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  1. Has anyone picked the Penguins yet? My favorite Hockey jersey!
  2. I don't know how much help I can be here............. I've lived in Mooresville for many years, and have been to both Poe's and Gray's cafeteria only a few times. They are both good. They both get really busy as early as 10AM on Sunday. The lines are usually out of the parking lot . I'm more of a, "Let's get a double cheeseburger at McD's/BK and spend all the time we saved getting caches!" type of guy! Torry, you got my cell phone number?
  3. I'm interested in a set as well....
  4. Wisconsin 2007 (1) March 2006 - Can You See Me Now? (2) April 2006 - Spring Stained Glass (2) May 2006 - Pyramid Proof Coin (2) July 2006 - Pick Your Poison (2) June 2006-Pearl In The Oyster (2) August 2006 - The Last Cache (2)
  5. Prayers are being lifted by Team A.C.E./Sparkeeeee
  6. Thanks to Damenance for going the extra mile............
  7. November GCC Coin Suncatcher 2007 Set 2007 12 Days of Christmas Set
  8. I forgot.... It's a Wonder! Thanks Mama cache!
  9. Team A.C.E.'s One Way Caching Geocoin Over 10,000 miles, with the longest "leg" being about 1940 NM....... I've had this coin from the beginning (about 550 caches)
  10. Thanks guys and gals! I didn't think there was a "computer method" with which I could control the "moment of publishment." I most definitly understand that reviewers will do their best to accomodate reasonable requests. I was just wondering if there was something I could do to not make it necessary for the reviewer to have to deal with it. Thanks again! Todd (Team A.C.E./Sparkeeeee)
  11. My geo-name is a derivative of my nickname of many years, "Firestarter." (Some just decided Sparky worked as well....) I got that nickname when I accidentally lit myself on fire. Really. I got all the e's at the end when I had to add that many to "spark," just to get a hotmail account. (IOW, Sparke was used, Sparkee was used, Sparkeee was used, etc) I hardly ever used the hotmail....
  12. A gracious "Hello" to TPTB! (or anyone who can help me, for that matter) I've created caches in the past, but have run up against something I have not previously encountered. Scenario: I have placed a cache. I am desirous that said cache be made available to the geocaching community at a certain time, of my choosing. How can I get a reviwer to approve the cache, but make sure that it's existence is not made known until I want it to be? Thanks in advance! Todd (Team A.C.E./Sparkeeeee)
  13. I recieved a Vegas Gamblers coin, (very nice ) and a couple of these......
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