any one get an extra that is going to GeoWoodstock and would be willing to make a trade and swap coins there?
  7. no love for me... just wish work had not been so bad that i forgot about it until 17 mins in...
  8. i forgot until 6:47pm CDT... 37 posts above mine... i'm hoping to get at least one of the turtles....
  9. i forgot until 6:47pm CDT... 37 posts above mine... i'm hoping to get at least one of the turtles....
  10. yay! i will be home for the sale... and if we all just order one of each, that would mean 250 cachers could have a chance... but like that will happen... it will be more like 63 probably
  11. whew, now i may have a chance to get some!
  12. Whatever you did for RSG Joranda, God Bless Your Heart. Thank you, you know I try and help when I can. Being a single father with four kids at home I know when times can be tight. thank you, you are the best! walter will pass into new hands soon. she simply as too many things wrong for me to fix. so all the money i raised will have to go into another rig. car shopping. boy, something i know everybody just loves to do. NOT! the guy buying walter is a mechanic and will fix her up splendidly and tow her behind his RV. she will be so happy, like being put out to a really nice pasture, being pulled along. so i am trying to be happy for her. better sold to the mechanic than the junkyard. lara and right now, you can get great discounts on new cars... they'll do just about anything to sell cars
  13. I had this geotag designed. Sorry the image is so small, but my camera is broke, and I have no pics on this laptop. Wicks Works designed several of the geotags including mine.
  14. I'll be at Windy Rock for a CITO on my Birthday (the 18th). Is there anyone that could do the same for me? I just want one of each. Thanks for any help, it would be an awesome bday present.
  15. Depends on what you mean by faster These are slated to ship to me on April 3rd (the Gold and BN versions). We're still working on the new website/webstore and I don't really want to sell/package/ship on Easter weekend, so I'm leaning towards the 17th/18th for the sale. I'll post for sure when I have something a little more firm this is just a heads up for now OT: The Neptunes Compass will go on sale at the same time (my first dual coin sale) tsun my birthday is the 18th, i would love to be able to buy one of these on my birthday... hopefully i'll be able to get one of these!
  16. Same blue used It may just be the metal makes them look different. I looked myself and didn't really think they looked different but you can always send me a picture, you have me a bit curious. nothing to see here, thread hijack alert
  17. very cute... i'll try to get one on a side note : i was looking at the '08 Earth Turtles that i have. I bought two blue and one green. The enamel on the blues don't match each other, and it's not two greens and one blue. They are three different colors. Perhaps an error? They all shipped together along with the little pin. I'll have to look for them again and post pictures of them.
  18. wow, i don't think i could catch up to 100 coins already released! (even if i bought cheaper coins that would be $500!) definitely have to get a few coins out though for awareness... people are truly stupid out there driving... i've been on my scooter since august (almost 2000 miles) and so far i haven't had any close encounters
  19. I ended up going out in August of '08 and buying a scooter. It is a 2009 Piaggio Fly 150. I knew I couldn't ride a 50cc, just not enough power, but at the time I didn't want anything really big so I got the 150cc. It was affordable as well. I got it with 6 miles on it, and now it has almost 1900 miles. There is a cool scooter club in Birmingham and I enjoy riding with them. Here's what my scooter looked like on the show room floor : The scooter club (Birmingham Scooter Syndicate) has a scooter rally in November. This past year's happened to coincide with my 5th anniversary of my liver transplant. The whole weekend was enjoyable and I got to think alot about what I've been able to do with these past five years that I have been given. The group rides were awesome, we had about 65 scooters there, and seeing all of them together was a sight!
  20. I know of one trackable that has multiples floating around, I have it on my watchlist (along with all the TBs and coins that have went through our cache) and it is driving me nuts with all the logs. I think they must have at least 20 copies.
  21. ~tasia~

    Moving Sale

    Emails have been sent to the people with the highest bids, thanks everyone! Still have 28 coins to sell, but that is better than what it would have been to list on ebay.
  22. ~tasia~

    Moving Sale

    I'm getting out of work today at 5 pm central, I will wrap up the offers then, so until then feel free to still email me. Thanks everyone for your offers so far. ~tasia
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